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As Russian Maria Butina Arrested for Trying to Infiltrate NRA, Trump's Treasury Dept. Makes It Easier for "Dark Money" Groups to Hide Secret Donors


As Russian Maria Butina Arrested for Trying to Infiltrate NRA, Trump's Treasury Dept. Makes It Easier for "Dark Money" Groups to Hide Secret Donors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As President Donald Trump's "embarrassing spectacle" of a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin exacerbated concerns about foreign interference in U.S. elections—and Russian national Maria Butina was charged with conspiracy to act as a Russian agent for trying to infiltrate right-wing American political groups including the NRA—the U.S. Treasury on Monday revealed that it will no longer require certain nonprofits, including "dark money" groups, to disclose donors on their tax returns.


Mnuchin just doing the job he was selected to do, like the rest of Don’s “Cabinet.”
But no problem; just another 2-1/2 years to go.


At least we are sticking it to the neolibs!


Totally! There is no logical critique of neoliberals that hold up to an ounce of scrutiny. They’ve done a smashing job. Take your heads of out of Das Capital leftists! On to fighting fascists with the very policies and leaders that create the context that the fascists have grown in! Resist!


“Rule of Law” doesn’t seem to be working in this country.

Wrong is right, and the “Right” is wrong.


Yes. The fascists are a reaction to the capitalist neoliberals [a conjecture without a lot of evidence] so the fascists are kind-of our ally against the neoliberals, so we must not ever say anything bad about the fascists. In particular, we on the left must always roundly condemn our would be anarchist anti-fascist allies who do prefer to confront the fascists, and instead, therapist-like, try to understand why those poor down-trodden white people feel so aggrieved!

And also, as they also often say or imply around here:

The US is imperialist and inhumane

Putin and Assad are anti-US*

Therefore, Putin and Assad are anti-imperialists and humanitarians**

What a glorious false syllogism this is!

  • Actually they aren’t - it’s a fake narrative, but it does not make the syllogism valid)

** unlike those evil CIA/ISIL-run White Helmets


It’s not exactly clear why Maria Butina is in this piece at all, other than trying to create another truly weak piece of baiting anything/anyone “Russian.” It is too bad there aren’t many “progressive” journalists around that infiltrate the NRA and other fascist groups; but that would require getting away from the computer into the real world and actually taking risks to get a story. That kind of journalism is so old fashioned.


How does one infiltrate a group that is open to anyone willing to pay a monthly fee?


Please show specific citations of posters here who assert that “Putin and Assad are anti-imperialists and humanitarians.”

You are the one putting the “fake” in this thread to derail it.


Are you trying to say utterly ridiculous things?

“The US is imperialist and inhumane”

Sorry, are you saying that the US’s foreign policy isn’t imperialist? What the fuck? You go read Killing Hope by William Blum, and that book just covers the CIA, cuts off in the mid-90’s. Doesn’t cover the Iraq War, Yugoslavia, the NED, the Pentagon, military profiteers, our economic reliance on war, among other things.

“Putin and Assad are anti-US”

More pro-Putin and pro-Assad than anything, but if we want to be generous, they are nationalists. In the case of Russia, if you want to use your brain and know some history, they have reason to fear the West. That’s being objective though. Not your thing it seems.

You are responding to me, and I never said any such thing, nor has anyone on the fucking left. What a stupid thing to say.

Who in the hell argues this? The left is on the front lines fighting the fascists. You know, I wish you just responded to what leftists are actually saying and doing, as opposed to just making bullshit up and arguing against what you yourself made up. How could anyone deny anyway that neoliberalism hasn’t contributed to the growth of the far right and anger against the system?

So, instead of trying to use your brain and understanding the complexity as to why people become more open to far right ideas, and instead of acknowledging the data as to the plight of the white working class, the opioid crisis, and the fact that the system has not just ignored them, but often made their plight worse, we should ignore that, ignore the fact that the largest drop in voting in places like Wisconsin was in black communities, and just blame everything on racism. Your argument seems to be to not think with any complexity, to ignore data, the context that exists in the country economically and politically, and to not hold those that have had actual power for decades responsible for the impact of their policies. Instead of books on how Nazism rose in Germany, which would include things like losing WWI, the reparations, hyperinflation, the beating back of the left and the German revolution, the support given by German capitalists to the fascists, we should just do a Yunzer and chalk the whole complex situation up to the inherent anti-Semitism of the German public back then.


When is Mueller or congress or anybody in law enforcement going to do anything? Anything at all. 12 Russians indicted, like that’s going to do anything. Where are the indictments for trump? Or have we reached the point where there is no going back, where honesty, democracy, transparency, and human rights are totally disregarded?


