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As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'

As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign is rapidly gaining momentum early in the primary fight, and corporate Democrats are reportedly starting to get nervous.


At least the cat is out of the bag and the Democratic “leadership” has finally taken off its progressive mask to reveal that they are really Reagan Republicans for gay marriage. It also shows that most who vote for Democrats feel very comfortable supporting endless war, the profiteering off the misfortunes and illnesses of others, and imperialism in its most blatant form.

Privatize everything, profit from everything, and damn the poor; they don’t contribute to my campaign fund anyway.


That’s why Pelosi thinks she and her support group are mainstream democrats.


Stupid is as stupid does. Don’t these people realize that an attack on Bernie is just going to make him even more appealing? I suspect even some repubs, who are just fed up with the rump, are going to say, ‘wow, the establishment really hates Bernie, he’s my man!’


I do not believe it! The corporate, democratic, elite are so corrupt that they know Bernie has no chance in 2020.

…better stated as ‘fear and loathing OF the rich,’ not by the rich! I wish we had American billionaires as generous as those French billionaires helping to pay for the reconstruction of Notre Dame. But, this America …ain’t gonna happen.


Brock is one of the most vile people in our politics, which says a lot. He is up there with Trump and Ted Cruz.

"Brock, a former Republican “media hitman”

Yeah, he used to be a horrible person that was paid by really rich right wingers to be the point man on the attacks against Anita Hill. He then had an awakening, which was probably coming to terms with how much the right hated gay men, and became the person that rich “liberals” wanted to be the point person on their attacks against the right and the left. His entire career was him sliming others, and he has grown very rich in the process. Now, the real work he does is against the left, the actual left. 45,000 Americans will be dead this time next year because of this healthcare system. Brock doesn’t care, neither do his large donors. If they did, they would do more than say empty words, they would support people and demand that they provide actual solutions. The ACA was not that, and no one he or his donors supports will do that. They don’t care enough to come up with an actual plan, and they are opposed to the radical changes needed to deal with the environmental crisis.

If the Democratic Party was a party worth supporting, they would have long ago distanced themselves from him and people like Neera Tanden. But, those rotten people still have lots of power in that party. Bill Black wrote a great book on control fraud in the financial sector called The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. Well, the best way to rob a party is to own one. Brock and his corrupt band of loser consultants, think tank hacks, lobbyists and corrupt politicians own the Democratic Party. Anyone trying to take control of their piggy bank poses an existential threat.

Bernie is going to targeted by people like him because he wants us to be more humane and to have the things other developed countries have. Countries with single payer healthcare systems don’t let their people die by the tens of thousands every year because of healthcare costs, they don’t have massive bankruptcies, they don’t have job lock, they have more efficient systems. Brock will be paid by people to make sure Americans never have that.

Again, if the Democratic Party had any integrity, it would distance itself from horrible people like Brock. Brock himself can fuck off and he can keep his apology to Bernie and his supporters. He never meant it, and it is the supporters of Sanders Brock smears ultimately, not him, since if Bernie was gone the things he wants to implement would still be there and would still be wanted by those now supporting him. I am fully convinced that people like him are sociopaths. Non-violent sociopaths (their violence is system violence, like letting thousands die because they lack healthcare), but sociopaths none the less.


Look who the Dems get their advice from. David Brock , Morning Joe, George Will, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, ect …ect, Hilary was a Goldwater Girl, Obama called himself a moderate Repug, offered up the Grand Bargain, and Pelosi calls herself a progressive and hillary said she was a “Progressive that got things done”, Bernie these people will never support you, Burn the Dumpster ,run third party.
P.S. Bernie you had better give us your stance on Assange now , the silence is too telling .


Could not agree more on Brock. He one of he most vile beings on this Earth.


A good example of, the Evil that men do, will be apparent within the year when the Democratic Party Establishment screws Bernie.

For the second time.

Will the D party give us Trump again?

If they do, will Democratic Party voters finally accept responsibility?


And now we know why Mayor Pete has magically rocketed up in the polls. The corporate dems realize the electorate is on to their game. Biden and the other ‘centrists’ are just more Obama and Clinton. But look over there at that fresh face! Pete’s young, smart and witty… and he’s even gay!

Very disheartening to see just how many deep-pocketed forces are aligned against the majority of U.S. citizens.

“The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity - much less dissent.”

  • Gore Vidal

Bernie outfoxed Fox on the Town Hall. Just watching him be himself, knowledgeable, caring, calling the hosts when they became political instead of sticking to the questions and answers being given, and giving a damn about the people of this country and in fact the world, after all this, the damn dems better keep their hands off the screw button this time around. There are so many more of us signed up with Bernie and they know it and his agenda is the agenda of a true revolution for the good of us all. Let your representatives in DC know how you feel NOW!


David Brock and other corporate shills who ignore Bernie Sanders and his movement will do so at the Democratic Party and our country’s peril.


Absolutely no surprise here. A series of high-level strategy meetings including top Dem strategists, funders, and the leaders of the House and Senate party caucuses, working hard to come up with a plan to… defeat Bernie Sanders.

THAT is their top priority. NOT defeating Donald Trump.


Where are our favorite Dem apologists to explain to us how this is all nothing to see here, standard political process, best interests of the USA and the people at heart, etc. etc. etc.?


Why don’t you believe it Shanti?
I’m sure they would rather Bernie lose by the numbers, than have to pull out their new rule and bump him out with it. You don’t see anything about this rule in/on MSM, so I’m thinking they would prefer the public not know about it.

This is what drives me bat shit crazy with Sanders, why would you run under a party that is actively trying to defeat you?

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Yup, losing with a progressive or wining with a republican-lite, that’s the only way the corp. cash keeps flowing.

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Welcome aboard Sally. Unfortunately corporate cash is more important than our country to the DNC.


" Butta’s gig " is to pull young women away from Bernie and, to a certain extent, from Sen. Warren.
HRC employed this same smear with " Bernie Bros " and the sexual harassment innuendo about the managers of local campaigns in 2016. These people are lower than a snake’s butt and some of them are very possibly war criminals, as well. Once you go down that path, literally anything is conceivable. Especially, when the MSM has your back covered.
I’m beginning to worry Sen. Sanders will be the victim of some illegal gambit cooked up by D. Brock. He looks harmless enough but he’s a natural born killer, imo. Ted Bundy comes to mind when I see him.


Once again, as someone else has said, the Democrats are going to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory”. Bernie would be president right now and trump would be a silly footnote, but no, the Dems. had to push Hillary.
The fact that so many true progressives have won seats–(and will next election)–should send a clear message to the old guard that they need to get on board that train, not try and derail it. It is very clear that many, many Americans support these people and their ideas, and it is up to Pelosi et al., to change their direction toward some more equitable and feasible policies than what they’re offering, if not we’ll end up with either more trump or some other Repulsivecan as president and more slow descent into ecological and economic Hell.