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As Republicans Defect, Will Clinton Be Tempted To Tack Right?


As Republicans Defect, Will Clinton Be Tempted To Tack Right?

Richard Eskow

The sense of panic among elite Republicans is palpable. They’re beginning to understand that when they look at Donald Trump they’re staring into the orange-hued face of their party’s potential demise.

The GOP defections to Team Hillary were already well underway by the time of last week’s Democratic National Convention, which featured endorsement speeches from billionaire ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg and other Republicans.


Tempted to tack right? Are you kidding me? She did that the moment the MSM declared her "winner" of the Decomcratic primaries, and she has always been a neocon on foreign policy.


Isn't the number of Republicans now endorsing Clinton enough evidence that Clinton has already "tacked right" ?


Clinton? Tack right???
Pretty soon you'll be telling me stories about a big light in the eastern sky tomorrow morning.


Considering that the US mainstream media is controlled by the MIC, and the media have been reporting nothing but negativity regarding Trump (they do report a few negative things about Clinton, but far fewer than Trump), it's probably true that the US king-makers have already decided that Clinton will be the next president.

Trump will probably lose because of his irresponsible babble and the consequent media bashing driving Republicans to vote for Clinton.

So what does one have to lose by voting Green? --- NOTHING ---

What does one have to gain by voting Green?
A strengthened third party of the people.


For the Republican establishment it is far better for them if Trump loses than if he wins. If he loses they can reclaim the party meaning the conservatives can retake control. The Democrats have already shown that such Republicans are welcome by displaying a show of patriotism at their convention. At times it looked more like a Republican convention. If the Republicans had run a conservative candidate like they usually do Clinton no doubt would move toward the center in the general election to try to win the votes of independents. But without a conservative to run against there is no need to. She most likely will stay to the left. Most importantly, a large majority of Bernie Sander's supporters say they will vote for her so she needs to hold on to them and even energize them so they will turn out on election day. As long as the big issue is whether or not Trump is fit to be president (I think it is clear he isn't) she should win.


Tacking any farther to the right and she will be rubbing elbows with sister Phyllis Schlafly.


Suggested Campaign slogan for the Democratic party 2016.

"We are all Republicans"

I think this article helps illustrate why it is Bernies endorsement of HRC and his desire to see his supporters shift their allegiance to Ms Clinton is a great error.


It would be more accurate to state that hilary is "staying the course".

Tacking right implies she was to the left.


Good show with Assange.




Both Clinton's entire political and private sector career's have been a "tack to the right"! To wealth and power!

This creature displays the worst of politics employing any dirty trick, dialogue, deception or "tack" to further her ambition and arrogance. Clinton had the opportunity to bring a measure of unity to this campaign by embracing the progressive issues millions demanded, supported and Bernie Sanders championed - she failed, refused to do so. Why? because she is a dyed in the wool corporate big-money whore and war-monger, and her record shows it!


Headline sez: "As Republicans Defect, Will Clinton Be Tempted To Tack Right?"

Republicans™ are not flocking to the Goldwater Girl's campaign because they're 'tacking left'.




Mr. Khan has been a sensation since he took his show on the road after his CLINTONCON debut in Philly.

If I were selecting an attorney to represent me in court, Khan would get high marks for his courtroom demeanor,,,he spins a yarn that engages any judge or jury.


Many Bernie supporters will NOT vote for her.


RIGHT!!! We have to expose the idiocy who condescend to those of us who still have a conscience. None of this "no clear path", "voting 3rd party is a wasted vote," "you are all being childish and petulant" garbage.

If a vote for Stein really has no effect at all, not even as a message, then it SHOULD amount to the same thing as staying home, correct? Except that people who vote Green may still vote on other lines of the ballot, unlike non-voters.

So if they're going to insult us for voting for Stein, they'd better be logical enough to insult those who decide not to vote this November. Do they really mean to do that?

Now, since all these articles are starting to come out that the Republicans are jumping ship and Hillary's poll numbers are insurmountable, they can now LEAVE US ALONE TO VOTE HOW WE WANT.


This article expalins the "sudden surge" of Hilary in the polls. What they did was shift the sample size increasing the number of Democrats polled by 7 percent over the number of Republicans polled.

Voila a 7 percent shift!


Media tricks are but one example of what Sanders and Trump mean when they say the election is rigged.

Rigging is deeply embedded in the culture, not just in how the voting process transpires.


My conclusion precisely!


Paul Jay talks with Col. Larry Wilkerson.
Wilkerson sees exactly what I see, with more detail added.
Worth a watch.

Wilkerson: The Danger of a Clinton or Trump Presidency