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As Schengen Crumbles, EU Rallies Demand #SafePassage for Refugees



It would help if the US and Russia started taking in a sizeable portion of these refugees: they are the main protaganists in the creating the mess which is present day Syria.


CORRECTION! We are the main protagonists by far, starting with Iraq and Afghanistan. Russia is trying to restore a semblance of order by supporting the legitimate government of Syria.
Assad is the last man standing of those, who have kept some order in their respective countries. Despots they were all, make no mistake, but people, who "sang their song" could live a relatively secure and prosperous life under their rule.

We ended all that in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco. All these countries ended up in chaos, after we tried to "democratize" them. We have not been successful with Assad.
Let us be clear: We really did not try to democratize anybody. Our arms industry needed business and Bush and Obama obliged by creating strive, wherever they could and sent US the bill.
And now we cannot even accept a measly 10,000 of the millions of refugees WE created. That is American exceptionalism for you!
Do not just feel ashamed of that, Do something about it! Vote for Bernie!


I would if I could, but I'm not a US citizen. I'm just hoping those that are, do.