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As Sanders Leads in NH Poll, Senator Says Clinton Campaign's 'Getting Nervous'


As Sanders Leads in NH Poll, Senator Says Clinton Campaign's 'Getting Nervous'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


I like Bernie, a lot...but...polls are polls...it ain't over until the fat lady sings...there is still a lot of work to be done...so...send money, I did...talk to people, I do...and Vote.


"I think you can come with your own ideas and you can wave your arms and give a speech. But are you connecting with and really hearing what people are either saying to you or wishing that you would say to them?" Clinton said.

That's part of what Hillary said in the linked CNN piece. Not advice that I've ever gotten the impression that she follows.


It is just amazing to think that an independent like Bernie (who didn't accept the oligarchy money independent) can actually win election. Our country is waking up from the under the magic spell that confuses people and makes them almost afraid to stick up for things they really want from free college education and single payer and working class and middle class issues instead of voting conservative because well they thought that was what their kind of people did.

Who is paying for those two trillion dollars of Bush/Cheney's tax cuts? Our schools, our infrastructure, our jobs programs, our single payer, our solar roofs... our taxes which weren't cut... we are paying. The evil magic spell has been broken and we wake up and are realizing that it doesn't have to be that way.

It is amazing that Americans are starting to remember that real democracy and not rule by oligarchy (or oilgarchy) is their right. That we don't have to ask but can demand that our laws are applied fairly and our taxes used for everyone's benefit not just corporations and the advantage they give to oligarchs.

Go Bernie... for all of us.

Lots of us remember how it is supposed to be, still want it to be that way and still believe it is not too late to have it.

Thanks Bernie.


Bernie, bring back the Fairness Doctrine that the cowardly right wing conservatives took away. Revoke the MSM's broadcast license if they don't comply and include NPR and PBS, which are now corporate.


While it's still way too early in this thing to predict a winner, it sure seems to be following an all too familiar script, especially for Hillary. She just opened the cellar door and saw some old "Hillary 2008" posters at the bottom of the stairs, and a shiver went down her spine.
I'm not saying that Bernie will win the nomination. Quite the opposite. I believe that, just like in 2008, a late challenger, a younger more vibrant person, will step up this fall and walk away with the prize, just like Barry did back in 2008. Bernie may end up on the ticket however, as his cohilition is now large enough to effect DNC policy wonks.
The Banshee may not yet be screaming for Hillary, but she is certainly clearing her throat.


There was an opening for a bait and switch and a need to compromise with the republicans (and to make common cause with them after Bush/Cheney intransigence in the way they treated the dems). Hillary probably wasn't going to be as easily manipulated as Obama turned out to be. If nothing else I give Hillary credit for being herself and not simply a tool. Obama was willing to be 'their' boy while Hillary would play the game like always but on her terms. Obama sadly had no terms of his own and that appealed to the powers that be.

It is too late for a sudden new thrill. That is what Biden proved (a toe testing the waters for a possible new candidate) ... the die is cast and for better or worse... it will be the anti-oligarchy against the old guard status quo for the dems nomination.

Hillary came in soft and low without an 'in their face' anti-republican message. She listened to those who said for her to be more approachable, be less aggressive. Well she should have been way more aggressive. All she ended up doing was looking like more of the same old same old status quo where repubs and dems look indistinguishable. That is why she looks like she is following Bernie's lead because she is. Her campaign keeps looking uninteresting and less and less capable...less innovative. The old way just ain't good enough anymore...

... here at the end of the world.


" Despite Sanders' surging numbers his campaign is not garnering corporate media attention the way Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has."

What does the above statement tell you...folks? It tells me that the corporate media prefers a fascist, demagogue over a man of integrity!


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I'm Canadian, so I'm more likely to send money to Cruz.

It'd get him in trouble if I did that, right? smile


I'm watching Meet the Press and they just finished their segment on this news.

Joy Reid said that "white liberals" are for Sanders and "working people" are for Clinton.

Chuck Todd responded to that by saying that it's a repeat of Gary Hart with white liberals for him versus Walter Mondale with working people for him.

Obviously this exchange was meant to belittle Sanders lead in the polls, that he's just another Gary Hart who will lose to the established candidate.

But several things struck me as wrong.

