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As Sanders Draws 10,000 in Wisconsin, Poll Shows Double-Digit Gain in Iowa


As Sanders Draws 10,000 in Wisconsin, Poll Shows Double-Digit Gain in Iowa

Jon Queally, staff writer

A capacity crowd of approximately 10,000 people filled a sports arena to capacity in Wisconsin on Wednesday night in order to hear the person who has called for a "political revolution" in the United States explain why he should be the next president.


To the inevitable naysayer who will charge that Bernie does not walk on water, throw your hat in the ring and see how you fare.


Some people have already tagged this as the “American Spring”.
To the surprise of the ruling class, it is beginning to look as if alot of people have awoken, not only to a serious problem with our political and economic system, but, seeing in Bernie Sanders a possibility to make some changes.
It will interesting to see if this can continue?

As we all know Hillary is an establishment candidate, who’s supports come from the very people who continue to profit most while the 90% struggle paycheck to paycheck with stagnated wages, while the cost of everything increases.

Hillary and Bill used their political success to personally enrich themselves. They don’t just represent the 1%, they are in the 1%.
It is time for people to stop looking and listening to the image projected of a candidate in touch with common people, and see the reality.These types don’t represent the common people, they represent their class at a serious cost to us, the 90%.


George McGovern Jr. for President!


I don’t think people recognize how absolutely huge the 2016 election is going to be. It is most probably the last point at which a democracy can be reclaimed from the financial/global corporate cabal. Greece’s position also suggests that there is a real worldwide acknowledgement of what is happening, and an “enough is enough” attitude. That’s what it’s going to take for at least some of the salient characteristics of real democracy to be planted again. And it sure ain’t gonna happen under Hillary, just as it sure as hell didn’t happen under Obama. I am starting to genuinely believe a Sanders nomination is within the realm of possibility. For our republic and its 99 percent denizens, I hope this is not misplaced optimism.


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Kill Sanders? That’s so 20th century… Ever heard of electronic voting machines? Things are done much more cleanly these days.


Emanuel Goldstein was more than he appeared to be–so is Bernie!


It ain’t real, folks:

STEPHANOPOULOS: So if you lose in this nomination fight, will you support the Democratic nominee?
SANDERS: Yes. I have in the past.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Not going to run as an independent?
SANDERS: No, absolutely not. I’ve been very clear about that.


It’s going to take more then a Bernie Sanders to stop this Corporate monster.


The Great Phony Mortal Sin, Sanders supporting the candidate of the Democratic Party if he loses to Hillary, or whomever–Not.

Pro forma endorsements are the coin of the realm, no one really should take them seriously, Who votes on the basis of a third party endorsement (pun intended)?

10,000 showed up to hear Bernie. Bernie is getting national coverage for issues that without his campaign would never see the light of day, and some are worried about Pro Forma endorsements!

I for one vote by using my judgment, not on some elite member of the Pogressive Clerisy’s judgment, i.e., some of the crowd over at Truthdig.


Bernie Sanders will not take Wall Street money. He can not be BOUGHT.


What other words did you make up in this comment with about 4 spelling errors? Serquine? All the early rising quarterbacks typically here to blame citizens have to tweak their own Talking Point when crowds of the disaffected, a majority, start to show up for a 3rd party (Sanders would be that, if the system weren’t itself rigged to block out any opposition to itself). I guess the Paid Troll Squad isn’t screened for grammar, composition, or even a bottom line 8th grade spelling capacity.


The movement, as Sanders keeps repeating, is what matters. If the movement gains a focus, and finds its footing in enough places around the nation, then, perhaps, the democrats and republicans and everyone else in this country who loves what the US seemed to have promised so long ago can rise together and throw out the bipartisan Wall Street Worshippers.

Alternatively, if the voting culture is as rotten as the voting machinists and anti-voting-GOP may have already made it, we can continue building the movement and transform the entire actual political culture, from the ground up, and prepare ourselves for the imperial collapse that Tom Engelhardt and others have attempted to bring to our attention for more than a decade.

There is no substitute for practising self-rule, individually and with our neighbors. Until we regain our political footing right where we live, we are all being politically dizzy.


Robert I understand where you come from, but climate change has to be packaged with the issue of jobs and the economy, standing alone, alas, it simply does not have priority appeal to those who wonder if they can pay the bills.


Katie Couric did an excellent 40-minute interview with Bernie on June 2nd, which is available on YouTube. (Can’t post the link here, which appears to be against CommonDreams’ new user rules.)

I very much agree with Bernie’s position in this interview to avoid engaging in negative attack ads. I think that’s very wise–no matter what other candidates (especially Clinton) throw his way. Simply refuse to participate in it. Tell us what your plan is–not how terrible other people behave or are.




Yep, that has definitely occurred to me. A good insurance policy would be Elizabeth Warren as VP. I absolutely do not underestimate the oligarchy’s capacity for dirty tricks, violence, and assassination. If Hillary were defeated would she support such a ticket? Not a chance. But without something truly revolutionary, I think this is the end of the Democratic party as a real entity for any type of populism. And if Hillary does win the nomination, as everybody expects except us dreamers, I vote Green Party again.


It’s 10:30 and while these days, few articles published by C.D. garner more than 10 comments, already there are 18 and the majority are spewing venom at Mr. Sanders.

Three things can be inferred from this:

  1. A tag team works together to reinforce a particular message
  2. This message ultimately works to SUSTAIN the status quo by mocking anyone–in this case Sanders–who is standing up to at least a substantial component of it
  3. By mocking the sincerity/viability of the “pro-corporate-status quo” challenger, the covert imperative (which suits Agent Provocateurs) is invoked: that of FIGHTING back and not trusting any “reforms” to the obviously tainted system.

It is NOT a coincidence, that by this early hour the following posters have all tossed their negative comments into the hat, most in mocking tone:

Logan Waters
Ando Arike (fits #3)
Prarie Dog

THIS kind of message chorus is choreographed.

Nicholas said:

“Bingo! And to think how Sanders has misled people into believing that he is a socialist. Your are either a member of the Savage Mules or you are a socialist. You cannot be both.”

The kind of RIGIDITY shown in the above comment, a comment that comes from “Nicholas” who formerly posted as Erroll and is a Holocaust denier is far more indicative of the kind of mentality suitable to Conservatives. As the poster “Ezy Flyer” posted, some time ago, there is a list of characteristics that suit Conservatives and the preference for extreme “black” or “white” categories is one of them.

Prior to elections, all the PAID trolls show up in droves. This thread is a pertinent example of how the game operates.


Climate change is a global issue and it IS a major concern to people all across the world. The impediment–as is so often propped up by this forum’s MESSAGE SHAPERS–is not The People’s lack of understanding, it’s about the absence of political will. After all, Big Energy constitutes possibly the richest entity in the world short of the Vatican’s reserves, those of the House of Windsor, and whatever the Big Banks are hiding. And that kind of $ buys political clout AND policy. Ultimately, that’s what the TPP and TIPP are all about.

Mr. Sanders HAS tied climate change to preparing the nation and thereby creating jobs. Not every position of his is going to be repeated in every article.