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As Rivers Run Black in Peru, Indigenous Tribes Left Cleaning Big Oil's Disaster


As Rivers Run Black in Peru, Indigenous Tribes Left Cleaning Big Oil's Disaster

Nika Knight, staff writer

A disastrous spate of oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon have gone from bad to worse in recent days, leaving Indigenous tribes frantically trying to clean up the mess left by the nation's state-owned oil company.

The catastrophic ruptures in Petroperu's Northern Peruvian Pipeline occurred on January 25th and February 3rd and have threatened the water supply of nearly 10,000 indigenous people, says Amazon Watch.


How many "small" environmental disaters happen everyday around the Earth?


These images of the destruction/pollution and attempts to "clean" it are heartrending! There is no safe pipeline! Whether for oil or gas these delivery systems are disasters waiting to happen.

As usual it is Mother Earth and her poor who are most often the immediate victims, but all of us are eventually. The Amazon, arguably the most critical biosphere on the planet is being systematically destroyed in one way or another and those that profit from the pollution and do the poisoning, despoiling, exploiting, never it seems pay the price.......


More than we will ever know- And that is from one in the know....
These bastards own the media and that tree falling in the forest never makes A sound because of this-


Take action in support at Amazonwatch.org!


Just who actually owns "Petroperu Oil Company" of Peru? This article claims it to be "State owned" ?
In 1996 "Petroperu was "Privatized" after A "Govenment Monopoly" on Exploration, Production and commercialization of Oil and Natuaral Gas was "Lifted"-
The State owned Company "Petroperu was indeed "Privatized" and transformed into "Perupetro S.A".- (A limited company)....

From the book:Fossil Fuels, Oil Companies, and Indigenous Peoples
Tobias Haller, Annja Blöchlinger, Markus John, Esther Marthaler, Sabine Ziegler (Eds.)



the children are poisoned in Michigan
the widows lie in the crush of bombs in Homs

as silent gas spews into the mountain air
the babies are born wrong in Brazil

and all the gun ratatatatatatat
in the mall and school, blood runs rivers

around the news that we will drown
if we cannot stop

and yet we cannot stop
the faceless rich prick and the dowager of the drones

as the kitchens are ripped from our grasps
and the lights blind the little ones

and the rarest creatures in the deep world of the seas
must come up for air and explode in our trash

monsters we have never seen rise and die
while we oil the beaches of our dreams

and the little atolls sink in the storm
and we poison the seeds we have saved to eat…

As rivers run black in Peru
and the sacred eye of the jaguar and the ibis

floods with rot and plastic
where will we run?

who will stop the plagues of our gluttony?
I am left standing in the sludge

of the lake of this world
swimming in its sea of stars

and no one will be left to tell this story
not even you, CEO, father of all this vile madness:

a river runs black in you.


Bravo Bob Vance!


It's a good poem.................and perhaps more of us should put our outrage, and despair, and knowledge into poems and flood all medias with a deluge of grief. Because many of us still care....and can imagine a different kind of earth.............but yes.........those given a voice, the pundits who speak on our tv screens and radios...still for the most part talk as if power politics, weapons in space, and the competition between China and the U.S...for some kind of military supremacy, is the real world.

These blackened rivers are the real world. Your poem of nightmare and rising catastrophe is the real world.



More than heartrending, those people who waded into the oil (those tyvek suits and those ridiculous paper masks do nothing) are probably at this point already quite ill and will suffer health effects, including neurological and organ damage and cancer for the rest of their shortened lives! Was any training given? This is a massive crime. International intervention is needed immediately.


It's always the poor that pay for the wealth and greed of the rich, in this case it is also the innocent, who will pay with their health and lives as you say. The crime is egregious but likely no one responsible will ever pay for it in any way........


Recent research showed that at least one oil spill on the North Peruvian Oil Pipeline was caused by sabotage (a cut with a metal saw at km 20). The pipeline is more then 830 km long, crosses the Andes and goes through complicated terrain with lots of landslides and has an operational age of 40 years. There is insider information that such sabotage cases are not rare and might be used to obtain cash from the Oil Companies operating for example in the Pastaza oil fields. The Oil companies should mention such cases to the authorities. Another idea is to let this bad quality crude in the soil and go only for gas- which can be better used by the people with a much lesser impact on the environment. North East Peru is full of gas and oil reserves, but this oil has high sulphur content and should not be touched. There are also accidents in the Gas pipelines from Camiséa, but those ar not so severe like the crude spills we could see now. Building pipelines across the Andes is a technical quest as we all know that the Andes still are LIFTING UP every year- apart of the many earthquakes in this region. If the pipeline builders do not include expansion tracks or special joints and security valves, video surveillance, a cell phone Hotline where people can call and report pipeline damages, accidents will be on schedule every year.


PERUVIANS are doing all they can to preserve their nation, while the U.S. & E.U. OIL COMPANIES are doing all THEY CAN to destroy it.
What we have in PERU is a SPANISH-SPEAKING SYRIA evolving...


The internet tells me that Petroperu indeed is a state(Peru)-owned oil company. It is responsible for transporting, refining and selling refined products.

The internet tells me that Perupetro = "PERUPETRO S.A. is the State
Company, on behalf of the Peruvian State responsible for promoting,
negotiating, underwriting and monitoring contracts for ... " & "Perupetro contracts oil and
gas companies to work in Peru. To date, 72% of the Peruvian Amazon has
been opened up to companies. Some of these regions are ..."

Two separate state-owned companies, and the first one, state-owned since 1969, owns the pipelines that spilled.

For those of us who can't find the book, what do you mean by " "Privatized" ", with quote marks around the word?


I left you A reference to the book and that is what the book said-"PRIVATIZED"
Again- From the book: "Fossil Fuels, Oil Companies, and Indigenous Peoples"
Tobias Haller, Annja Blöchlinger, Markus John, Esther Marthaler, Sabine Ziegler (Eds.)

If you are mentally challenged finding the book on the "Internet" I will see if I can provide the link to the book for you-
I am putting stock in this books authors and have no idea what your sources are- I have been fooled before, but all I read indicated that PERUPETRO was privatized under the President Alberto Fujimori-
The book also may be dated because I know much of Peru's resources have been Re-Nationalized....


Finding the book is easy enough. Finding the paragraph in there where it gives the history and meaning to your claim that Perupetro S.A. was "privatized" is not so easy. Typically footnote citations provide the page number.

The Google turn-ups of 'Perupetro' plainly say that Perupetro is a state company, and/but that it is involved in licensing private companies to drill in oil regions in Peru. (Those would be in the Amazon basin.) So its role as the nexus between private oil companies and Peru's government might be what is confusing you and us.
-- And that is a side issue to the article. The article is about pipeline breaks in pipelines owned by the no-dispute it is state owned Petroperu.


I'll get back to you and provide the page- I have been busy, busy, busy-
I had A knee jerk reaction when I saw the way in which the situation down there was being handled- I was an Oil Field whistleblower at Prudhoe Bay AK. so I do have my prejudices...
It just looked like another private-for profit at all cost situation in the way in which those indigenous people were being sent to their doom without proper training and PPE- Totally unacceptable, not to mntion the poisoning of their back and front yard....
But, Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Negoni 7 (sp.) were lynched by the Nigerian Government with Shell Oil's approval and support- and I live in the state where A certain Governor named Rick Snyder poisoned an entire city to save and make money on water supply-
I don't know- I may be wrong here and I apologize for the confusion IF I am wrong-
It seems to be A rhetorical and confusing dilemma, but again, I will try and find the page (that I could not copy) and send it your way- I don't need any dents in my credibility!
Peace- Stuart