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As Pruitt Calls for End of Incentives, Trump Intensifies 'War Against Wind and Solar'


As Pruitt Calls for End of Incentives, Trump Intensifies 'War Against Wind and Solar'

Jon Queally, staff writer

'I guess the war on wind and solar starts now. Good luck with that.'


A perfect example of why a congressperson’s primary consideration is getting elected and getting elected depends on who is providing the most money. Funny thing is that promoting alternative energy options is a winner on the money tree in the short term but a huge loser in the long term.


Oh my, let them stand on their own? Without subsidies for fossil fuels solar and wind would be a total killer. Let’s make the subsidies equal and see who comes out on top. Pretending that fossil fuels aren’t subsidised when comparing them to alternatives is a strategy that only idiots would accept which, of course, includes most conservatives and Republicans.


When the dystopian future finally arrives…do you want to be relying on solar and wind, or fossil fuels you can’t get?


And guess where from Pruitt gets his slime money?


Good God Almighty. Walmart gets government subsidies.The Walton’s are mega-wealthy…and sell lots of made in China goods. Once again, our priorities in this country suck. Pruitt is another swamp dweller in the present disgusting group of president and cabinet appointees.


There is a substantial number of people willing to destroy the world, in order to chase their money illusion.


Like here in the state of Florida where Repukes have taken over a state that not that long ago had a 100 year run of Democratic governance, the Public Service Commission is controlled by the fossil fuel polluters. Whenever a rate hike is proposed it is given without fail. Solar power is frowned upon, this in the Sunshine State. What a disgrace!


These a$$hole$ have declared war on nature itself. And anyone with a functioning brain knows you can’t win a war against nature. Fucking insane idiots.


Republican’s highly touted capitalist market forces only apply to smaller businesses that would dare to compete with huge monopolies. Open fascism.

Direct Democracy


USA lags behind again! SAD!


Think about this real hard.
They get subsidies…1 payment
They make a profit… 2 payment
They don’t pay taxes most likely… 3 payment
Destroying the planet… no costs
Hire labor at lowest contractor bid price… big Plus

I like where you were headed, maybe this will help???


Hmmm. what incentive? I’ve been on wind power for about 3 yrs now, never knew there was a “subsidy”. It makes me feel like I’m doing something for the environment.


Beyond the obvious culprit of payoffs from the fossil-fuel industry, there’s another possibly bigger one: What happens to the value of the US dollar when the US military can no longer force most major oil producers in the world to sell huge quantities of oil for dollars? Whether it comes as a result of failed US military domination or a transition to clean energy, when the petrodollar goes, the US dollar’s reserve currency status goes, and with it the Fed’s ability to run the printing presses willy nilly, with nothing to back it up. Ultimately, we must both scale back our military and transition to clean energy, but our politicians will keep kicking the can down the road for as long as they can get away with it. And the environmental and domestic economic crash that ensues is going to be all the harder for it.


D’ya figure that solar and wind have an equal depletion allowance as do fossil fuels?


No doubt about it now Pot Scruitt, is a category six dumb-ass. How else can you describe such intentional destruction and willful ignorance. The gutless wonder should be sewed for malfeasance of office and depraved indifference.


Nah I don’t reckon that. I don’t spose anything good can be don till all Americans wake up and realize the ones so many of us support are eatin our lunch. I figure those Blue Dog Democrats like the Clintons will stick with the money too.


You know, this son of a bitch MUST be related to that other SOB, the “lets pull the solar panels off the White House roof” fossil fuel corporation loving codger, the late and not very great “Saint” Ronald Reagan.
What a sad and disgraceful state of affairs this country is in. Hey, Trump voters: are you still glad it was “anybody but Hillary/Bernie/Stein” ?


The $US is already on the skids. Russia, China, are already trading between themselves in their own currencies, others are following.

Saddam and Gaddafi were slaughtered for challenging the $US, but the US is not powerful enough to take on Russia/China.

The quicker the whole thing falls apart the sooner the rest of the planet can get about mending things.


True, however don’t think they wanted to actively attack environmental protections to hasten the future apocalyptic, dystopian future for the planet.