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As Public Trust Dives, Trump White House Moves to Hide Visitor Logs

As Public Trust Dives, Trump White House Moves to Hide Visitor Logs

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Trump administration will not publicly disclose White House visitor logs in a decision the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said was just another move to avoid accountability.

I wonder what he’s hiding, because there’s no reason to do this other than to hide something. My money says he’s hiding the many Russian names in that log. Or maybe Nazis. How disgusting is it that in the USA we have t osuspect the President of hiding visits from Nazis?


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It is all designed to hide how broke he really is.

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“Trump has bullied the press when they report on him,”

Do we score points when we defend the corporate media to get back at the orange one?


Could a future computer or supercomputer run a government?

He probably has some girls calling on him with his wife in NY


I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump doesn’t want them disclosed for no other reason than he thinks it would be “weak” to release them. Then again, finding out he’s just meeting with typical Republican business establishment types might ruin his brand with his central voters. Second though–nah, probably not.

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Regardless of who visits the White House, I hope he doesn’t have sex with an intern.

It’s not “his” White House. It’s ours.

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What else would you expect? Trump’s run for POTUS was strictly a business decision and the last thing he wants is for anyone to know his nefarious, clandestine, business!


Corporate lobbyists and executives (from around the world) prefer to operate in the dark where they hatch their wretched, wicked plans to profit on the backs of the 99%. Thus, the emperor does not want their names revealed nor his own malfeasance unmasked.