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As Sanders Calls for Nationwide Fracking Ban, Inslee Signs Bill to Prohibit Destructive Drilling Practice in Washington

As Sanders Calls for Nationwide Fracking Ban, Inslee Signs Bill to Prohibit Destructive Drilling Practice in Washington

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Bernie Sanders calls for a national ban on fracking due to the serious threat it poses to the climate, air quality, and water supply, Washington Governor and 2020 presidential candidate Jay Inslee won praise from environmental groups on Wednesday for signing into law a statewide ban on the destructive drilling practice.


It’s burn or Bern 2020. I know my choice!


There is talking about banning fracking and then there is actually banning fracking. Love that they are actually banning fracking in Washington, though I am not clear on the potential there. This ban though as well as several other pieces of legislation Washington has recently passed, led by Inslee demonstrates that states can take real action.

I’d love to see a national ban on the practice. In my state, there has been the threat of fracking for several years, but it has not started. Love to see that threat just taken off the table.


Good on Inslee. Sanders/Gabbard 2020 with Inslee as Interior Secretary.


Just to give you a clue what modern fracking means. George Mitchell pioneered the technology used today known as high volume slickwater horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the late 1990’s in the Barnett Shale play of North Texas, just outside Fort Worth. That technology was not perfected and used on a commercial scale until around 2005, give or take a year. Prior to around 2005, the technique the industry referred to as “hydraulic fracturing” consisted of drilling a vertical well bore, perf’ing the production casing, then injecting about 50,000 gallons of fresh water with sand or Pearlite as a proppant using about 3,000 psi to fracture the well and perform “enhanced recovery.” This was usually used to try to stimulate existing wells that were producing lower than in the past and the attempt is being made to bring them back to life.

Flash forward to today. In the Barnett Shale wells averaged about 5 MILLION gallons of fresh water plus about 50,000 gallons of toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals that include endocrine disruptors, BTEX chain chemicals and many other injected hazards in addition to those unearthed by the very process of drilling the well! Barnett wells capped around 9-10 million gallons per well for a single frac job. The Eagle Ford averaged 9 million gallons per well and ranged up to 13 million gallons per well. Some wells in Michigan required up to 35 MILLION gallons of fresh water for EACH frac job! That is water which is permanently destroyed and disposed of by deep injection to “permanently” remove it from our hydrologic cycle, and THAT cost is not even being considered at all. NOTHING living on this planet survives without the abundance of clean, fresh water!

There is NO similarity, other than name, between “hydraulic fracturing” from 1950’s until 2005, and what has taken place since Mitchell’s process has been implemented.


Curious to know what it is that you like about Gabbard. I don’t know much about her, so I have not formed an opinion.

There are some 1.7 million active oil and gas wells in the US. One well per 200 capita. Doesn’t that sound insane?


Well. We had that Bernie or bust before, and we can all follow the outcome every single day now.

Yes, it is insane. Another thing to consider is the fracking that takes place on public lands. Those operated by the forest service and BLM are supposed to be for shared by all public interests. Yes, if you’ve ever seen a landscape ravaged by fracking wells out in Utah or Wyoming, once the wells are put in, there is no opportunity to share in this land - the water has been polluted, the air is foul with toxics and methane, and the ground covered in well fixtures. There is no opportunity for the wildlife or to enjoy any of the natural beauty.

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What’s very insane is they are drilling on the San Andreas!


Well, I’m worried (I usually am, of course). I can’t help thinking that republicans could use this to attack Sanders as a crazy radical who will cause gas prices to soar beyond belief and give our money to the Saudis, Iranians, Venezuelans,… That kind of fear could sink Sanders.

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Not to mention that, where I live, the Marcellus/Utica shale fracking industry is becoming THE employer for the whole western third of Pennsylvania. I was in the lobby of a fast food joint in Waynesburg, PA last month, and half the people in the line were in Halliburton, Shlumberger, and other oil-patch coveralls - the fast food joints even have boot cleaning stations at the entrances.

And Marcellus Shale gas is ethane-rich and perfect for making plastics - so the upper Ohio River valley starting at Pittsburgh is poised to be the next fuming, stinking, petrochemical cancer alley.

And the pay for these gas-and-petrochemical-boom and jobs is very good too - and a lot of the chemical plant jobs are union too.

If we are going to stop fracking and burning oil and gas, it will have to be at the demand, not the supply end. Legislation that mandates and or rewards energy efficiency, renewable electricity, and bans single-use plastic packaging would be a far better way to curtail fracking than the totally unrealistic and politically disastrous calls to ban it.

And for now, avoid plastic crap, recycle and fight the killing of recycling, use public transit, and if you can afford it, find an alternate to natural gas for heating your home - or at least get the best HE furnace you can find

poiticscorner, please investigate TG, there’s quite a few vids and interviews with her.
She’s ex-military (Iraq war veteran) , wants to shut-down all US military bases outside of US, wants to end all wars, wants Medicare 4 All, and many other positive progressive issues.

Considering Inslee could run an intensive program dealing with climate change I would give him the VP bid and perhaps Gabbard as Sec. of State. We have a half dozen or more out of 20 candidates that would be welcome in a Sanders Administration.

Welcome SirCharles. Cogent post!

Actually, what we had before was the Democratic Party rigging an election against the person who would have beaten Trump and fought to implement the kinds of programs that a majority of Americans across the political spectrum want. Instead they tried to force on us a hated candidate who would have continued the “all of the above”, no public option, and bankers darling policies that were soundly rejected. So if you don’t want a repeat, it’s Bernie or Bust, because he is still the only candidate who will beat Trump. And they continue to try to block him.


TG sounds like what Fox, fascist, News would call an extreme, left wing, radical!

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Today on the Intercept, Glen Greenwald posted a 30 min. interview with Gabbard.
Correction to my above post: Gabbard is not ex-military, she is still in the Hawaii National Guard.https://theintercept.com/2019/05/09/watch-interview-with-democratic-congresswoman-and-2020-presidential-candidate-tulsi-gabbard

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Okay fellow progressives, Jay Inslee just proved to me, by signing this bill, that he is the real deal and is on our side. Please show your support by financially supporting his candidacy.

Mr. Inslee may not have any chance for POTUS in 2020, but if he gets millions of $ for his campaign Jay may get in the Democratic, debates and if we give him enough support he may even get a cabinet post like Secretary of Energy.


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Agreed that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a realistic chance of beating thrump but Sanders will probably need a high turnout to win.