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As Renewables Soar, Oil Industry Launches New PR Offensive


As Renewables Soar, Oil Industry Launches New PR Offensive

Andy Rowell

As the renewable revolution gathers a pace, the oil industry has launched yet another PR offensive trying to rebrand fossil fuels as sustainable.

So first the good news. The percentage of electricity generated by renewables in the world’s largest economies has soared by 70 per cent over the last five years, according to new research.


Reality Check: to avert catastrophic climate change, we need to stop burning fossil fuels yesterday. And electricity production is just 20% of US energy use. A good book examining this issue is Richard Heinberg's new Our Renewable Future, which you can read free on the ourrenewablefuture.org website. He and his co-author looked at what it would take to transition to a 100% renewable energy system...in electricity production, transportation, agriculture and the use of petroleum to produce such things as plastic, drugs and fertilizer. There are major obstacles in each of these sectors--with potential solutions to all of them, but it would require a huge and immediate transformation. Meanwhile, the oil industry is gasping for breath before going down for the third time, because while there are still huge reserves on paper, the vast majority are so costly, difficult, environmentally risky and expensive in ENERGY terms to extract and refine that they will never be accessed. Since both the elite who control decision-making and the public as a whole prefer to linger longer in the languor of denial and wish-fulfillment dreamland, we are making no attempt to engage in the massive transformation that theoretically could enable us to retain both our industrial civilization and our excessive population, that is, avoiding huge numbers of premature deaths of what will certainly be history's biggest human cohort. What to do? Work on creating your own personal, family and community resilience, to stop contributing to the problems and to increase your own security.


The fossil fuel industry has far too much money and power.
The time has come for this industry to be nationalized.


I just went to http://www.fuelingusforward.com/about/#contact website and left them a pointed message.


Could we say that Mother Nature is at war with human overpopulation?


I've seen the BP and Exxon ads during the Olympics - total greenwashing.


Here's Abby Martin's answer to the fossil fuel public relations campaign.




Drevna is absolutely correct. In a world that has no future because of the use of fossil fuels, fossil fuels ARE the future.