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As Retail Giants Enjoy Soaring Profits, Workers Demand Hazard Pay Amid Soaring Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/retail-giants-enjoy-soaring-profits-workers-demand-hazard-pay-amid-soaring-pandemic

This is right time when essential workers need to exert their power and strike until their demands are met.


That would’ve been last February/ March, before hundreds-of-thousands of unnecessary deaths, horrid chronic organ damage, bankruptcies, evictions, indenture from uncovered: ER, ICU, PhARMA, diagnostics, life-flight, out-of-network surprise billing, mortuary expenses (since they’d been fed into our FIRE Sector, privaty equity medical system, catfood slaughterhouse) and being 3/4 Black, Hispanic, immigrants, poor and 1099; it was only covered by WSWS, ProPublica, InTheseTimes, KHN and a bunch of Twitter accounts and streamed video. State and local government, UNIONS, and complicit media assisting Trump. Soon, terrified strikers will be called evil rioting Rooski anarchist terrorists, looting & sowing divisiveness? But, we CHEERED out our windows! ANY "power"we’d ever had was taken from us, with our W4, union jobs, where co-worker bargaining units were OUR choice, political hacks were OUR representative & we could go somewhere else BETTER to work? Well… some of us could, 40yrs ago? If you buy from Amazon, WalMart… any national chain…

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ZzzZzz… crickets! CommonDreams folks simply do not CARE! Go watch our new Cabinet, yunz hippys voted in!

Status Quo and returning to "normal’ are not sustainable and they have failed miserably.

It’s time to move to a Post-Capitalism economy/society


I boycott Amazon on principle and have for years. I’ve never shopped at a Walmart, again on principle. Spending is in many respects “voting”. Voting to support businesses.

I support businesses that truly take care of their employees in every respect including financial. I have and do ask what they are being paid. Take nothing for granted.

I suggest that you also should inquire from management about how these employees are being compensated and treated especially if you support a business with your “dollar vote”.

If the employees are truly essential, they deserve nothing less.



Still not nearly as bad as what the trump administration served up for us in cabinet and other appointments.
It is sad though. that that progressives are already being marginalized.

It’s fucking GANDALF!

At first I did not shop at Walmart. The lady that worked with that had a husband making as much or more than she couldn’t see the point in boycotting foreign subsidy labor.
But after seeing, in just a few years, all other box stores get their products produced in China and Pakistan as well, what’s the point any longer.
It became a bridge to nowhere like our third party votes.

Didn’t want to be presumptuous.
You’re the first to comment on that in three years… I assumed EVERYBODY got drift.
Pretty harsh attempted correction I’d say.
Have a nice fucking day.

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Until we transition to a post-capitalist world we must insist the rescindment of all tax cuts to the rich.

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