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As Sanders 2020 Campaign Gains Steam, Corporate Democrats Reportedly 'Growing Increasingly Nervous'


Talk about slime.



You’re right -
No honesty among thieves – one King of the Hill

But with FDR’s New Deal everyone thrived, everyone’s life was enriched.

And there was even recognition from the Roosevelts that it wasn’t everyone;
AA’s didn’t get the same deal as whites because, for one, domestic work
wasn’t included in Social Security. Guess a lot of other reasons I’m not
familiar with.

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Correct, J. Dore has a vid about it. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, Carlson goes all out defending Assange and calling out other journalists to do so. Between this and inviting Sanders on for his Town Hall Meeting (even if they were trying to debunk him), I’m wondering what’s going on at Fox



Maybe the extreme corporatist Dems are a little uneasy, but they are essentially Republicans, so big effing deal. The mainsteam Democrats, though? Nothing to worry about.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, until people start remembering what actually happened.

“Bernie” is a smart man. He knew what they were doing to him. Had he spoken out about it, Clinton and the rest of the corporate Democrats would have folded their tents in shame and disgrace. Sanders would have won the nomination in a walk-off and would easily have defeated Trump. But instead, he chose to support her, and, for good measure, threw his supporters under the bus at the convention.

The question is, why didn’t he say something, when he knew that, by doing so, he would be president today…? Admit that you know the answer to that one and you’ll truly understand the core of how politics works in these here YOO-nited States of 'Merka.

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So, rich Democrats who reaped a pile of money because of the Republican tax cuts would rather lose the election to Trump than win with Bernie. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not.



I think Brock cultivates that vile image. It helps him in his employment.

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I understand Buttigieg is opposed to Medicare for All.

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I cannot stomach Hillary. I voted for Stein.

But within a few minutes of watching that piece there were a number of contradictory claims made. Anne Colter actually said Hillary was the most divisive figure in politics today, lol. Just one little example.

They also claimed Hillary was hiding the fact of how liberal she actually was, lol. I’ve got news for them, it isn’t her liberalness that concerns us. What policy is she liberal about anyway? Sure isn’t warfare or military spending. Sure isn’t healthcare.



Saw an article somewhere yesterday that some GOP Congressman was calling for a stop of the attacks on AOC for this very reason. Of course I highly doubt his party will listen to him.

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The New York Times reported Tuesday that political operative David Brock has discussed launching “an anti-Sanders campaign” with other Democratic strategists and “believes it should commence 'sooner rather than later.”

What does he mean ***“begin”***? This POS has been smearing Sanders for, what, six years now? These people are your enemy. You don’t have to worry about Republicans or Trumpites. These Brockheads will do everything in their power to keep the actual “Left” from achieving power. They would rather see Trump re-elected than to see Bernie Sanders (or any actual Progressive) become President - figure that the eff out! And what happened to all the “unity” BS? You know, the DNC and their ilk saying no Democrat should attack another Democrat? If you didn’t figure it out 4 years ago, let me fill you in - that only works one way: the Establishment must never be questioned, but the Left can always be attacked. Brock was the Republican smear merchant against Anita Hill and then he switched to another corrupt corporate organization in the Clintons. He is still the same vile, disgusting liar he always was.



Please explain how you select the quote like this. I love it.

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By targeting Hillary as “liberal” the right keeps the arguments bouncing between the right and the far-right. The strategy worked to elevate Hillary, (a right-winger) in the public eye as “liberal”.

This is the game of ping-pong the rich (media owners) have used the past 40 years. The media (nearly 100% of, by and for the rich) are good at manipulation. The best example is how the “Iraq war syndrome” caused by military use of depleted uranium, was shifted against inoculations by their constant refrain of “It’s not the shots”. They introduced the false flag and sheeple charged forward against shots, unaware of the manipulation and distracting from the facts.



Identity politics are usually politics of deception.

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The media marketing is geared to the top 30%* of income/wealth households in U.S.
The olde site called Firedoglake used this #* to accurately portray their role. Which are advertorials for the Corporate State, including Big Medical, Big Energy, Big MICs, et al.
Disposable income/lifestyle/conspicuous consumption is the prize they’re eyes are always trained on.



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@KC2669 Nothing to say here KC. Telling as always how you are selective about which threads to enter with your Dem leadership apologism. Keep up the great work.



Yeah, he’s so reasonable, and centrist, and “electable,” and has such a nice smile!



That’s exactly how the elites have been killing off all our labor, environmental, civil and social programs that had been gained with blood , sweat and tears of tens of thousands of dedicated conscientious Americans since the 1920’s. They have penetrated the body of social democracy and have been destroying it from within by getting by attacking government regulations, labor protections, civil and environmental protections, etc. the list goes on. These people are “operatives” who’s jobs are to blend in and destroy our movement from within.



This is the part where you insert your fantasy.

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