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As Resistance Turns Attention to Congress, Republicans Now Feeling the Heat


As Resistance Turns Attention to Congress, Republicans Now Feeling the Heat

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The fierce, coast-to-coast movement to resist U.S. President Donald Trump borne out in the Women's March and widespread, impromptu airport protests has in recent days turned its attention to Congressional Republicans—and they are feeling the heat.


Effective action: destroying the old and replacing it with the new and this is what the Vulgarian is doing so why not wrest it from him?. Time for total, rolling, non cooperation starting in any major city.


If these evil corrupt people think america will not recognize a totalitarian coup, they have another think coming! There will be more millions in the streets until the workings of business as usual grinds to a stop. The GOP is now especially at risk (along with Dem co-conspirators), being central to and complicit to the trump regime's totalitarian and un-American actions, repressions and casually chucking our nation into the dust bin serving the 1%!

Real anger and opposition will continue to build as each ox is gored and every aspect of what we ostensibly stand-for destroyed by the neo-fascist cabal of casual destruction, self-interest, greed, arrogance and madness - the trumpenfuhrer is the figurehead, but his supporters and appointee cronies will be seen as part of the coup with - hopefully - predictable consequences as more and more people wake-up to become the tsunami of opposition and resistance.........too bad such recognition and action didn't begin decades sooner!


“For Democrats, according to The Hill, ‘who have seen their party lose control of Congress and many state governments, the protests are a hopeful sign that Trump has awakened the opposition.’”

Republicans have 2/3 of the governorships and state legislatures in addition to the majorities they hold in Congress. These majorities were obtained through computerized election fraud, not because their positions are popular. Unless we start spreading the word about the third rail of American politics things will only get worse.

Follow election integrity activist Jonathan Simon at http://codered2014.com/. I recommend his interviews and his book “Code Red: Computerized Election Theft and the New American Century” (2016 edition).

“The Nation's Joshua Holland on Monday published a list of what he described as ‘the most interesting or promising’ of the new grassroots resistance groups to spring forward since the election.”

I have no respect for Holland, The Nation or Raw Story. He wrote four hit pieces in these publications attempting to claim that exit polls don’t matter and trying to delegitimize the information put forth by Richard Charnin, Lee Camp, and Tim Robbins on exit poll discrepancies that favored Clinton in the primary and cheated Sanders.


Sustained and increasing resistance is our only chance at this point. Pelosi took impeachment off the table, seems she doesn't think he's done anything impeachable yet, Norman Soloman and others think she's wrong. So until the establishment Democrats wake up (ya, right) we are on our own.
This coup needs to be resisted loud and clear continuously. God bless these people and their courage. The Dems should take a lesson from the people.


Pelosi must Resign. If she doesn't have the balls to begin Impeachment proceedings, she must resign.

Here is the phone number for Nancy Pelosi. Call her and demand that she resign if she can't see how Donald Trump is wiping his ass with the Constitution. 202-225-4965


Why do we depend on politicians when we know we can't depend on them?

Online Direct Democracy


What's a Revolution without a leader? The Return of William Kenney/Born to the Revolution!

I will fight again, for Freedom!


And what has changed?


I have never seen the future more out of focus than it appears right now, which causes me to stop in my tracks and think very critically about what I see unfolding. The resistance should think long and hard before jumping into bed with the Democratic Party, especially with its long history of co-opting people's movements. Resisting is the right and obvious move, but what's the strategy that will deliver us from this hell? With that in mind, I posted this comment on Solomon's recent column, a person with a great deal of integrity, but with whom I think I may disagree over impeachment.

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

  • [Donald] Trump runs for and is elected President of the US to build his brand and use the power of the presidency to make great deals that enrich his personally held corporation's bottom line. He achieves his goal of nomination through showmanship and populist one-liners to the complete horror of the GOP leadership and the elite cabal of powerbrokers and corporate CEOs, who bankroll the Party with outrageous sums of money and corporate-written legislation.

  • No problem. Trump is easily manipulated by his own childish temperament, and more interested in his own business than the country's business. The Cabal gets behind him and starts inserting their players. Best of all, Trump's best friend is Steve Bannon, a lifetime fascist, wing-nut, loose cannon. It serves the cabal for Bannon to go nuts, while Trump happily signs Executive Orders, reinventing history along the way: "Tweet, tweet, twit, twit, twit," so he can just get back to his business, and let Bannon take care of things.

  • Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows is Mike Pence, a man so much more dangerous than Trump. Pence is presidential material; he appears totally acceptable. The cabal protects him and keeps him above the fray. Every now and then Pence utters something that sounds reasonable, but otherwise goes unnoticed.

  • Bannon through Trump will continue to dismantle hard won democratic, social, economic, and environmental protections. The people will continue to resist, and will begin to solidify into a movement with real human based demands. It is at this point, about one year from now when the midterms elections really start rolling, that the cabal will instruct the GOP to impeach Trump. They install their golden boy and gray-haired closeted fascist into the presidency. They look great--like saviors--right before Election Day 2018, and Congress remains in control of the GOP. Pence runs as an incumbent in the 2020 election and wins.

We the People are seriously in the weeds, and need to consider if impeaching Trump is in our best interests. Considering that numerous reasons existed to impeach both Obama and Bush, a precedent has been set that includes political reasons for enforcing or not enforcing the law. Pence cannot assume the presidency, or four years will likely turn into 12, and most certainly the end of the American experiment in democracy, [and the human race on Earth.]

(Two minor edits were made in this version, encased in brackets.)

Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar

I think it is time to begin impeachment/ or recall petitions by the citizens of each state on their elected officials in Congress.


They will be ignored, but maybe there's something to get out of the effort? Meanwhile, the horrible neolib Obama administration had halted this for further review:


Populist Trump, who was better on "trade," met with execs and it's back on track. Just like populist Trunp met with execs from Bayer who want to buy Monsanto. He's going to be way better on "trade."


He mail box is full. I'll bet it is. Will try later, thanks. And you are absolutely correct. He doesn't care whether it's constitutional or not, he has to be stopped.


I appreciate your views but I disagree. If Trump is impeached Pence would be walking a fine line and the Republicans as well.
That said, I think Trump will come apart or do something too ridiculous to look away from. I think it was Maxine Waters that said he is impeaching himself.
It is true Obama and Bush did impeachable offenses but they didn't push a fascist agenda or hire people like Bannon intent on the total destruction of the government. Not a pass but a distinction.


"The hope is that the protests will further drive a wedge between Trump and Republican lawmakers, amid fresh...". I hope so. Im rather certain Trump will send national guard. Guess we will have to wait and see.