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As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'

David Brock would fit well in Donnie’s cabinet with the rest of trump’s asshats. Obviously, he does not believe in democracy.


I’m not so sure… take another look at that hair!

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An open message to the Democratic Party Establishment:

Watch Bernie OWNING the FOX moderators in the FOX Townhall you didn’t want him to participate in! By the end of the Townhall, Bernie had the FOX audience chanting for #Medicare4All, the #FightFor15, and for making corporations and the very wealthy pay “their fair share of taxes!”

Imagine how completely Bernie would destroy Trump in the debates!

If you truly want to defeat Trump in 2020, Bernie Sanders is your clear and obvious choice!!

Let’s see if you are smart enough to make it.

If you don’t, and you try to cram another corporatist down our throats, it will be proof-positive that you would rather LOSE with a Corporatist than WIN with a Progressive.

The whole world is watching!


"… political operative David Brock has discussed launching “an anti-Sanders campaign” with other Democratic strategists and “believes it should commence ‘sooner rather than later.’”

Corporate Democrats should be nervous, and their association with Brock is rather disgraceful. A former right-wing Republican cannot become a Democrat; however, he can become an opportunist which is what he has become.

Bernie has consistently believed and voted for his ideas all his life, regardless of what’s popular any given year. That’s called integrity. We know what he stands for, and we know that he will fight for a new set of policies. Bernie’s enthusiastic followers demonstrate that the programs of the past are fading fast because they have not solved America’s problems. The neoliberals have had their chance to govern, and they have failed.

If the DNC Democrats in power succeed in nominating a neoliberal again, many progressives will respond by either boycotting the election or vote for a third party candidate. And that results in a Trump victory.

The split among Democrats displays the failure of the two-party system. In a parliamentary system, we progressives would not need to compromise with centrists. We would have our own party promoting our ideas of single-payer health care, first rate education for everyone, campaign finance reform, decent minimum wage, and fair taxes for everyone.

No decent Democrat should undermine the most supported candidate in the coming primary elections.


The Dimwits are scared shitless and damn well should be. He is a true Leader and is the Only candidate of worth. He does more good in one day than all of the others combined. As he travels across the country busting his ass telling people the truth at the age of 77, some say he’s too old? Bernie is out for blood this time and there is no one to stop him. He’s our only chance to shut down the crooked system. Anything Bad they say about him only gives him more publicity. Time to choose … and the choice is easy! Go Bernie!


Why do we need a foreign government to upset our elections when we have our own in house Dems working against popular candidates!


They really do hate the idea of the people rising up and taking control of THEIR government. The time has come.


They think money can buy anything. Well, maybe not and the american people can show them that we value principles and integrity.

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Why indeed would Bernie run again with a political party that took his “surging” campaign where he was filling stadiums and that same political party chose to back a candidate whose campaign was floundering and unable to get 2000 people to show up to hear her speak?

Why indeed.


Well, it’s been pointed out to me by someone I trust ( he’s a police sketch artist working part-time nights at The Psychic Hotline ) that comparing D. Brock to Ted Bundy was a reach. He thought Near A. Tantrum of CAP could be a kissing cousin of D. Brock, though. So, there’s that, too.
Besides, Brock " is a uniter, not a divider " and that counts for something these days in politics. So, I’ll just stick with natural born killer and possible war criminal. Centrism is important.
Now, can CD please remove whatever that image is in the corner of my prior comment. It upsets my cat El Kabong ( Quick Draw McGraw’s alter ego ) something fierce. He’d really appreciate the kindly jesture.

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Damn good question! Are going to hear this again? " We have to back Biden because we cannot afford Trump a second term!"


I would argue to leave it up for just a while longer. Somewhere there’s a ‘Hamilton’ cast member frantically searching through his costume closet who might also read Common Dreams.

Or were you referring to the duck?

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Without my reading glasses I thought it was an eyeball. Thanks, but I was raised to believe it’s all about the Benjamins in politics, not the Hamiltons.

If Bernie is stamped out by the democratic machine, forget the “get out the vote” campaign in future elections. The young folks that the dems need likely just won’t vote at all. At that point the game is over for any progressive improvements to this nation.
It will continue to be one sucking sound after another.

PS Only the super rich are willing to give back to society. The less rich will continue to creep up the ladder until enough is enough.


It’s more proper to say that the corporate titans are only now just starting to realize that Bernie has the tiniest chance of possibly narrowly winning through.

The mainstream media have been under strict orders to treat Bernie as dead to them. In one 2016 study, Donald Trump got 80 minutes of news coverage, Hillary got 20 minutes and Bernie got a whopping 30 seconds! That’s all!

So, Bernie is now getting vastly less attention than anybody else in the 2020 race. This means that the corporate titans never see any news about Bernie whatsoever, so there’s nothing to fear.

However, a few mainstream Democratic operatives aren’t quite so sure. Bernie has an army and nobody else has that. Bernie has all the money. Bernie has vast crowds. Nah. It’ll never happen.


We should admit that Clinton’s case was unique. She had first lady experience, a previous national health care push, made ripples in the woman’s work force, and to add to that impressive resume’, positions of New York state and the Secretary of State.
The country just could not deny her her shot at breaking the glass ceiling.
Her and us were victims of the situation we found ourselves in.
That’s the way I see it, therefor I see it as a waste of time riding her since she is null and void politically at this point.

“We’re capitalists, that’s just the way it is.” – “New Democrat” and sellout Nancy Pelosi.
I’m sure this 78 year old unrepentant establishment DINO is grinding her teeth at the prospects of Sanders and his supporters like AOC. The last thing that Pelosi wants is to alienate all of those fat cats in their donor base. She and hacks like Feinstein and Hoyer maintain that they are the only ones who know how to bring about change in this rotten system. I maintain that they are part of the reason it is so rotten.


Another question is: Are you willing to waste your vote again?

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Hmmm, as New York senator she accomplished little and I regarded her run for that office as a calculated move to position herself for the White House. As Secy. of State she was a prime mover in U.S. imperialism and she helped with the plot to overthrow the democratically-elected government in Honduras which, today, is one of the most dangerous countries in Central America. Let’s not forget the 3 speeches to Goldman Sachs which netted her $675,000. Someone asked her about what seemed like an exorbitant fee for so little time and she answered - “That’s what they offered me.”
Her positions during the campaign changed so much that I used to call her “Weathervane Hillary”. I hope she is finished politically as I will never trust her.
Screw the rotten operatives at the DNC (like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile (who is now working for Fox “News”) and the M$M for assuring that Sanders was under reported and outmaneuvered. If he had been nominated by the Demos he would be president now and the U.S. wouldn’t be o\in this increasingly appalling decline with the Trumpenfuhrer.


Now were are getting back to bashing. My post was denouncing further angst about that. I didn’t say I approved of any of her performances. She simply was in a unique position that few others had been in.
I suppose even lingering hope had something to do with her success, beyond the manipulations on the Sanders campaign.