OK, maybe not humanitarian. Leftists don’t seem to care too much about humanitarianism anymore anyway, unless the USA or Israel can be implicated in a particular inhuman action. Look at how they ignore the crimes against humanity by Assad, the Burmese, Russia, now Ortega in Nicaragua.

But certainly Putin and Assad are characterized as “anti-imperialist”, and anti-Zionist too.


You are a horrible liar, or just plain ignorant. Who, in our system, opposes war and imperialism more than the left? Who the hell says that the left doesn’t care about humanitarianism? The people leading the charge against Russia are the fucking liberal hawks. You align yourself with liberal hawks and pretend that you care about humanitarianism? The left looks at what the damn hawks have done to Syria (not Assad, people inhabit the country other than Assad, you aware?), Libya, Iraq, and they point out that we the US have made things worse. Making things worse harms people, and water is wet. You want to argue otherwise? You think you are a fucking saint because you have turned yourself into a mindless puppet of war hawks? Saddam was a horrible person, but he was someone that the US supported, gave bio weapons, helped him to gas Iranians, protected him at the UN, and increased funding to Saddam after some of his worse attacks. The left, back when it argued against the Iraq War, wasn’t arguing in favor of Saddam, you dolt, they were arguing against the war, its likely impact, and the motivations for the war. We were proven correct. You cannot take part in these conversations without just lying and making things up.


The most depraved of ideologies
that plundered precious diamonds from a cloudless sky
racing like out-of-control wildfire
across the land, across the globe
leaving in its path nothing but scorched earth
and tear-filled pools
where future children drown in numbing apathy.
Adulteration is the new catharsis
that validates Orwellian prophecy
where war is peace
and freedom is slavery
and ignorance is strength.
A ray of hope courageously still hiding in the pandamonium
But - will it be enough ?


We need a total ban on fracking now. No more half-measures! We also need peace with the fossil fuel oligarch and his friends in Russia that murderously repress opposition and supports our anti-renewable energy president who badmouths democratic allies.

You aren’t a real progressive Yunz. Get with the program. If the California Democratic Party Executive Board—total bottom-up outsider organization—did when it got behind the “people’s choice” who came in a distant second in the state primary, you can too.

We are progressives here. Consistency is what we do.


Nah, Dark Money Donors like the Kochs and Adelson have always been there. What we dont know are the hundreds of others from all over the world that contribute to these murderering Thugs. We will never know. Those who say Get the $$ out of Politics are lying! Impossible!


I think you and Yunzer are competing as far as who can say the stupidest thing and who can put the least amount of effort into trying to understand what others are saying. And Yunzer should be proud, cause this is your thing, and he is really good at it. Now, when the US was trying to start a war in Iraq KC, and that wonderful neoliberal Hillary Clinton was going along with it, did you do this same bullshit? Did you align yourselves with hawks, liberal hawks so no worries, and say that those that opposed the war were actually supporting Saddam? Did you attack those opposed to the war, and claim that you were the ones with the higher moral ground? Yes, you probably did that, it isn’t likely that you devolved into what you are. I am sure that you really engaged the left then in their critiques against the war and didn’t in any way attach them to Saddam. If I am opposed to a war with Iran, and if I was pushing against attacks from the right in regards to Iran, would that mean I supported the Iranian government? Please, explain this brilliant logic of yours to the small minds here.

I would be more shocked if you tried to actually engage people to your left with some thought, if you actually put effort into thinking about what people are saying, than I would be if you actually supported someone on the left. You could support someone on the left for strategic reasons, but actually engaging the ideas of the left in a thoughtful way, that’s not your thing at all.


KC supports whatever her party supports. When Obama dropped 26,000 bombs on seven countries in one year, she waved pom poms. She believes what’s good for Israel is good for the US.

Yunzer wants Islamist extremists to rule Syria. He favors Sharia law. He supports Saudi Arabia.


Reading Joan is like listening to a brittle nun with a ruler in her hand ready to smack you for not following her authority exactly as she wants.

She isn’t really saying anything of interest, but you sure don’t want to cross her.

Or whack!


How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Well, turns out there are people in the world who are VERY into real estate. Russia wants Eastern Europe. Trumps wants hotels in Eastern Europe.

The Republican Party has already bought shares.

Watch what happens next. The next big scandal, even bigger than kids in cages, will be the invasion of Eastern Europe while Trump plays golf and Fox News waves flags and bibles.

It’s inevitable. Eight billion people are going to step on each other’s toes.