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As Refugee Aid Falters, European Leaders Pursue Military 'Solutions'


As Refugee Aid Falters, European Leaders Pursue Military 'Solutions'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

As their humanitarian response to the ongoing refugee crisis falters, European leaders are pressing the United Nations Security Council to authorized an escalated military force to pursue so-called "human smugglers" in the Mediterranean Sea's international waters.


Who else thinks they're just planning on sinking the boats far from shore?

Do you hear the echoes of Radio Rwanda in the background? Calling the refugees 'migrants' or 'suspected terrorists'?

I'm going to echo a line I read in the Twain story, it's too bad Noah et al didn't miss that boat.


And Mammon's oligarchy and its conservative's minion's answer is to keep the war raging, the war profits, the oil, the death, misery and the refugees coming.


Running to freedom of from war? Not rocket science.


Personally, I just couldn't make it past that picture.


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I know what you are thinking but as one who has been there I am astounded by the size of the population of the entire area. The Bush destabilization may have hastened this migration but be assured it was on the horizon and climate change is the driving force. Over population is also a major factor.


uh, no war in Libia. No war in almost all the the places they crossed, to get to a place where wages are higher.

Do not paint this with propaganda. When is it the government's fault who provides for it's citizens, rather than the governments they are running from?

When can stable governments who plan for their citizens, take charge of their own borders? Will the world shame them when they refuse entry, when governments like the USA smile smugly knowing that the boats can't cross the Atlantic?

Who is to blame?!!! Simple, all those folks who saw poverty and injustice but refused to play as hard ball as those governments did to their own citizens. Remain quiet while a few top government officials and those closely connected rape their own country in Nigeria. Fine, expect to see Nigerians on your doorstep. Remain quiet while the army in Egypt murders Egyptians so they can use solders to manufacture stuff, expect to see Egyptians vote for justice with their feet. Let Syria (Iraq) be run with more concern to racism than anything else, expect to see those not of the selected race on your doorstep. Let poverty reign while a single man becomes the richest man on earth in Mexico, expect to see Mexicans looking for greener pastures in your town.

Just because you ignore the world does not mean that the world will ignore you.


And who was behind or supported those you refer to? The tenicles of cause go why below the surface view.