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As Rule 41 Quietly Passes, Trump to Inherit Expanded Hacking Powers


As Rule 41 Quietly Passes, Trump to Inherit Expanded Hacking Powers

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Changes to a rule that expand government hacking powers quietly went into effect at midnight on Thursday, after senators failed to halt their implementation.


We need therapeutic hallucinogens to combat depression and anxiety in the Age of Trump:



It is hard to miss the often mentioned work of Obama, to lay the ground work for total information awareness. What he has done with Bush's already unconstitutional changes to our government, and then his own, is appearing more and more to be a concerted effort to undermine democracy.
Now he's pushing for a smooth transition instead of checks on the fairness of our elections.
It is sad to say but he's no better than Trump when it comes to fears of a fascist government. He is a sham and a stooge for the corporations trying endlessly to take over the government. His TPP was treasonous and as a constitutional scholar he knows exactly what he's doing and no one is holding a gun to his head, he's doing what he wants to do. It is no wonder the Dems lost the election.


Thanks Obama ..


Its the trample squash two-step. The dance floor discarded for all terrain private vehicle small enough to come in through the bathroom window. And if that fails it just goes binary and up the wires.
Well the slaughtering has been exported for decades now and as the rest of the world catches on to the bizarre paranoid looks in the eyes of those ordering the invading, whooppie! those of us they claim to protect now get to look directly into the insane visages. I don't think offers of valium will make permanent improvements but community coherence, alliances, local investment in integrity ... always a good thing.


Seems the Senators are emboldened by the Clintons raking in $156 million in pay to play scheme and the Donald thinking Hillary has suffered enough.


Of course with this hacking capacity comes the ability to plant incriminating files and leave no footprint.


How much longer before they can lift the covers from our beds as we sleep?


Hopefully he'll just be happy to sneak peeks at America's porn stash. I shudder to think what Clinton would've done with this information.

Let's face it, though. We're sucking at rolling back the police state. And this election didn't move that project forward one inch.


Only 3 lawmakers are upset out of 100 senators, wow. Imagine your looking at some old copies of "Green Anarchy", or John Zerzan's "Future Primitive" online, etc. How long will it be till the Storm Troopers are banging on your door and hauling you away to a Corporation Gulag Detention Center to be lost in the abyss of incarceration world, charged with consumption of subversive terrorist material in violation of the state. Never to receive a trial, never to see your loved ones again!


"...earlier this year a committee known as the Judicial Conference quietly approved the changes that expanded federal hacking capabilities."

What loathsome creatures so many attorneys are, including Obama. (I apologize to those of you that truly try to do good in the world.)

And, while we're thinking of loathsome creatures, where was the media before this was "quietly" passed?


The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

  • William Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2


Knowing how thinned skinned Trump is he will probably start demanding seizures of every internet user who even says anything remotely negative about him.


Senators Daines, Republican from Montana, and Coons, Democrat from Delaware, were the other two who supported Wyden.


And what makes you think you are living in a democracy? One could say that most electors live in a democracy briefly every 4 years. Now even that is suspect!!


hope he has his calendar cleared for the next 3 decades then...:slight_smile:


Well, in whatever level of Hell that Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebbels, Eichmann and others are roasting, I am sure they are smiling and cheering at what is going on in the Fourth Reich today.
* Hitler's wet dream nearly achieved.


Considering that he is going to be giving all his responsibilities to his Repub team from hell I am sure he will have plenty of time to waste.


Yes, we are being spied upon; but, we all want to protect capitalism, right? You know, FREEDOM! So whatz the problem? The capitalist class must guard against workers going around and organizing themselves. Spying protects capitalist power, the source of FREEDOM, right?? Let's bomb a different country for FREEDOM. Let's jail some workers for FREEDOM. Yay amerika, the most imprisoned nation on earth.


Even if this line was in praise of lawyers, in the context of the dialogue, it is funny because people have and have had an understanding of the manipulative behavior of lawyers and many wouldn't mind seeing fewer of them.