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As Saudis Say Bombings of Yemeni Children Just 'Mistakes,' Growing Calls for US to Stop Fueling Atrocities


As Saudis Say Bombings of Yemeni Children Just 'Mistakes,' Growing Calls for US to Stop Fueling Atrocities

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After the U.S.-backed Saudi-led coalition issued a statement on Saturday calling its deadly bombing of a Yemeni school bus "unjustified" and claiming it was the result of mere "mistakes," human rights groups and progressive lawmakers


please please just stop, we are responsible for the bombing of too many. remember to vote, we have to get rid of the politicians who no longer care what the masses say.


Isn’t it obvious now? who the main terrorists are?


If there were any honesty in that person, he would tweet a change in the flag, perhaps removing the blue and stars and replacing it with a red one with a white circle in the middle and a black swastika in the middle of that.
*That way, the world would be informed as to the direction of the new “Corporate State of America,” and its Axis of Power. CSA, Israel and the Saudi Kingdom.
*Perhaps that would finally awaken the world, though I doubt it.


Mistake? Let me ask: How would any American re-act if their children were on a school bus that was on a field trip and was bombed! That resulted in the murders of theirs and others children with no accountability?

The mistake is that the US and Saudi Arabia will not be indicted as war criminals, assuring ( and of course I hope I am wrong) the chances are that it could happen again! .


So the Pentagon has decided to “Up the Ante” by bringing Saudi war-criminal pilots here to the U.S. of A. to train them and upgrade their murderous skills. Certainly, where and when they are being housed and trained can be ascertained, thereby making them a much more available target for those who would find traveling to Yemen or S.A. burdensome. These specifics would be most welcome and useful to those who oppose the continuing U.S./Saudi slaughter, so let’s spill it into the open. Let’s hear it - anyone?


The Flag:
Red for the oceans of innocent blood we’ve shed
White for the heroin and cocaine they brought to our city streets
…and Blue, very deep blue, for the bitterness and bottomless sorrow they left in OUR name.
Bear Dyken


Fueling Atrocities Makes The War Machine Keep Turning.


Unfortunately, not to enough… flag worshiping, unpatriotic and brainwashed Amerikans who are going to church today!


I’ll gladly fight and die before that flag is raised.


And there is undoubtedly a flag right next to the pulpit. Separation of church and state my irreverent ass.


LOL! Names and addresses we’ll never see.


When American citizens pledge allegiance to the flag they are really pledging allegiance to THAT FLAG!


What atrocities? Muslims killing Muslims with Christian death tools is a wet dream come true for our Talibangelical nation.


Americans, yes.


We’d arm the bus drivers with bombs, obviously.


…actually I blew it…should have said 'for the bitterness and bottomless sorrow and ‘anger’ they left in OUR name. If you care look up Clan Dyken on youtube, these lines were from the song “Song for a Nation”.


I will check it out…thanks.


Yes it’s lack of caring.
No one does anything wrong given their model.of the world.
A new cultural story has to be told !!
The solutions are spiritual our guiding principle must be rooted in Oneness and the understandig that life is sacred .


What nobody wants to mention is that Yemen is a major base of operations for Al-qaeda as well as other Islamo-facists groups