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As Resistance Grows, Trump's Deportation Plans Unravel


As Resistance Grows, Trump's Deportation Plans Unravel

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump built his campaign on a pledge to build a wall and deport two to three million undocumented immigrants, but the likelihood that his promises will be kept are looking increasingly slim, as reality takes hold and lawmakers and community leaders begin to build their resistance.


So, instead of change we again get more of the same. Two parties one head.


and then there is Adapting to Donald Trump’s Lies

The irony is that Michel Foucault identified a lot of the puzzle pieces of the convoluted machinations and artists are working with the actual dynamics playing out in communications, such as Christine Dixie To Be King


While many people said the whole thing was not feasible during the election this still will not go down well with the KKK members and neonazis who strongly supported Trump. Immigration was his number one issue and deporting non-whites and preventing immigration of non-whites was central to his campaign. I doubt if his white supremacist supporters are going to be satisfied with any excuses.


Absolutely wrong. The two parties are very different but whomever is in office has to deal with certain realities. The reason things might not change is not that the parties are actually the same but the realities can limit the change that can be made.


Wall off Trump by boycotting his products: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ryan-mack/boycott-trump-list-of-of-companies-to-refuse-to-support/10150222197459365/


Since 1979 ever president has pushed neoliberalism and American exceptionalism right on down that continuous road no matter what party they be from.


" …and reduce Social Security and Medicare funds by $24.6 billion over 10 years."



So maybe he’ll just continue the currect deportation regime.

What a relief for undocumented folks.


Right! BDS Trump and all his lackey firms! When the bottom line begins to drop, they’ll swarm over the side like rats deserting a stinking ship.


Trump’s immigrant deportation rhetoric is nothing more than a distraction from his real agenda…to accelerate wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1%. Until Trump was elected the billionaires needed to buy politicians. Trump is now giving the 1% all the levers of power, cutting out the Congressional middlemen.

More Mexicans returned to Mexico than landed in the US during the past 8 years so Trump has known all along that Congress would have laughed him out of DC if he tried to get money to 'build the wall".


Oh you must not have gotten the memo… it’s absolutely fine when a Democrat does it!


Poof! Another pipe dream disappears from reality. One by one these dreaded changes he proposes evaporate. His Tea Bagger supporters hope he will blow up one thing after another when he is president. However, what is always missing is us, and what we can do to stop him.
He will be bad, no doubt, but he simply cannot have his way in this country like he does in his businesses. This spoiled rich kid has never heard the word no, like he is going to hear it as president. He’s going to hate it and it will most likely motivate him to do stupid stuff.
Poor baby, this is reality, he has nothing near a mandate and his machinations are not well supported in or out of the halls of congress.


Nice list. Thank you.


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There may be superficial differences in the two parties, but when it comes to the offensive wars of the U.S. Armed Forces, they are one party… the war party!


I have to disagree. Both parties spend, grow gov’t, and are war hungry. Trump, as an example, wants a wall like the East Germans which will cost millions and need to expand gov’t personnel. Trump is openly and foolishly taunting Russia and has openly admitted to liking war. Obama has created more departments for surveillance on Americans, in turn growing gov’t and gov’t personnel. He has done nothing about the “War on Terror”, with his passivity being his version of warmongering. To do nothing is a choice which is doing something because the choice to do nothing was made. So, in essence, both parties do the same thing, just different ways of doing whatever. I see it as both parties being in on ‘it’. But only because the results are the same. Gov’t has grown during any administration, war has been sought, and spending has only gone up. We can add 2 & 2 in a few different ways, but the result will be the same is my best example I can give.


The are both doing the same bidding for the empire and the .01%


If you assume that Trump’s goal is to spread hatred and anger rather than to effect any particular policy, he can accomplish this without setting up any of the expensive mechanisms described here by Lauren McCauley. He simply tweets that congress and bureaucrats are trying to stop him and then tell his followers (including of course many cops) to take matters into their own hands and start rounding up the brown people. Sure, it’d be messy but so was Kristalnacht.