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As Proud Boys Celebrate Trump Shout-Out, Warnings Grow That President 'Inciting Violence' to Retain Power

Do you have references of veterans being a significant part this group. My experience is that they came home in all kinds of different conditions. But most just want to rejoin their families, if the family survived. The radicalized right-wingers come from a different fold.
Certain biker groups, but mostly high and mighty whitey. Racists.

You are 100% right i have witnessed the exact same ordeals.

The pensions and healthcare are things you look for when looking at job prospects, not something to envy after-the-fact.
Those things SHOULD be part of any job. Government sponsored policies should be available where company ones are not available.


I don’t think he will------I will bet Trump is not seen as legit to former presidents and they expect him to pay a price for what he has done to the office.

Sen Tim Scott asked about Trump’s comments said "he mis-spoke "

We can try to make him pay, but trump is already bankrupt. Morally and intellectually.


It would seem that one of the few things that might make an impression on him would be seeing him in a jail cell alongside serial killers and child molesters.

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To all Democratic Governors : Call up your National Guard for Election Night.

Tell them to : “Stand Ready.”


Our unity is a bucket of cold water on the Wicked Witch of Mar A Lago and all his Winkie Guards .


How many of these Proud Boys are there, anyway? A couple hundred? Don’t think they are sufficient to intimidate black populations in major cities. Besides, they are too cowardly to go to those neighborhoods with their costumes, flags, and MAGA hats.


That was my thought last night when trump nearly threatened to send out his thugs in the future.
Have the guard stand ready to support the citizenry. That would likely be any protesting group exercising their right to assemble.

They’ve gone to Portland, Kenosha, Louisville and many other cities and are working with the police. You need to read up on them more and not be so flippant.


Its hilarious how these people act like they’re ~tough, freedom loving Patriots~ but they still crave Daddy Government’s approval. It’s a mass of people with literal mommy/daddy issues and PTSD (whether from military or horrible childhoods). Also not hilarious because of the harm they have and will continue to try to cause, but just the irony always cracks me up a little.

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Where do you live? Out here on the Left Coast you can’t avoid seeing them, and the Boogaloos out just going to the grocery store.

The problem with these groups is their fetishism of assault rifles, and a truly twisted take on the 2nd Amendment that “allows” them to carry said assault rifles and confront any group that they disagree with.

In the nearby disaster of a city Aberdeen, WA (for years tying with Flint as the worst city in America) there was a tiny BLM protest a couple months ago. A Boogaloo boi next to his Proud Boy buddy pointed his AR-15 into the face of a Catholic priest standing in support of BLM. At least 4 cops watched it happen, and not one of them intervened.

They’ve had ZERO push back from the authorities. They’ve got assault rifles.

To think this, like the automobile exoskeleton and subsequent road-rage, doesn’t empower them is a very dangerous position to occupy.


And chose to take the sucker’s way out … couldn’t the covidiot copy his hero in [their] demise???

While I’ve got no evidence to support it, and the Seattle PD has done no investigations that I’m aware of), I’ve got a high degree of confidence that the shootings (with assault rifles) of the CHOP participants were either Proud Boys or their allies.

They’ve been the forefront of violence since the Right Wingers tried to talk at Berkley. The entire West Coast has been having to deal with them for far too long. And the cops pat them on the head.

Remember one knifing a protestor in SF? The protestor was charged by the police, not the Proud Boy who stabbed him.


Here’s some background,


I know there is an official veterans group – Veterans Against Trump – that see him for the scam he is; but last week when my husband and I were at our local VA facility there were 3 out of 9 vets who were proud trumpers. And during the BLM protests in June there was a guy who had done 2 tours in Iraq that killed a black kid in our city … rather than face a trial he committed suicide – that just shows me that these vets coming back from the ME have got some serious problems and those are the ones that the covidiot appeals to.



Good link - thanks for posting it.

I’ve been following these groups since I first became aware of them. Bad news.


Agreed. Maybe even genocide…and that’s not even taking climate change into account. Yeah, definitely genocide, not civil war: people on the “left” are too committed to nonviolence for it to ever reach the level of “civil war.” It’ll just be a slaughter…kinda like the Holocaust, actually. 🤦

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Yes, but not until Hitler murdered millions of innocent people!