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As Rand Paul Pledges to 'Defeat Washington Machine,' Critics Say He is No Better Than the Rest


As Rand Paul Pledges to 'Defeat Washington Machine,' Critics Say He is No Better Than the Rest

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With bravado and big ideas, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul on Tuesday announced that he is running for the Republican candidacy in the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.


Not surprisingly, Rand Paul did not address, mention, nor even dare
to whisper anything about the Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE which
has ‘captured’ and now fully “Occupies” our former country — this
“Empire of Illusion” which Chris Hedges writes of, this ‘Empire of
Chaos’ that Pepe Escobar diagnoses and ‘calls-out’, and this highly
integrated, but well hidden, and six-sectored; corporate, financial,
militarist, media/propaganda, extra-legal, and dual-party
Vichy-political facade of Global Empire that is the cancerous
underLYING tumor in our body-politic, which is the proximate CAUSE of
all the hundreds of festering “issues” and subordinate/superficial
“symptom problems”, and which is the Empire Cancer of all Maladies in
our “ailing social order”.

As a Doctor, Dr. Rand Paul has not done his homework on our cancer riddled body-politic, and is either a lousy diagnostician or an intentional world-class liar and shill for the
Empire — which all of the past half dozen political pawns and puppets
running for the office of faux-Emeror/president have certainly been.

As Dr. Zygmunt Bauman and Dr. Morris Berman have hauntingly puts it, “In
the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate
diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris (2011-02-07). Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire (p. 22). Norton. Kindle Edition.

And as the late great Earl Shorris wrote in 2011 in his last “Harper’s”
essay entitled “American Vespers”, while on his deathbed from cancer:

"I have wished for many years to be a physician to my beloved country.
The means to care for it is clear. I was revived by love and ethics.
And I am not unique: no man, no woman is a metaphor; that is the place
of gods. I do not know who will take America in their arms to revive

No nation is forever."


“The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant
groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to
secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.”
imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state
apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the
global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism
per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an EMPIRE of
global capital, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in
Washington.” [Caps added]

Robinson, William I. (2014-07-31). Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity (p. 122). Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.


Anybody who is affiliated with the Democratic Party or the GOP has no choice except to be part of the “Washington Machine”, both parties systematically jettison anybody who does not gun for the 1% at the expense of the 99%. The tea party being contrived by the 1% to look like a grass roots organization further reduces Paul’s cred.

Paul needs to run as an independent if he hopes to gain an ounce of cred.


Rand Paul pledges to defeat the Washington machine?

What a crock! Rand is the Washington machine posing as the opposition.


“Critics say he is no better than the rest”

Can’t argue with that!!! Just another lying sack of ____ Politician… Who thinks he has all of the answers…

Right out of the gate criticizing Hillary… What is the matter Rand you aren’t intelligent enough to come up with a plan??.. I Guarantee that you and the rest of the Reichtie’s in end will be blaming the Liberal Media when asked the hard-press questions that you are not intelligent enough to answer!!!