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As Reports of Assange Arrest Warrant Emerge, Who Will Defend Wikileaks?


And wikileaks' motive was....?
As to the worry about the next set of elections-why would you bother? Just put it down to the 'normal rough and tumble' of internal party politics etc.
It was corruption, and went far beyond 'internal politics' into state run primaries. wikileaks performed a public service exposing information, of public interest, received. You are about half an inch away from telling us that Chelsea Manning was a Saddam supporter.


If the 'last election' had been about stopping fascism why was Clinton the candidate? Given the woman's affiliations to Wall St and the MIC, her love for war, her corruption and her commitment to lowering popular living standards, she is very close to fascism herself.
As to 1933 in Germany, the opposition was very different, most of it, the socialists, communists and trade unionists were jailed by the time of the 'election'. Hitler took power, not through election but by choice of the coterie surrounding Hindenburg, the military and industrialists.


Two undoubtedly dishonest candidates, plus Stein and Johnson. One dishonest candidate well known to be representing the establishment interests and empire and talking of continuing war. The other one from the elites, obviously unbalanced but at least talking of better relations with Russia. A certainty vs a possibility, unless of course one wants to believe that Clinton was lying when she was promoting more war. I suppose that is possible, but really, if one wants to vote against war and empire how could one vote for Clinton? We had been making significant progress towards fascism under the Democrats anyway, so a vote for the Democrat establishment was not much of a vote against fascism. It was very hard to tell which was the lessor evil. It still is unless you are a believer. Stein and Johnson were more reasonable choices.


It would be polite to also thank all the Democrat voters who stayed home. The huge numbers of Democrat voters who stayed home would have easily overwhelmed any "brown-shirts" that tried to keep them from voting. If your Democrat base did not overwhelmingly fail to support your candidate then we would now be thanking you and the Democrat establishment for all that the Hillary administration was doing to us.


We can bet that Clinton loyalists- raging hypocrites that they are, will be cheering.


"At least Hillary respects the outcome of elections"
Guess you missed the primaries.


Why don't you just fess up and come to fully realize that Clinton would have been just as bad but in A different way-
Her attitude towards Russian and namely the TTP myriad totalitarian Trade deals which she so coyly rejected at the last minute, but was really in full support of, would have been equally as horrifying-
She was and always has been such a deceptive, lying bitch, I would only think the worse-
Just look at Syria, Libya and Honduras for example...
Trump and Hillary are peas in A pod and the Council on Foreign Relations, Banksters and the Oligarchs knew that they would win with both/either of their choices in the running- That is the way the horse races work here in America-


This full frontal attack on Yunzer. How gratifying. Best to just skip over anything it writes.


In a time of universal deception, speaking the truth is a radical act.

Assange presents the truth to the public. Such an act is so radical and threatening to the status quo that the government moves to crush him. He is a threat to the status quo and the constant deceptions of government. He exposes the Global War On Terror for the fraud that it is.

Democratic governance is long gone. Today, liberty dies to thunderous applause, not just from the corrupt congress, but from many ordinary and grossly indoctrinated citizens.


Assange has worked with the NY Times, the Guardian, Der Spiegel and other global news outlets to facilitate his revelations. Whatever one may think of Assange, a successful prosecution of Wikileaks would open the door to the USG going after all news media.


To a Confederate like Beauregard little things like an actual crime being committed aren't necessary. Expect to see more of these warrants for non-crimes while actual crimes are ignored under his tenure at the DOJ.


However on the good news, In Ecuador on the second recount of Ecuador's Presidential election Lenin Moreno of the ruling left wing Alianza Pais party, and former Vice President to President Correa, was declared the winner April 18, 2017 and new President of Ecuador, over (hard right candidate Lasso who wanted to give Julian Assange up to the Trump Machine). Also, remember when President Correa of Ecuador had an Ecuadorian diplomatic plane sitting on the tarmac in Moscow with Ecuadorian diplomats on board ready to take Edward Snowden to Ecuador, the plane left Moscow without Edward only to be forced to land in Europe by Obama's Machine. the Ecuadorian governments diplomatic plane was forciably searched by The Obama Machine very much angering President Correa, and the Ecuadorian government. Reason mentioned, Julian Assange may need to leave London for Ecuador, and the Trump Machine, and May of England will be very much waiting to force diplomatic cars, and planes down to get Julian. Julian may need to be smuggled out of the Embassy dressed like maybe a woman to an Ecuadorian diplomatic auto, and plane bound for Ecuador, maybe.


I would submit by being vigilant, active members in community, listening to the breadth of our diversity and making a practice of melding these into asking the right questions, and demanding transparency, compliance with the Constitution as a living document.

  • Break up banks
  • Separate community banks from investment banks
  • Reinstate Glass-Steagle
  • Ban derivatives

These and an entire spectrum of social priorities that have been trashed or are in the process of being trashed to cover the wastrel destructiveness of predatory capiitalism. And that is addressed, oddly enough by the quaint admonition of "Think Global Act Local". Indigenous peoples the world over are painfully well informed about the predatory practices of transnational corporations. The international advocacy groups have been coming under fire. Ever wonder why?


How is Wikileaks' publication of confidential or private information any different than the Washington Post, the New York Times, or any "reputable" news outlet doing the same? Haven't the American courts ruled to protect such publication as long as it is truthful and in the public's interest?




The BEST advice, concerning ALL the Known Site Irritants.


"who will defend Wiki Leaks"?
We, who love our country who love justice & freedom will defend Wiki Leaks.


“Thank-you, leftists-for-Trump!”

What a troll. The leftists that warned you non-leftists about nominating that rotten candidate Clinton? How in the world could you blame the left for her loss? I’m proud of you though. You didn’t mention McGovern and the 1972 election.

“Wikileaks deliberately manufactured a fake scandal over e-mails that covered normal rough-and-tumble internal party politics”

No, they leaked information about a corrupt candidate, being backed by a corrupt party, with the help of the corrupt press. You’re angry that they let everyone know about that corruption. To the extent that there is internal conflict over this, it was between people okay with corruption and those opposed to corruption. Those not concerned with corruption have no argument, they never did, and they supported a rotten, unpopular candidate that wasn’t trusted and backed deeply unpopular policies.


Not to mention all the DNC-CIA evidence-free talespinning of Russkies behind every bush as a way of delegitimizing election results that they, and Hillary, with their warmongering platform, were responsible for. It's the exact opposite of respecting the outcome of elections.


And hopefully, if he wins the French elections, Melenchon will give Julian asylum in France.