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As Sanders Surges, Cable News Runs Prison Reality Show, Jesus Documentary


As Sanders Surges, Cable News Runs Prison Reality Show, Jesus Documentary

Adam Johnson

Over the past week, Bernie Sanders racked up six wins out of seven primary contests, winning 92 delegates more than his rival Hillary Clinton to chip into her pledged delegate lead.


The machine in action. Hillary is the chosen candidate. MSM following orders.

Question is: how do we fight this?


First, you can't fight religion and/or Jesus at Easter. Secondly, the fact is is that HRC will be the nominee. The only reason Sanders is in the news at all is that it keeps his followers connected to the audience base. The (honest) reality is that Bernie cannot realistically catch her. Even if he did, he'd get screwed and still not get the nomination. As for Trump, he's really news. He's upset the republican party, he's probably going to win. It's a rather big story--long term. Sadly, Bernie isn't. I wish he was doing to the democrats what Trump is doing to the republican party.

In short: there's more advertisers willing to support Jesus than Bernie. End of story.


"The revolution will not be televised..." (and, apparently, it doesn't need to be!)

The exact lyrics are dated, but the essence is the same...


How do we fight this? Have a huge rally, (link below), prepare for a battle royal with the Hillary faction at the convention in Philly, and don't let the neocons steal another election!



Thanks for the MSM media summary.

It totally ignores the same results that MSM ignored over the weekend, when CLINTON WAS SOUNDLY TROUNCED IN 3 STATES BY MORE THAN 70% IN EACH STATE.

But I'm sure it will comfort Clinton supporters, who are feeling anxious and bruised.


How MSM will cover Bernie's nomination at the Democratic convention:

Clinton's road to the White House had a bump in it today. Her opponent, a Senator from Vermont, had an unexpected number of changeover votes from delegates pledged to Clinton. While the number of delegates usually determines who will be the nominee, Clinton is hopeful that the next recount, number 32, or a possible revote, will fall in her favor.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, has announced possible cheating in the counting process she oversaw, and cited that as a reason to discard the current results and hold another convention in November, in which every registered voter would be allowed to determine if Clinton or her opponent would be the party's nominee.


Phonebank for Bernie


The Philadelphia cops are probably getting briefed by the NYC cops so they can treat Bernie's supporters the way Occupy Wall Street (OWS) participants were treated.


CNN aired the Jesus show in a nod to Cruz supporters, seeing how Clinton and Cruz are the top corporate choices.


Please return to your paid cubicle... shill! "LRX" must be on an extended lavatory break.


Johnson sez:
"The Republican primary race, which Trump has led with little or no suspense, has received A-list treatment throughout the race, despite having far less drama than the Clinton/Sanders battle."

As a drama, the Democratic primary is being staged more like a one-woman play with a disembodied voice providing counter-narration from the wings.


" How do we fight this."



You're a riot.


New media (MSM), DNC, GOP, Wall Street, etcetera are all members of the same country club and all rub shoulders over the shrimp buffet and cocktails. Okay. Not literally. I am being a bit snide. But in essence they do all head for the same self-congratulatory, mutual backslapping water trough. So same thing. Just tribal rites. Bernie is a misfit, someone with a genuine core of values and actions across the decades with public action since the very early 1960's. Similar in ways to Britain's Jeremy Corbin. A similar type of misfit. And both are finding, almost but not quite to their surprise, that "the people" are gravitating to actual values in direct opposition to all the scripted, pandering lines we've been hearing for decades.


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What a load of crap. Sorry I don't have patience for such outright distortions.

The reason that the MSM promotes outright distortions about the Sanders campaign, or simply ignores it is because Sanders as President would bring the interests of the masses to the office of the Presidency.

THAT would represent a major shift in power that the current State of Corporate Governance is determined to deny with its effective ownership of the message through MSM.

Of course you know this, but instead you are throwing in your two cents to promote those who have been winning every battle for the last 40 years and to what end exactly?


Propaganda posts like yours and Michael's inspire levity in SR.

I like it. Kind of like a fresh wind blowing away the stench you bring.


He also represents a real financial threat to them and their corporate owners, increasing their taxes and so forth. He might even make them pony up for their licensing fees, or take the profit out of elections themselves. Why not a law that requires media to DONATE a certain amount of hours to all candidates running for president?



That's what we used to have -- all tv and radio stations were required to air 'public service announcements' that weren't paid for as part of their responsibility for having a license.