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As Sanders Demands End to Iran Sanctions to Save Lives Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Biden Says He Needs 'More Information'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/30/sanders-demands-end-iran-sanctions-save-lives-amid-coronavirus-pandemic-biden-says


“There is no logic to these sanctions. They’re cruel and unusual punishment, full stop.”
—Sina Toossi, National Iranian American Council

These sanctions are nothing short of crimes against humanity across our globe. Sociopaths are incapable of understanding that we are ALL connected for good or ill. Allowing this crime to continue is beyond the pale. The UN needs to step in and censure all these neoliberal cretins. Time to massively defy these sanctions imposed by US American Empire.


The Iran sanctions were Trump’s doing, so this should be a clear reminder of how the Dems work:

When Republicans take control, they do whatever they can to undo any Dem policies from the previous administration. When Dems take control, they act as if GOP policy has been engraved in stone forever and it is absurd to think it should be changed.

Remember when AOC suggested getting rid of ICE? Nancy said this was preposterous and suggested we would be doomed if we did so, even though ICE didn’t exist before George W Bush, and we never needed it before that.

Think if Biden is elected he’ll hurry up to cancel Trump’s tax cuts to the wealthy from a couple years ago? Think he’ll try to reverse any destroy-the-planet actions of EPA and Dept of Interior? Think he’ll close the concentration camps (assuming that the prisoners will still be alive at that point)?


The differences between Bernie and biden are clear; one believes in the Common Good and serving life, the other the status quo and serving business as usual, including manufactured conflict between nations rather than co-operation and peace.

One represents what could be and the other what both political parties serve; corruption and service to the 1% and serfdom for the rest.
What “more information” does biden need to see the crime in “sanctions” that victimize an entire people to coerce obedience? Does he need “more information” to see why we desperately need Universal Not-For-Profit health insurance and act?

What did he need to defend Anita Hill? Biden served credit card usury, insurance industry parasites, bankers, always serving wall street not main street his entire career and its lies! joe biden is and always has been a fraud, and a huge part of the problems we face!

The difference between Bernie and biden are between Bernie’s honesty and wisdom, and biden’s entire career that served the interests of usury, conflict, racism, corrupt politics for the 1% and exploitation!

There is only one choice between the two visions of life and our future.


Joe Biden is a rapist and must drop out. #IBelieveTaraReade


As Sanders Demands End to Iran Sanctions to Save Lives Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Biden Says He Is Waiting For Orders From Wall Street.


Doggone all those donors and their lobbyists. Just like herding cats to get them to come up with a fancy schmancy new name for the dadadaDADda DA… DNCDCCC unified new and improved marketing strategy to usurp, extract, externalize costs, print more bills over the defunct dollah, get more face lifts, dye jobs, hollywood clothing designers, dag I feel as though Iḿ forgetting whole buckets of skewed scum. Oh yah, the planet and human beings and biosystems.

Now say all of the above backwards, throw salt over your left shoulder (or is it right? I forget), dance the swim and pretend you’re 007. When all of the disorders result in a tick, a stutter or worse, get privatized medical scrip for a wanna-be pharmaceutical opiate or other groveling mechanism.


Did ICE come before or after the declaration of the war on drugs? I tend to think of the two being peas in a late-stage rotting pod

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I agree with Bernie on most things, but not this. Iran is our enemy. Just because our ‘war’ with them is harming them, should we stop? Did we stop bombing German cities because it harmed civilians? If we are going to end sanctions, why not end them for everyone since all countries under sanctions are having their civilian population harmed to some extent. North Korea? Russia? As of February additional sanctioned countries include the Balkans, Belarus, Burundi, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

Since the health effects of the sanctions are known, Washington, for all intents and purposes, is waging biological warfare on Iran and Venezuela.
Biden, of course, is showing his neo-con colors. Something tells me he may not have been on board with Obama on the Iran deal considering his attitude. If he had been he wouldn’t approve of Trump’s sanctions which violate that agreement. This show he’s agrees with the sanctions.


There is definitely some infuriating truth in what you say. Of course the actual move to sanctions relief itself came under Obama (one of a small number of things he did that I liked and for which I had no criticism). The fact that Biden who was in that administration has to think about it just further cements my already rock hard opinion that he is a monster. I thought Boomberg was even worse, but I’ll never know for sure now.

Even Bernie is a bit late (unless he made statements I didn’t hear). As soon as the cases started happening in the world - that was the time to modify sanctions everywhere (of course military arms sanctions don’t have to change).

So you see a parallel between Iran and Germany? That is absolutley insane. Between us and Iran, if anything we are Germany. I hate their government and hope to live to see it toppled (half my family is from Iran). But in terms of what they’ve done to us compared to countries like Saudi Arabia, there is no comparison. And even if there was, nobody fights wars like world war II anymore - you are going to have to hang that one up as an analogy.


The USA sanctions on iraq after desert storm killed about 55,000 sunni and shia and kurds each year because Sadam used the money from Iraq oil sales for military.

Sanctions are an act of war, same as a naval blockaide. Pompeo is not going to remove USA sanctions on Iran - no matter what.

Iran has been unable to acquire medicine, spare parts for CAT scan units (eample) due to our sanctions. Banks will not even permit humanitarian aid to Iran flow through their ledgers because USA will take actions against that particular bank.

The total Iranian deaths since the 1980’s war with Iraq = over 1,800,000 dead and elderly and children are the lost souls there. As of 6/15/2017

It is a mortal sin and war crime to murder innocent peoples.
Yet, we do it and do it and do it.


Biden is a cruel and callous individual unfit to lead our nation, he lacks compassion when needed the most.


Yes David, but unfortunately Amerika is a nation of brainwashed, sheeple that believes we are the good empire!


Boy. You are a real winner. The Excited States of Paranoia does not have any right to sanction any country. It is an illegal action by a bully acting on behalf of greedy corporations.


These Iranian citizens are not Japanese soldiers hold up in a cave in WW2. They are peace loving people with families to raise. Shame on US.


En mi pais,we have a saying, :el tiene la cabeza llena de serrin," " He has a head full of sawdust."


Just sad.

… and advice from Hillary, no doubt.

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Dunno 'bout that, but I do know that U.S. sanctions prevented Iraq from importing medicine
for cancer victims of depleted uranium in U.S. munitions – and many other goods to support civilians, such as parts to rebuild bombed water systems.