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As Resistance Grows, Trump's Deportation Plans Unravel


Great that trumps bloviating, braggadocio and various “plans” to undo and/or exploit everything, including deportations and his “separation barrier” are being opposed and countered. It is/was not great that for 8 years obama got away with only casual opposition for his deportations of more people than any other prez (over 3 million) and numerous failures, and military/security-state empowerment, prosecutions and imprisonment of patriot whistle-blowers, but zero financial predators/parasites, ignorant stewardship an animal protections…yadda, yadda…


It would actually be nice to have a sane immigration policy discussion between the extremes of rounding up all immigrants that are here illegally on the one hand, and just throwing open the borders to anyone that wants to come here on the other. Will never happen I’m afraid.