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As Roger Ailes Circles the Drain at Fox, Is GOP Facing 'Great Unraveling'?


As Roger Ailes Circles the Drain at Fox, Is GOP Facing 'Great Unraveling'?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Media mogul Roger Ailes may be out the door at Fox News, the media company he started 20 years ago, after anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment—charges that were followed by similar accusations from several women who had interacted with Ailes since the 1960s.


Nightmares are born of this.

The Kochs know a bargain when they see it and probably don't want Murdoch's sons dampening the Fox gumbo. Fox poison probably ain't going anywhere. Expect it to get worse.


Hello Nadia Prupis and everyone, About Fox news being a :top-rated cable news network" only if you consider 50 million shit eating flies to be their equal. Fox is not a news anything. They went into court and declared themselves an entertainment network during a lawsuit. They were thrown out of Canada for impersonating a news organization!


Ailes and Trump were cut from the same cloth: misogyny, mogul-mania, racism, narcissism, and sociopathy in spades. Their ignorance, bravado and bombast are repugnant.


Excellent point -- now Bubba can have his very on not-news station!


Hello EnemyofWar, R Party members have no morals. That puts them on par with C Party members. The only thing that they share is their "MEMBERS"!!!


"Circles the drain" That is the best image of Ailes that I have ever read.