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As Referendum Looms, Troika Charged with Plotting 'Regime Change' in Greece


As Referendum Looms, Troika Charged with Plotting 'Regime Change' in Greece

Jon Queally, staff writer

As a Greek court on Friday is scheduled to rule on whether or not a referendum scheduled for Sunday meets legal standards and all of Europe speculates on what the results of the vote will be, critics of how powerful financial interests and elite political forces have played their cards over recent months are saying that what's truly at stake is not whether Greece will or will not accept the bailout deal before them, but whether or not the very workings of democracy are being undermined in an increasingly fractious European Union.


As TPTB drag this mentality through Ukraine, they risk WWIII as without a care, because the fourth little pig has a nuke in its goodie bag…



Russia is conspicuously absent from this Greek theater of loan crisis when they should have been taking full advantage of the Troika failures. Greek banks could have remained fully operational during the referendum process with a little help from a friend.


I have wondered this also. What is Russia doing not offering to help? They are holding some pretty good cards and don’t seem to be playing them.
Of course they know much more about the situation then we do. Hmm?


This is unbelievably important and disturbing to me. If the people were to somehow vote “yes” through fear of change or fear of default and leaving the Eurozone, etc. etc. and the government IS changed, what does this mean for ANY popular people’s movement against Neoliberal policies? And if things continue to get worse in Greece and elsewhere? If the mass of people’s frustrations come out in other ways – fascism, violence in general - what then? Bring in the German troops to “calm” the situation? As in the US, I DO NOT understand the end game of the elites. Do they want an Elysium type of society? Seriously, what IS the endgame> People will only stand for so much, and then folks will die…


And China?


The end game is subsistence for the masses, plethora for the plutocrats - government of the plutocrats, by the plutocrats, and for the plutocrats, a return to the historical norm.


Ukraine says “hello”. Russia is skating on their own thin ice, and supporting Greece at the cost of a much deeper rift with the EU is very much not in Russia’s interest. I’m sure they’re sympathetic as hell, but they’re also pretty helpless.

China is still a possibility, and I think if the Greeks can overcome the intense propaganda from the oligarchs, we might hear from them in the near future. But that “no” vote is going to be a necessary beginning.


I’d have to disagree - we’re already well into WWIII. The banksters are running circles around the rabid militaries. This WWIII by a thousand cuts to bleed out while keeping the greater portion of infrastructure as open air vapital (evaporating derivatives) holding camps formerly known as nations.

A cynical take, I grant you, and hope I am very, very wrong. Unfortunately the propaganda machines have been in full assault mode for an equally long time burying actual ‘history’ as fast as it is made. Ukraine and Greece, I would submit, are reflections of colonization channels being taken over by BRICS and in Africa - Africon, I mean Africom, TTIP et al - scrambling in the pretense that it is not an endgame.


Better make sure Diebold ain’t countin the Votes.


“Greek crisis: NSA phone tap of Angela Merkel reveals she knew Greece’s debt was unsustainable”


It’s really hard to call the game between the banks and the military; sort of a game of musical chairs that are thoroughly infested by termites. And the band played on…


"Tsipras… took to his Twitter account on Friday with this simple message for Greeks ahead of the vote: “Greek citizens, the time has come for responsibility and democracy. Let’s silence fear-mongering and baseless talk of disaster.” He then added: “Let us calmly go to the polls and make our choice by weighing the arguments—not the slogans.” "

This sure sounds like Tsipras is angling to stay in power either way the vote turns out.


A different take by James Petras- If true, this is not good news for Greece-
JAMES PETRAS-July 3, 2015

Syriza: Plunder, Pillage and Prostration. (How the ‘Hard Left’ embraces the policies of the Hard Right

***Excerpt from article-

Syriza’s political decision to ‘embed’ in the EU and the Eurozone, at all costs, signals that Greece will continue to be vassal state, betraying its program and adopting deeply reactionary policies, even while trumpeting its phony leftist rhetoric, and feigning ‘resistance’ to the Troika. Despite the fact that Syriza plundered domestic pensions and local treasuries, many deluded Leftists in Europe and the US continue to accept and rationalize what they choose to dub its “realistic and pragmatic compromises”.
Syriza could have confiscated and used the $32 billion of real estate properties owned by the Greek Armed Forces to implement an alternative investment and development plan – leasing these properties for commercial maritime ports, airports and tourist facilities.
Syriza buried Greece even deeper into the hierarchy dominated by German finance,by surrendering its sovereign power to impose a debt moratorium, leave the Eurozone, husband its financial resources, reinstate a national currency, impose capital controls, confiscate billions of Euros in illicit overseas accounts, mobilize local funds to finance economic recovery and reactivate the public and private sector. The fake “Left sector” within Syriza repeatedly mouthed impotent “objections”, while the Tsipras -Varofakis sell-out charade proceeded to the ultimate capitulation.
In the end, Syriza has deepened poverty and unemployment, increased foreign control over the economy, further eroded the public sector, facilitated the firing of workers and slashed severance pay- while increasing the role of the Greek military by deepening its ties to NATO and Israel.
Equally important, Syriza has totally emptied leftist phraseology of any cognitive meaning: for them – national sovereignty is translated into international vassalage and anti-austerity becomes pragmatic capitulations to new austerity. When the Tsipras – Troika agreement is finally signed and the terrible toll of austerity for the next decades finally sinks into the consciousness of the Greek public, the betrayals will hopefully evoke mass revulsion. Perhaps Syriza will split, and the “left” will finally abandon their cushy Cabinet posts and join the disaffected millions in forming an alternative Party.


You pegged it.

As Adam Smith said, they want “all for ourselves, and nothing for other people”. All power and wealth in their hands, with the rest of us again reduced to living hand to mouth at (and for) their pleasure.

Psychopath heaven.


Using “force” in one way or another and manipulating fear in the population and EU at large to provoke political change be design is the definition of terrorism in our book. The world is awakening to the true nonsense about the meaning of terrorism and what it truly is, when you look closer.

That of course implies that we, as 99% are still stuck in the idea that peace is the opposite of wars, while all these obvious “conflicts” should be opening your eyes. Repeace is the answer.


Capitalism is showing its true colors. It’s a rabid dog biting the Greek people.


Globally, the IMF has always been about international financial control and with it political power, while creating economic control of the corporate elite. This hs been going on for a long time - Remember that “Economic Hitman” book. And it hss never been about helping so-called developing or poorer countries.

The EU was established as a shortcut to political and economic control for the banksters and corporatists and their political puppets.

I really hope the NO vote wins out.


A definitive example of how capitalism and democracy cannot operate together.