  1. I'm not so sure that the people for Sanders are rich instead of working class. All my real world friends who are excited about him are working class. Are all you here who are for him actually rich cappuccino sipping limousine liberals?

  2. Gary Hart's base was what were called Yuppies- young upwardly mobile professionals. In other words they were the preppies, the suburbanites who were socially liberal but fiscally conservative. In fact the rebellion against Mondale in '84 centered on Hart was the first wave of the New Democrats, who eventually became the DLC under Clinton and Hillary. Sanders' base is not the same base as what Hart tapped into. Am I correct on this?

[[[[[-I am not paid to post. Hillary Clinton is horrible.-]]]]]]


To digress ever so slightly away from president Bernie, this election also selects congressmen and senators, no?

Are there any progressive representations for congress? I'd love a president Bernie scenario, but in a democracy he needs to work with Congress. He's not going to get very far if congress is stacked from the wall street lets-make-him-fail category.


It is no surprise that the corporate owned and controlled media doesn't want the voters to see Bernie Sanders. The last thing Corporations want is someone who represents working people. The media is so hard up for someone who represents the rich and privileged that they are promoting supper jerk Donald Trump. I think the D&R party has decided to allow Trump to run to ensure that Hillary will be elected. They may all be surprised when the voters decide to elect Bernie Sanders.


Obama did not enter the race at the last moment, he announced his candidacy in February 2007. I don't see anyone on the horizon. Bernie's appeal has nothing to do with his physical makeup, it's his positions on the issues of the day that is attracting crowds, his crowds are not interested in the superficial.


And the fat lady is controlled by a Diebold voting machine.
George W. Bush was declared the winner twice, even though both times he lost the election.
The MIC, bankers, and MSM will ensure that their preferred candidate wins regardless of what the voters say...


Lets hope that forewarned is forearmed this time around. Bernie isn't new to elections... just the one for the presidency.


Obama came in with his eyes wide open absolutely willing to bend over backwards for the corporate ruling class. Republican intransigence has been welcomed by Obama, as it has given him and other corporate Democrats cover for servicing that billionaire class. Obama has taken many direct actions for that corporate ruling elite that didn't require acts of Congress. I think there is no excuse whatsoever for his right wing actions as some form of victimization by the powerful.

Hillary Clinton is no different. She knows who she serves and is completely committed to that core constituency of wealth and power. The reason she hasn't been "aggressive" on progressive issues is that she isn't a progressive to begin with. She absolutely embodies by her actions the "old status quo" where Republicans and Democrats are indeed indistinguishable, in that realm of servicing the big corporate movers and shakers that have been steadily taking over this country for the last 40 years. Same with Bill Clinton. His actions as President – and in particular three bills that he signed into law that were sought not only by Republicans but by him and his economic team – set the course for the right wing corporate takeover of our economy, political systems, and MSM.

Hillary and Bill and all of the current power center of the Democratic Party are a direct result of the move of the DNC to the right that started with Al From's Democratic Leadership Council.

Knowing this is why I am not nearly as optimistic as you are regarding the ultimate possibility of a Bernie Sanders actually getting the nomination, nor do I still fully trust Bernie Sanders to fight for that nomination all the way to the end.

I'm on board at this point, and I wish I had reason to be more optimistic.


lol blush There must have been, because I sure fell for it. I will forever think of Obama as "chump change." Part of the reason he did the b & s so well, I think, is because I was on the alert for it from Hillary, but didn't see it coming from him. He was so eloquent, after all...

Hillary, on the other hand, is not such a gifted orator. And like you said, "All she ended up doing was looking like more of the same old same old status quo where repubs and dems look indistinguishable." I assume she likely has more integrity than her husband, but I'm not willing to find out the hard way that it's not true.

Like Robert Reich said when he could no longer stand Bill's sell-out, "There are no Democrats in Washington anymore. There is only Republican and Republican-lite."

And Bernie...


Thanks Wereflea.
I should not be so negative.
But it will be an uphill battle as Bernie is going to have to win by a substantial margin to overcome the shenanigans that are going to happen. I certainly wish him well and will be pushing for him in the primary when it comes to our state.


I agree with all that you said except the above, and I have not given up on the possibility of Bernie doing it.