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As Ryan Dodges Constituents (on Horseback), Voters Demand to Be Heard


As Ryan Dodges Constituents (on Horseback), Voters Demand to Be Heard

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Constituents have for weeks been complaining of difficulty reaching House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) by phone, so on Wednesday a national advocacy group brought their messages right to the congressman's doorstep—"the old-fashioned way."

He'll get them when he returns from a fundraising jaunt in Texas, presumably.


The masses are finally stirring, and this chump should be peacefully hounded wherever he goes and often.


Don't let Trump's immigration stunts and efforts to impeach him distract us from the highest priority issues...keeping Eddie Munster, Mike Pence and the Turtle from enacting the agenda that really matters to the GOP...more blank checks for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC), more tax cuts for the 1% and their corporations, and gutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other "domestic programs". These are the issues where the GOP and their corporate owners get the big returns on investment.

Yes, Trump's immigration stunts are devastating, but are not something Trump or the GOP care about...they are just daily raw meat rations the GOP base needs to stay engaged. The GOP keeps immigration, unregulated guns/ammo and abortion front and center solely to appease the single issue voters the GOP needs to stay in power.

Despite his receiving bipartisan accolades during the past decade, Munster remains one of the most dangerous men in DC and needs to be dogged and have a bright light shining on him every step of the way.


This is spot on. One of the things that makes him so dangerous is that he comes off as so nice and agreeable and reasonable, all while he's twisting the knife in your back.


If I were running Sunday's Forward Kenosha meeting at UAW local 72 I would bring in Texas BBQ, tell attendees to wear cowboy hats and invite the media in to the meeting. Perhaps a couple of longhorn steers in the parking lot would be a nice touch.


Hook 'Em Horns!


When Ryan makes his first move on Medicare, there needs to be a national "Geezer's march to Janesville." Bring the message to his home of the pain he'll bring to so many at their homes. The Hypocrite got social security while growing up after his father died. Now he want to cut it for everyone else.


Interesting article I just happened to see:

Sanders loyalists taking over Democrat Party one county office at a time

In Washington, Democrats are grappling with what it means to be a minority party in the age of Donald Trump. In the rest of the country, populist followers of senator Bernie Sanders are mounting a sustained effort to answer the question from the bottom up.


Why do Republicans hate the poor and middle classes so much?


.....and women, the elderly, LGBT, blacks........because they SUCK.


How Paul Ryan and people like him that barely pass for a human being get elected and reelected into US congress? This man is straight from hell he is evil and totally lacks compassion.


Here in Georgia, we have Senator Johnny Isakson, who will only consent to telephone town hall meetings. What a coward.