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As Proud Boys Celebrate Trump Shout-Out, Warnings Grow That President 'Inciting Violence' to Retain Power

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/proud-boys-celebrate-trump-shout-out-warnings-grow-president-inciting-violence


“Trump has repeatedly made it clear that he considers violent white supremacists to be a valued part of his base, even after people are murdered.”

The Fascists value people willing to fight - literally fight - for what they believe in (however misguided their beliefs may be). You, otoh, have been programmed to excoriate leftists with the same altruistic willingness to risk their life. Is it any wonder that the Fascists continuously “win”? Not to me…


Would it really be such a bad thing if Trump’s Brown-Shirt white trash actually tried to start a revolution?

It’s a very fast way to drastically reduce the number of racists in America and insure that it was many, many years before the surviving “Proud Boys”, and other garbage, showed their faces again.


Trump has the look of a very FEARFUL man who knows if he loses, he will be going straight to prison. He exuded Desperation, Fear, Rage and he turned into a Combatant who was ready to call out his SS Einsatzgruppen to defend him at all costs. Disturbing.
I think even I, underestimated how dangerous this man is. We cannot give him four more years or I think we will not even have a future.


And who are you imagining will stop them? The police consider the White Supremacists on their side. Witness the summary execution, instead of arrest, of the person ( who says he was defending black friend in an interview below) who killed a Ptoud Boy at a protest . Way different treatment for Rittenhouse. The police are infiltrated with supremacist gangs already. ~https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/29/serious-dereliction-duty-unveiling-unredacted-fbi-report-raskin-raps-trump-0


The sooner the better, i say. American Fascism is still “new” enough to most citizens that they’re repulsed by it - if they have time to get used to it (more used to it than they already are, mind you - American Fascism isn’t so new, in reality) they’ll be repulsed by us wanting to combat Evil.

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Yeah, it was always clear to me, but what was egregious about the debate was that Trump used national television to recruit the Proud Boys! They now claim they getting many new recruits. Hitler had his Brown Shirts…TRUMP HAS HIS PROUD BOYS!


Remember the Florida gubernatorial election when Gilliam said of his opponent “I’m not saying you’re a racist, but the other racists sure think you are.”


we’ve seen neo-nazism accepted into the political discourse, but neo-communism is a non-starter.

It’s more likely they will put you in a body bag. Welcoming fascism is the stupidest reaction I’ve seen all day, though of course this is exactly what the Proud Boys are saying. You have joined their club.


Neo-Nazism is not a threat to the economic, elite; while Neo-Communisn.is a potential threat to their wealth… that terrifies them!


I think perhaps the one moment Drumpf stopped lying (and just for that moment) was when he said that EVERY POLICE union/dept. in the US supports him.

Note how often “bad apples” is invoked when rationalizing police violence. No one takes it further and points out what this fucking saying actually means - if you don’t root out those few bad apples, the entire barrel is lost to corruption.

The bad apples have been rotting in departments for decades. Pure festering corruption now with a few sound apples left. Systemic racism IS WHAT law enforcement has become in the USA.

Nope - if the Proud Boys and related fascists do a Night of the Long Knives 2.0, the cops will at best just look the other way. At worst they’ll be participating alongside the fascists and racists.

Since before WTO Seattle, 1999, and certainly ever since the riots have been mostly the police. Media and politicians (even despite video evidence to the contrary) support the police narrative as truth.

Hope I’m wrong, but this has left a bad taste in my mouth here.


The proud boy shout out is further confirmation that white supremacy is not a Trump problem, it is a GOP problem.

The GOP started the birther movement during the 2008 primary with Trump taking the helm of the movement after Obama occupied the White House.

Local GOP operatives in my blue state regularly conduct their own birther and citizenship movements against black and brown candidates and are proving to be super aggressive in their harassment this year.


" Is it any wonder that the Fascists continuously “win”?" it looks that way and unfortunately things have to get worse before we see real Americans stand up and fight back. all i see ahead for our country is violence, civil war and fractures in the federal system.

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I give you that because the closer i have looked into this gang all i have seen is a bunch of sick to the core physically and mentally sick, fat, violent and angry ignorant white males and females. They seem to come from broken families, wars veterans and poverty. How would trump count on such a sick bunch for support is beyond me. Yes they can pose fear to some by brandishing their automatic weapons but if and when push comes to shove they’ll be looking for insulin and coca-cola to combat their own diabetes more then their opponents. All progressives have to do is get them tired and beat down and watch them fall down one by one under their own heavy WEIGHT.


The right-wing radicalized groups need be reminded that Hitler lost his cause.


Yeah, i wish all workers had the police union like benefits, pensions and healthcare. They are totally a socialist union.

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But i think Biden if elected would pardon Trump in response to pressure from the elites. You know '“professional courtesy”.


Trump bragged about his extra judicial killing “the marshall’s took care of business”-----who supports this crap? The years ahead are going to be tough-----Biden may regret having to clean up this mess.

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Who is Biden talking to-------I agree it is a horrible answer------but actually it is a very smart answer----he is talking to white blue collar workers.