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As Removal Movement Grows, Trump Sides With White Supremacists on Confederate Monuments

As Removal Movement Grows, Trump Sides With White Supremacists on Confederate Monuments

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics were quick to point out that President Donald Trump has once again put himself on the wrong side of efforts to combat racism and address white supremacy when he defended "beautiful" Confederate monuments in a Thursday morning tweet.

Trump: " who’s next, Washington and Jefferson".

Trump almost always uses false equivocating, rhetoric to defend his racism.

Sure both Washington and Jefferson owned slaves and were the oligarch’s of their time, but unlike the Confederates that are venerated by their statues, they did not commit treason and did not go to war in order to keep their slaves.

Actually they committed treason against the Crown. And, I not so sure about their motivations to keep slaves.


I tell you what, Trump–you confused, flaccid, mess of adipose tissue–let’s build a museum dedicated to all that history that needs to go to house all those confederate statues. Time for a new nation and a new people to arise.

Yes, house their statues and memorabilia in the museum I proposed–Never Again Museum. They were slave owners and Indigenous hating elitists.


Good points!

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If we are going to get rid of the monuments to shame in this country, I have some great examples that need to come down–like right now–in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are so many examples of racist, demeaning, tone-deaf monuments there, it’s mind boggling. Oh–and how about closing the Kit Carson museum in Taos, NM. The man was a sickening monster, a thief, and a self aggrandizing little $#%*-- yet, he is being memorialized as some kind of hero. Disgusting.

You’re giving that imbecile way too much credit. His blathering has no hidden “I’ll reveal the true depths of American hypocrisy” agenda, it’s just an ignorant and rather nasty old man foaming at the mouth and ranting barely coherent garbage. That we as Americans (not just the liberals, why you target them I dunno) need to revisit our “hero worship” and inject some cold hard facts into our myths is true. Using Trump as our model and/or guide seems beyond ludicrous.

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Revolutions are only treason when they fail.

Is it just white supremacy or a rabid hatred of “the other”? History has endless examples of white on white seething hatred. The hatred of Russia by the entire West is an excellent example. It is not at all rational. Ever deadlier weapons of mass destruction and designs for warfare and complete destruction of this country of mostly white people who are actually very much like us continue as national policy. Sanctions are also a major act of seething, rabid hatred that affect regular citizens.

The hatred of Jews, Catholics, Liberals, Gays, Trans, Irish, French, German, English, Protestant and on and on and on. It’s endless and it does not require a different skin color.