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As Scale of Irma Damage Overwhelms, Calls Grow for Caribbean 'Marshall Plan'


As Scale of Irma Damage Overwhelms, Calls Grow for Caribbean 'Marshall Plan'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Caribbean begins a "grim" and arduous recovery process after Hurricane Irma tore through the region—leaving many dead and entire islands nearly uninhabitable—aid organizations, and even one British billionaire, are ramping up calls for the world's wealthy nations to contribute to the rebuilding process.


Let’s get one thing straight: Puerto Rico is a colony, not a territory. Puerto Ricans report that Irma just barely glanced the island, but all the electricity was instantly knocked out because planning a decent life for subject peoples has never been on the agenda of colonial powers.


Having lived in PR for a few years while my father was stationed at the Roosevelt Roads NAS back in the day, I saw the poverty in which so many lived when we went into Ceiba and Fajardo for the fresh-baked bread and newly harvested fruit. My mother “adopted” a family to help and bought groceries, school supplies, and personal hygiene products along with collecting clothing from families on the base to give to them and their community. It was the least we could do. Running water and indoor privvys were rare in several neighborhoods. And all this while it is a “territory” of the US and, yes, PR and its people are repeatedly “colonized” and their “debt” problems’ origins circle back to the US. American imperialism is not a thing of the past…the only change is the methodology: financial coercion on a very large scale with Goldman Sachs leading that parade.


The rich and powerful (including trump mansion on St Martin) have enjoyed/used the Caribbean as playground for their pleasure and now it’s time to give-back! The desperate lives are NOT expandable!
Can ya hear me little-hands?


I’d add a reality check too. In another ‘news’ silo is the documentation of many transnational and national corporations that are wealthier than many nations. Notable is the predatory strategic absence of corporate ‘personhood’ when it comes to being a citizen with responsibilities. But the million dollar yachts sail on…


I say get tax and wage statements before writing checks. If you’re a millionaire and all these places are 2nd & 3rd homes and time shares, etc. you get what you see when you close your eyes and look up. Not a dime to the wealthy until the poor and working class are made whole. This is what needs to be done in all these so-called Marshall Plans.
Someone please marshall up the moral and political courage to say, " no more comforting the already very comfortable ".
I’m sorry, but Richard Branson has a vested interest in rebuilding these islands. Many wealthy people and Corporate businesses need to quit sheltering their taxes and start building solid shelters for the people they’ve exploited for centuries. Just lamentin’.


The Bezos plan for the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico. Or maybe a competition between Branson and Bezos - a little B & B.


I don’t know much about Branson, other than he’s a uberrich mofo who pals around with the likes of our erstwhile Dear Misleader, but I do know that any “Marshall Plan” he pimps for will only magnify the disaster that capitalism wreaks upon the most vulnerable.

Aren’t we talking Katrina in the Caribbean?


There is a problem with all of this. Number one is that THIS IS NOT GOING TO GET BETTER. The climate will only get worse with stronger hurricanes (Category 6 anyone? Or maybe a 7 at 300mph winds at beach level?) and with more and more water falling from the sky as evaporation continues to rise adding to the already 7% more water in the atmosphere we are already dealing with.

So…rebuild? On islands that are for all intents and purposes at sea level? Or rebuild structures on islands that HAVE NO NATURAL SOURCE OF FRESH WATER?

That’s…cognitive dissonance at its most extreme. The next hurricanes are due to come in next week, and the week after, and the week after that. The season isn’t over by any means unless the Atlantic is suddenly cooling off? Must have missed that in my reading of the science.

Next year’s storms will be worse. Forever in the foreseeable future. Humans are not about to let go of fossil fuels and solar panels and squiggly ligthbulbs just isn’t going to change a damned thing at this point.

My point? Time to start abandoning what is rapidly becoming untenable real estate. Harsh words yes, but the climate is going to be harsher…



Also, none, or little to none natural source of food supply, massive ocean dead zones, little to none in seafood easily accessible in many areas. No freighter ships, or air drops of food, starvation.


The first calls across the globe should be for an end to Capitalism
which is an evil - and suicidal.

Our scientists saw at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the damage that was
being done to nature – that was late 1880’s.

The social changes which are needed were well laid out in this …

1992 World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity

Scientist Statement
World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity (1992)

Some 1,700 of the world’s leading scientists, including the majority of Nobel laureates in the sciences, issued this appeal in November 1992. The World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity was written and spearheaded by the late Henry Kendall, former chair of UCS’s board of directors.


So Richard Branson is calling for public aid to clean up his private Island because that is where the billionaire evades the most taxes. NO AID FOR TAX HAVENS, zero, zip, zilch, those animals steal our social services but helping corporations cheat on taxes, let them pay the price, they deserve to pay, why help those criminals get set up again so they can steal more social services.