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As 'Repeal Only' Effort Stalls in Senate, Resistance Urges Medicare for All

As 'Repeal Only' Effort Stalls in Senate, Resistance Urges Medicare for All

Julia Conley, staff writer

The latest Republican effort to plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act—getting rid of the law without replacing it—appears to have stalled less than 24 hours after being introduced, as three Republican senators have come out against the proposal.

Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-W. Va.) all confirmed Tuesday that they would not vote for a plan to repeal the ACA, also known as Obamacare.


Thank you, Bernie for going to Morgantown, WV, to push back against the further corporatization of our Right to have Universal single-government-payer IMPROVED Medicare for All! See ya in 2020? You too, Jill Stein. Together we will fend-off the savages.


Never been a better time to support Medicare-for-All:

There’s an active, energized base of support.
A shocking number of red state voters are on board (if you call it MFA).
The ascendant liberal wing of the party is publicly cheerleading it.
The Republican plan to repeal and replacement was short a replacement.

Sadly, and true to form, the D-Party establishment will punt and wonder why liberals have abandoned them.


Listening to Republican rep. (Marshall) I think from Utah. OMG these people are really special needs. Keep them away from media cameras. I voted for Nixon twice and I’m not ashamed of that vote, but, like Scarborough I’m outa here. What’s that new thing about opposition research… I wish the (WATER GATE FIVE) had thunk of that huh? Think of all that wasted jail time. Damn.

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Medicare for all or something similar is the way other countries have implemented health care at lower costs and better medical results. Our big business politicians are unwilling to do anything that would reduce costs. What are some of those things:

  • get control of pharmaceutical costs. Why can I buy drugs at lower costs from Canadian companies even when the insurance we have covers the drug

  • Control the abuses of drug pricing

  • Go to a single payer system with greatly reduced insurance company costs

  • If we can,t go to single payer reduce the insurance overhead. Make the system both simpler and less expensive

  • Other new innovations

I just watched a fat, white Republican tell Americans we have no right to affordable health care but fat, white boys have a right to tax us for trillions to overthrow seven nations simultaneously in illegal wars sooooo there’s a gazillion bucks to overthrow countries and murder children with planes they can’t see, in wars we can’t see, with body counts they refuse to count. This is a right. This is Pro-Life. Horse shit. Subsidizing the poor with health care which they give right back to rich people funds an entire industry taking care of the poor but for the fat, white Republican people have no right to be poor and work all their lives for $6 bucks an hour and end with nothing. So we bomb the defenseles and this is Pro Life and they worship a Prince of Peace. Horse Shit!
The fat, white boy was not going to reduce the debt. The parasited, the war profiteers were going to give themselves another $800 billion tax break. It’s stealing. Taking public land for private wealth is stealing. Murdering six million southeast asians to control the heroin from the Golden Triangle for the mob, CIA and World Bank is stealing. Again, did you see the CIA burn the poppies? No way. The CIA is not burning hundreds of billions of dollars worth of poppies. Fight back. It’s our world. It’s our country and we have to take it back from the parasites who bomb little girls with planes they can’t see in Iraq for more than 14 years and braindead America thinks it’s okey dokey with Jesus. Don’t be braindead. Fight!


We can got to SP - if we pur folks in office who will pass it - that leaves out D/Rs

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" …reports that say both that Obamacare is more popular among Americans than plans to repeal it,"

Hmm what about the reports that say SP is more popular than the ACA?

Trump - " … let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan"

Shucks, if that is all he is waiting for - the wait is over, it has failed, so why bother to “repeal” it - just “come together” and replace it with - SP, “a great healthcare plan”

“Chuck Schumer (D-NY) urged cooperation between the two parties—with the intent of strengthening the ACA”

There you have it from the domkey’s mouth - no SP for you …

"Schumer called for McConnell to return the Senate to regular order and stipulated that to push through any plan, the GOP must ‘abandon cuts to Medicaid [and] abandon huge tax breaks for the wealthy.’ "

There you have it, pt 2,- he is apparently quite willing to “come together” with the GOP, for a plan that “abandons cuts to Medicaid and abandons tax cuts for the rich”, Is that all you want, Chuck - champion of WS?

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said earlier this month that he would introduce a Medicare for All on the Senate floor, should the Republican plan fail. And Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has also implored her fellow Democrats to embrace the idea., .”

Sanders has been saying he would introduce Medicare for All for quite some time now - but notice the caveat “should the Republican plan fail”
But gee, Bernie, what if the “Rep plan” gets tweaked a bit when D/Rs “come together” and Schumer’s conditions are met? That’ll be just hunky-dory, eh?
Maybe you can “help write it” as you did the ACA - then we can put SP off again, as so often before - because it’s" politically unfeasible" right now , eh

Hmm, I smell another bait and switch, from our country’s “most popular Sen” as well as the other’s who have “come on board” , we shall see …

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drinnanc, your comment, for some reason, sparked an idea in me that I’ve never seen or heard before. Let’s look around the world and see what modern countries have adopted a health care system like that proposed by the Republicans. Where in the world does such a health care system exist? Why don’t our vaunted media ask the Republicans that question?

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