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As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'

I say over and over again - it isn’t ever worth berating people how they vote. If they want to vote for third party, that is their decision and they aren’t going to view it as wasting a vote. If you want to berate anybody, I’m fine with berating anyone who advocates for not voting at all - that is an absolutely pointless strategy.

As we are both in the “inside” strategy, I think it is much more effective to go after the people that don’t vote (about 40% of eligible voters). If we can get even 10% of them (4% of eligible voters), that would make a huge difference. The Green vote is around 0.5 - 1.5% of eligible voters, Nader in 2000 was the peak)

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I agree, people have the right to vote for whomever they think is the best choice for them.
And I wasn’t berating anyone, I don’t do that on this site or any other. At least that is my intent. Free speech, including voting.


“She was in a unique position…” Yes, she was and what did she do with that? My larger point is that she and her ilk represent the corruption of the Democratic party from a true opposition party up into the 80s to what it has turned into as a result of the formation of the DLC (which the Clintons were part of) and the ever-rightward turning DNC. During Bill’s second disgraceful term (and I’m not talking about “MonicaGate”) I gave up being a registered Democrat. I now vote my conscience and no longer follow the party line of "always vote for the person with a “D” after their name. “Fool me once…”


Calling a vote wasted is pretty much berating.

Maybe you should focus on the d-party strategy of marginalizing the left of their shrinking base.

That strategy isn’t helping them win votes.


All voters of conscience are going to end having to vote the way you are, eventually, if things don’t change. We just can’t be bothered with those that might question a Bernie voter that wasn’t there for him previously. They would be wrong of course, if we believe in a free voting system. We usually get to pick our poison, rather than purity.

I was simply asking if it is the logical move. Peace brother.

And, I didn’t see much of a dem strategy to date.

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Has never risen in the polls once she declares her candidacy for any office.
Was saddled with “liar” as the number one word associated with her.

But, hey, she owned the DNC and it was HER turn.

And no matter what, the left has been, still is, and will be blamed for the D-party’s losses.

The logical move is win over voters. Crazy, huh?


I’m sorry to say that nowhere in your response was the mention of the masses realizing that the corporate parties will never be anything but corporate parties, and that the masses must look for an alternative, such as a third party.

There is one that exists, however, I fear 95 to 97% of those who will vote in the next election will find some lame reason or another to exclude them as a possibility.

The addiction to the demise of our Democracy, and the rise of a ruling, authoritarian class that plays us against each other, is at hand.

The majority find alignment with either the Republicans or the Democrats exciting and fulfilling, otherwise, they’d swear them off like a bad case of gonorrhea, never to revisit their sad, lying asses, again. Like me.

"People, Planet, and Peace Before Profit."


Hillary sure is a toxic topic. I maybe should have left that hot potato(no E) alone.

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The fact that the Corporate Democrats are fearful and slandering Bernie means Progressives are Winning.

The Voters will Prevail and the Dems coveting their Bribes must be Primaried and thrown to the Wolves.


I’ll respect anyone’s vote. I do wonder how, let’s say Stein voters, would feel if Trump wins by a slim margin.

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Well, amen to that.

Consider the topic of this article and a 2016 redux.

The Hillary wing of the party still mostly controls it.

Like he did against Hillary?

Ever watch, "Hillary: the Movie?"

It’s nearly 90 minutes but you get the gist of it very quickly.

She fought to keep it from being released.

It’ll make you sorry you pulled the lever for her.

Or not, maybe.

It’s on “YouTube.”


During an interview BO was asked who is favorite President was he said Reagan

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THe Fix is already in. 19 candidates. None will win on the first ballot which releases the Super delegates on us, and democracy.


We lost the country to the right-wing in 2000. How long and hard do 70-80-and 90 year olds want to press on?I for one am done with voting if it doesn’t go democrat this go around. It isn’t worth the grief of voting for the lesser.

I guess Lincoln, Teddy ,and Eisenhower were too Liberal

The field will be winnowed to 3-5 candidates by te convention, possibly less.

But their will be ample anti-Bernie corruption on display.