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As Resistance Mobilizes, Poll Shows 'Overwhelming' Hatred for Trumpcare


As Resistance Mobilizes, Poll Shows 'Overwhelming' Hatred for Trumpcare

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just following the release of the Senate's "morally bankrupt" healthcare bill—which would impose deep cuts to Medicaid, eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, and give enormous tax breaks to the wealthy—an NBC


This isn’t healthcare it is wealthcare


It’s the Secret Death Panel bill of 2017.


It’s not bad for Nazis. At least Republicans aren’t shooting disabled people in the head. Yet.


Many thanks for the actionable items at the end of this article.


As Resistance Mobilizes, Poll Shows ‘Overwhelming’ Hatred for Trumpcare

How about calling it what it really is – ‘RePooplicanCare’ – or ‘PoopCare’ for short!

As if the Fat Cats really need any more tax breaks!

Return to Eisenhower-era Pro$perity!   Return to Eisenhower-era Tax Rate$!!


As Resistance Mobilizes, Poll Shows ‘Overwhelming’ Hatred for Trump𝐜̶𝐚̶𝐫̶𝐞̶.


I’m glad someone else came to realize what I previously declared back on March 9:



Hope we stop using the oxymoronic “Trumpcare” one of these days.


Hey, at least they’re not going after the Jews this time (unless that Jew is a woman, or old, or poor, or has a pre-existing condition, or etc., etc., etc.). And, it’s a much cheaper final solution than building death camps. No need to use a gas chamber. People will die in excruciating pain in the “comfort” of their own homes, out of public view. Another tax savings realized! The republican party – another lesson from history.


Me, too. It should be called “Dumpcare”.


People don’t like to pay for other people’s healthcare.”

When I served in the Vietnam war, I received free healthcare. So, were other people paying for my healthcare? No, for I was sacrificing my time and possibly my life in service to all taxpayers, thereby creating a relationship where not only was I paying for my own healthcare, but by my sacrifice also paying for all the essentials of life for everyone in USA.

Wealth is the property we own above what is needed to have a comfortable life.

Wealth is property that rightfully belongs to the one billion humans now suffering hunger.

Wealth, if you own it, then you have the blood guilt for every aborted baby that belonged to an impoverished mother.

Greed is in direct proportion to wealth, for the greater your wealth the greater your pride and the greater your desire to compete for wealth.

Greater your wealth, the greater a killer you are as the more willing you must be to kill anyone who may harm your wealth.

Greater your wealth, the greater a war-hawk must you be when it comes to destroying any nation that may harm your wealth.

Since the beginning of civilization, the upper-half of society has always owned all the land and wealth.

In Empire USA, the rich turn the upper-half of society into slave drivers by allowing then to enslave the lower-half by poverty.

In Empire USA, only the educated upper-half of society can afford good healthcare.


Overwhelming contempt for the 99% is shown by this entire trump regime, all its players, as well as both houses of the R’Con extremist criminal Congress…I hold overwhelming hatred for the ginger pig and all his cronies…astonishing people can be so stupid and corrupt - when will America wake the love up? Beside trumps/R’Cons domestic atrocities they will soon get us into even more dangerous war…


I’m sitting here listening to Dean Obeidallah’s show on Sirius radio. He’s stated about 3 or 4 times now these people don’t care, and don’t care about the rules of the Senate or the harm they’re doing. Here’s my question for Dean and other progressives/Dems, where the “F” have you been. What, the last 30 years didn’t tell you that. I keep asking this question on twitter, Why are Dems and progressives still even remotely surprised at what these outright criminals do. The Republican party ceased to be a party in it’s entirety when Obama was elected. What Gingrich, Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 d to America is like child’s play compared to this criminal enterprise in Congress. When the freaking hell are Democrats going to understand this Mafia enterprise, known as the Republican, plays for keeps. Our people are still treating this as there are some Queensbury Rules for politics. The right has long ago thrown the rules out the window and when Dems (yeah I’m talking about you Obama) get in charge they bend over backwards trying to be bi-partisan. Obama spent over 5 years trying to appeal to this mafia enterprise. Each and every time they gave him their a-- to kiss and he kept coming back for more. These people are like real mafiosos, they only understand raw power and people who’ll kick their ass, but we have the kids who run home to mommy complaining about the big, bad mean Republicans and how they treat us instead of standing up to them and fighting back. Now don’t take this statement to say we should employ violence to defend our party and this Democracy. I’m saying our elected officials need to grow a pair and stand up to the bully and give them back what they give out. That’s the only thing they’ll understand. Every time I hear a progressive pundit or politician fain surprise at what this criminal enterprise does I lose my mind. How many times does a crook have to kick your butt and steal your money before you realize he’s only going to stop when you make him. Turning the other cheek won’t work with this corrupt bunch of people, kicking their rear ends will.


Still it’s a pity that Obcare was crafted so poorly and proved itself terrible legislation.

In 2016, Bill Clinton called it, “the craziest thing I ever saw.” I agree with him.

When Obcare didn’t include the public option it was doomed to failure. And its successor, “Dumpcare,” thanx DLT !! , is worse.


The few demodogs will vote for It. It’s a trade over who gets the blame but who get the reward from their pay masters.


It is my fondest hope that this appalling legislation will be a “jumping the shark” moment for these repulsive scum who call themselves “Republicans”. Even their name for themselves is a big fat lie. I direct particular hatred toward the lowest form of filth in the Senate - a shameless, deeply corrupt and heartless piece of shit named Mitch McConnell. This colossal asshole could give Boss Tweed some real lessons in government perversion and graft.
I can only hope that there will be real payback for this criminal Congress next year and I’m also in support of any protests against these Rethugs. They must be held accountable for such an outrageous example of a big tax giveaway for the 0.1%, the only people Trump really cares about.


Why do all the healthcare proposals ( Obamacare, Trumpcare, Idon’tcare, ) suck so bad? I’ll tell you why. None of them address the underlying problems with the health care system. They can’t , because the lobbyist are too powerful…lobbyist that favor Democrats, lobbyists that favor Republicans. Same toxic mix, just different flavors of stews… :confused:


Resist these Fuck-Wad Elites who want to strip Human Rights from 23 million of it’s most needy citizens of this soon-to-be-third world country! SHAME on any of you trolls who voted for this party and this CLOWN Cabinet. Again… as I have done so often before… I want to apologize to the global community for my country having elected this INCOMPETENT, ARROGANT, SON OF A BITCH BASTARD IDIOT of a DICK who wants to give everything to the wealthy. FUCK them all! Sorry… just a bit fed up with this regime that has hijacked our democracy. No. NO APOLOGIES! Resist!


I agree. It’s a ‘comin’…