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As Release of Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Appears Close, A Few Deeper Questions Worth Asking


As Release of Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Appears Close, A Few Deeper Questions Worth Asking

Jon Queally, staff writer

As international speculation surfaced over the weekend over the possibility that Jonathan Pollard, convicted of espionage for giving U.S. military secrets to the Israeli government in exchange for money, could be paroled later this year, a rowdy argument has surfaced over what role, if any, a pending nuclear deal between the U.S., other world powers, and Iran may be playing in the case.


Not only did Pollard betray the US, but Israel turned around and bartered the info he gave them to the Russians which resulted in the deaths of maybe hundreds of operatives in former USSR (not that I’m a big fan of the CIA). What a “friend” we have in Israel.


Israel attacked an unarmed American intelligence ship in international waters June 8, 1967 - the USS Liberty, not a “warship”, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 174 others in their sneak attack. The attack has been covered up by the US gov and Israel beginning as the Liberty was being bombed and strafed by unmarked Israeli planes. The surviving crew and officers have been seeking justice and truth which is still denied them by their own government. The identity of the Liberty was known at once by Israel. The Moorer Commission, chaired by Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, ex-head of the Joint Chiefs, determined that the attack was pre-meditated and intentional.




What deal has the US/Obama made for releasing Israeli spy Pollard? Israel/Netanyahu have done nothing but undermine US efforts (weak as they are) to at least talk about building a Palestinian state, and subvert US sovereignty and foreign policy. What about all the other Israeli spies that escaped to Israel before being arrested or that were released under suspicious circs? I guess Obama doesn’t want to be outdone by Clinton who pardoned Marc Rich (with collusion from AG Holder) on his last day in office. With “friends” like Israel who needs enemies?


This certainly sends the wrong message to the Israelis and their supporters in the US, who are currently saturating the airwaves to try to block the Iran deal.