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As Rosselló Resigns, Renewed Protests Demand 'Real and Radical Change' Instead of Continued Austerity and Corruption

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/03/rossello-resigns-renewed-protests-demand-real-and-radical-change-instead-continued


Good. Do not accept second best. (Or second worst.)


The People of Puerto Rico have the organization and energy NOW to effect real change - you have proven that - if you don’t strike and continue your just demands now, you may lose the opportunity for real comprehensive change in some future! Don’t be fooled again! Stay the course while everyone is focused!


This is all very encouraging, but unless Puerto Ricans repudiate the debt or force bondholders to bear a major haircut, then whoever else might be put in the governor’s seat will be compelled to follow a vicious austerity program.


Poder al pueblo de Puerto Rico !


It’s too late.
Puerto Rico was officially sold to the oligarchy two days after the hurricane. No amount of protesting, short of chopping off the heads of the oligarchy and their “leadership class” toadies, is going to change the fact that PR is soon to be a private island. A giant feudal estate catering to the whims of the wealthy. Those who don’t serve will be offered a severance package and that includes a raft, an oar, 1 bottle of water and a roll of paper towels.


Puerto Rico will alwyas be treated as second class citizens by the U.S. Federal government. Therefore Puerto Rico must take a two pronged approach to achieve social equity and justice. First of all Puerto Rico must hold a referendum to secede from the U.S. This will be especially easy now during the Trump Administration as Trump despises “people of color”, particularly Puerto Ricans. The second stage of Puerto Rico’s recovery would be an “open bid” for more developed countries to incorporate Puerto Rico into their confederation. Countries that value Puerto Rico for it’s rich history, its climate and its vibrant culture, could make bids asking Puerto Rico to join their union. For example, Spain could bid for Puerto Rico to join them as a new province in exchange for rebuilding the island with government funds, giving Puerto Ricans all of the benefits that Spanish citizens enjoy such as higher wages, free college education, free healthcare and a massive social safety net, something the U.S. is unwilling to provide even for its citizens on the mainland.
Puerto Rico would immediately become a hot tourist spot for Europeans and the country would adopt the Euro as its official currency. The old naval base and artillery range could be leased out to European investors as the island quickly transitioned from being an American, third world colony, to becoming a powerful member of the EU ushering in a higher standard of living than their current landlords in D.C. without the usual pain former colonies must suffer from when breaking away from oppressive regimes.
Of course Spain may not be the ideal partner and Puerto Ricans could choose Sweden, Canada or Germany if they felt that any of those countries offered a better deal. In any case, Puerto Ricans could rejoice in discarding the yoke of U.S. Imperialism once and for all and start an era of mutual respect for their people and their new partnership with a vibrant social democracy that won’t cater to powerful corporate interests at the expense of everyone else.

So is this laying the groundwork across states here in Amerika? It should be and we need to fight and end the corruption and monopolies including big media, banksters, corporate raiders and thiefs. Not all corporations are like that but the military industrial complex is full of them so is big agr, fossil fuels, prison industry just to name a few.

You go Puerto Rico, it is time for house cleaning/


Could easily apply to trump and the mainland.
“Real and radical change instead of continued austerity and corruption.”


Sorry jujudahl, I hadn’t read your post ahead of time. We are both thinking about the big picture.

Like other protests escalating around the world, Puerto Rico’s are not due to a lack of “leadership” as commonly believed, but to the inherently anti-democratic practice of having a leader. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_law_of_oligarchy

This solves that problem:


Burn down the Governor’s mansion until the people of Puerto Rico receive real representation.

As seems typical on this forum, background isn’t provided.

Under normal circumstances when the Governor resigns the Secy. of State becomes governor; no Senate vote needed. This is not normal circumstances.

Earlier the Secy. of State had been forced out, over some scandal. So the job was vacant. Before resigning Gov. Rosselló had appointed Pedro Pierluisi as the new Secy. of State, hence the need for a Senate vote to confirm him as Secy. of State, following which he becomes governor.

If the Senate does not confirm Pierluisi as Secy. of State, then the next person in line is the Secy. of Justice, Wanda Vasquez. She has said that she doesn’t want the job, and people are speculating whether she will resign rather than take it.

After Sra. Vasquez is [I forget the job or her name], who is age 31 and ineligible for the job. Fourth in line is the Secy. of Labor. So who will become the next Gov. of Puerto Rico?

As for austerity, Puerto Rico went into debt, and then defaulted, so they are going to get austerity regardless. It is just a matter of how they want to take it. If they succeed in repudiating their debt, not working out a settlement with their creditors, then Puerto Rico will be barred from borrowing from Wall Street or from London’s City, from the “big bankers”. And the conditions that China might attach to any loan could make austerity look painless in comparison. Or Puerto Rico could be stuck with whatever resources, taxing etc., they can raise at home, without borrowing from abroad.

‘And the conditions that China might attach to any loan could make austerity look painless in comparison.’ Really?

With China you get modern port facilities, heavy duty highways, railroads including high speed rail (it is hard to foreclose on infrastructure) and they don’t threaten to bomb your country.

With American/Western Austerity Aid you get capital vultures and eternal debt slavery and nothing to show for the ‘pain’. See Argentinian and Greece among many.

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Just curious… Do you see Puerto Rico repaying, or being able to repay, Chinese loans, or not?

Our Brothers and Sisters of Puerto Rico must join the United States and acquire the all important leverage of power:

It is time for Statehood, which will earn them the respect they deserve and the Power to demand Respect.

"trump despises “people of color”, particularly Puerto Ricans.
Has me in hysterics. Just as funny as the Chicago folkes of mexican heritage think.
milk white skin
red hair
blue eyes

yup, that is a person of color to despise mr. el trumpo.

Meanwhile, Illinois bonds are in really bad territory. Credit card interest rates for state and city of CHI too. Plenty of peoples of color on the city and county payroll. All kinds of colors.

I already answered the question. China invests in and loans money for infrastructure. They are not likely to starve your kids or take your pension if they take over a modernized sea port …business and benefit will continue. Again, see Argentina, Greece and throw in Venezuela if Trump regime gets their way.

Which is what they’re trying to sell us here with the lesser of two evils -Blue no matter who

Ain’t no mountain high enough, Ain’t no bus low enough.