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As Reports of Assange Arrest Warrant Emerge, Who Will Defend Wikileaks?


As Reports of Assange Arrest Warrant Emerge, Who Will Defend Wikileaks?

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Trump administration in the United States has prepared criminal charges in order to arrest Julian Assange, founder and publisher of the media outlet Wikileaks, CNN reported on Thursday.


The stormtroopers are lining up. Makes me want to cry.


Those leaked CIA hacking tools should come really handy for some true patriots out there about now.
Not sure there are any left.
Our freedoms are disappearing and I can't even stand up enough to see my daughter.


Arrest him for what, exactly? Didn't realize good journalism was against the law. Maybe that's why US media sucks so bad.


And after all WikiLeaks did for DJT...guess they have much more to reveal that the Trump Trash Tribunal wants to remain "confidential/secret." Just another in a very long line (and growing) of Nazi manifestos spewed from the mouth(s) of the monster(s) in the WH. My loathing for him and his goose-stepping sycophants grows every waking hour of everyday. He must keep Mein Kampf by Hitler and The Final Solution by Eichmann by his bedside while his 'personal assistant' reads passages from either (based on his mood) to him in dulcet tones and dressed in black leather and chains. The voices that should be silenced remain behind the WH facade.



Translation: WikiLeaks has been exposing too many of our lies!


They don't want us to know things that the rest of the world already knows.

They will never forget or forgive Wikileaks for exposing their dirty laundry.

Sessions, if he gets the chance, will crucify Mr. Assange.


It will never happen if we the people don't let it happen!


But-but-but Julian worked sooo hard to stop the evil Hillary-Killary, and this is how Trump rewards him??? Sad!

More seriously, as despicable as his manipulation of the election was, I still support Wikileaks and I hope he can evade arrest. let's hope that Correa's successor Lenin Moreno (cool first name) will stand firm and find a way to sneak him to Ecuador.


Ya gotta laugh. For how many years has Assange been saying that there are secret plans to prosecute (persecute) him? Once again, the truth having been outed, the MIC bloods the drumph by giving him the responsibility to assure next year's bomb budget demands (replacements for a pretty penny). In turn the MIC makes him "the man".

All the US government can do is recognize that prosecution puts its ass in a sling right over the flames it so glibly stokes between the pot and the kettle its calling black. The oversexed ('member how much secret spy shit has been 007ed) dependency on viagra lies, the 4 decades of ALWAYS having a "black budget" which is a sack of $400 hammers slung by a mafia-model structure that no longer knows its ass from a hole in the wall. Wait a minute... institutional structures don't have asses, only humans do. Aye, there's the rub!
* Break up the banks
* Separate community banks from investment banks
* Reinstate Glass-Steagle
* Ban derivatives

wash, rinse and repeat until squeaky clean!!!


It probably doesn't occur to you, but your repetition of the, clearly ludicrous at the time and now utterly incredible, charges that either wikileaks or Russia were involved in a conspiracy to rig the election (by leaking emails from the DNC) simply adds to the confusion of issues in which the arrest of Assange becomes politically practicable.
Clinton will be cheering at the news of this move against Assange. And you are on her side.


Wikileaks deliberately manufactured a fake scandal over e-mails that covered normal rough-and-tumble internal party politics seen in any other political party in the world, such as Corbin's Labor party or Trudeau's Liberal party. It was exactly the same as the global warming denialist's fake "scandal" a few years ago over the leaked Hadley Climate Center e-mails.

What is it about "fascist catastrophe" don't you understand? At least Hillary respects the outcome of elections - do you honestly think that Trump would have respected the outcome of the election has he narrowly lost the electoral vote in those three states? No. He said so in the second debate. The would have been a coup- d'etat. Now, there may not be another US presidential election again.

Thank-you, leftists-for-Trump!


Government Secrets. Government Lies.


Fake? You mean the part where you have to have a public and a private option on things? So, basically you are saying it's ok....every politician is corrupt and a liar. It's like you expect these aholes to just be aholes.....


You are so full of shit Yunzer-
All Assange and WikiLeaks did was report on what was already there- He didn't make it up or hide it....


Yes, just like the global warming denialists did wit those Hadley Climate center e-mails....

I am so tired of the negativity of the quasi-fascist, neo-nationalist US-left. Even Arundhati Roy's and the late World Social Forum's slogan "Another World is Possible!" (ever heard of it?) would be attacked by the US left for being "globalist".


Actually Wikileaks just exposed the emails. You are so wedded to Hillary that you can't see the reality. The truth is that Hillary was a totally flawed candidate with no message, no platform and no common sense. She, and her cadre of enablers, came on the scene with a sense of entitlement, but had no connection to the people or their needs. She sold out to Wall Street and corporate America a long time ago and was not a progressive in any sense of the term. Your continuing defense of her failed campaign is a reflection of your own inability to see the reality that is obvious to those who are not so emotionally invested in her campaign.

We need to move on, hopefully to support real progressives like Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison and others who really want to overturn the establishment and replacement with a more humane and rational power structure.

Not at all. I agree that was a manufactured "scandal." I don't agree that Hillary's experience is equivalent in any sense of the term.

Too bizarre to respond to -- sorry.


Establishment Secrets. Establishment Lies.


Not bizarre. The US left - particularly in my region, refused to see that the last election was about stopping fascism and instead made it about expressing their "personal flair" - fueled by total over the top nonsense about this super-evil Hillary! The result was the rise of Trump. It worked exactly the same way in Germany in 1933.


But how do we pry those $400 dollar hammers from the hands of the MIC hoodlums?