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As Protests Continue, Trump Attacks Media and Free Expression


As Protests Continue, Trump Attacks Media and Free Expression

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As people took to the streets for another night of protests on Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump offered a grim vision of the future as he blamed the media for "inciting" anger against his win and called the demonstrations "very unfair."


New strump election celebration song:

"All we are saying, is give hate a chance.
All we are saying, is give hate a chance."


Where were all these people when the DNC was rigging the primary?


And Queen Melania is now going to sue journalists for defamation.

She might want to thicken that skin a bit. Michelle had to get used to being compared to apes and monkeys, they attacked her appearance, and physical features. The ad hominems never stopped for her or Obama. Yet neither ever got into the mud fight, but walked proudly above it all, showing their true strength in the public eye.


Busy at Bernie speeches, way back when they naively thought they still lived in a democracy.


NJ takes over Atlantic City
This under the Christie administration and his possible nomination for Atty Gen under Trump.

This has been in the works since 2010


Goebbels would be proud to see Trump following his prescription for putting the press in a box.


The place to report these situations is not on social media, but school by school to their own authorities or to police. And perhaps to report them to Melania Trump, who has expressed her concern for bullying. Let's call on her to speak out against this kind of abuse. But DJT is not directly responsible for the actions of his supporters, and we have processes in place to deal with them.

Yes, it appears DJT needs to have his access to Twitter taken away again. But one tweet does not make a policy, let alone actions to attack anyone or anything. He has the chance now to turn in that direction away from the buffoon campaigner. Let's give him the chance.


Trump just killed the TPP saving 500,000 jobs that Hillary was going to lose. Are they protesting jobs?


Do you really think that once the corporation CEO's are finished with him that he won't back the TPP in a heartbeat? Remember, THEY are HIS people.


Yes, Trump is terrible, and we have a lot of work to do, but his remarks here are rather innocuous. Let's stop the generalized hysteria. It's getting embarrassing .


The true progressives within the party are going to give it a real try. I would hope though, that if they haven't wrested control of the DP by the 2018 elections, that they see the writing on the wall and move en masse to create a new progressive party. I am willing to give them 2 years to see if it can be done.


" Now professional protesters, incited by the media are protesting. Very unfair!" Trump.

LOL! Professional protesters! I guess many people are professional protesters that did not know it!

Just asking: Once Donald becomes POTUS will his pejorative, narrative change from professional protesters to terrorist infiltrated... protesters? And instead of " UNFAIR " HIS MEME WILL BE TREASONOUS PROTESTERS!


He's not even actually elected until Dec. 19, let alone doing anything concrete.


Check out Brand New Congress. The real movement is beyond parties.


Does it still give you comfort to make that argument? The auto correct briefly turned make that argument into market that argument. I could have left it that way.


How do you know kids and adults haven't also reported these abuses and crimes to authorities? More importantly, DJT is indirectly very responsible for much of this violence--he has directly incited racial and sexual and ideological violence, and what's happening in these cases is directly connected to what he has said and advocated, in unrepentant ways. I am horrified by the case of a male child grabbing the vagina of a female child and saying that if the president can do it, he can, too. Trump's incitement of sexual violence in this case is direct, and it is indirect in many other cases. There are many unknowns with him, but his continuing record of motivating violence is clear, and it must be called out and unequivocally rejected. Trump should be prosecuted for, at the very least, his admitted sexual crimes; if our system currently truly respected women's rights not to be sexually assaulted, DJT would be facing such prosecution right now.


I don't know where else the bullying may have been reported, and Nadia Prupis doesn't say. It's not either/or. But our hand-wringing doesn't solve anything. Neither does it hold DJT accountable. I repeat that the best action I can see for us is to flood whatever access we have to Melania Trump with these reports of bullying and call on her to demonstrate what she has said will be her great concern.


Egads, Trump sounds like he lives in his own little internal world.

And everything is about him personally. The protests are unfair -- to him, he feels. Gee, not a thought about the people on the streets. Poor Donald. Boo hoo.


Ask the wife of a bully to preach to the nation about not bullying?

well, she is now posed to bully herself, suing journalists for "defamation"