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As Quietly as Possible, the Government is Renewing Its Assault on Your Privacy


As Quietly as Possible, the Government is Renewing Its Assault on Your Privacy

Trevor Timm

With their dangerous crusade for an anti-encryption bill in Congress all but dead (for now), the FBI and US justice department are now engaged in a multi-pronged attack on all sorts of other privacy rights – this time, with much less public scrutiny.


Everything is in place for any President who is willing to go along with a Deep State initiated coup using the US Military.

The tools at hand would make such a coup unassailable. Any political enemy's reputation could be ruined, any person could be rendered a criminal, all with the tools now in place.

It is a very small chance that this country is headed any other direction than full blown totalitarianism, no longer just merely inverted.

These are the good old days. Enjoy them while you can.

Oh, and don't question 9/11. Be a good citizen.


I posted earlier today that there are protocols coming into place in France and likely other nations that purposely equate the conspiracy theorist with a threat to the state.

If TPP and TIPP pass, they will effectively cancel out each citizen's right to oppose dangerous, unregulated products (including imported foods), take photos of industries that are actively polluting critical natural resources, or bring lawsuits against these types of entities.

In advance of these treaties, databases are being set up which will preemptively target any who might be viewed as "activists."

Essentially, this is all about control and the one thing the control state cannot countenance is dissent.

Look at the manipulation of this most recent election and add in the completely undemocratic facts of TIPP and TPP. Then add in the legal terminology of the NDAA, the surveillance drift-net, the facial recognition software...

It's an insane paradigm! And it's all about herding the masses into virtual pens while repeating the mantra of "Freedom." I call it "Carpicon."