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As Schools See Hate-Fueled Attacks Rise, Millions Demand Trump Speak Out


As Schools See Hate-Fueled Attacks Rise, Millions Demand Trump Speak Out

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Facing increased reports of hate-fueled harassment, vandalism, property destruction, and assault in the wake of Donald Trump's election last week, more than 100 faith, labor, and civil rights groups on Friday sent a letter to the president-elect, urging him to "loudly, forcefully


The HATE is rising everywhere not just schools. Trump has enabled this and it's probably just going to get worse.


Asking Trump to speak out? Trump?


And now the fun begins. Anyone read how civil wars start? This is the perfect setup, especially for martial law.


Really. My own thought. We had better conserve and direct our energy in making it very difficult for him to 'govern' or should I say, busy making private business deals?


The SA and the SS are gaining strength. Possibly the brownshirts will wind up wearing white hoods in addition to blue uniforms.
* I weep for this nation and the world it threatens.


Definitely. Ask him to speak out. Raise the expectation that he should. It puts the ball right in his court. Force him to show his hand, and let us know where he stands on racial violence.

Then if he does something to stop it, e.g. speaking out and condemning the violence, we can thank him.

If, on the other hand, if he does nothing, then he will own that violence in a way that he currently does not. We can then pin the violence directly on him.

Either way, we win if large numbers of people demand that he do something about it. If he is the racist that you think he is, then I am pretty sure he would cowardly prefer to keep his cards hidden.


These groups are acting as if Trump is a responsible person. Why would they expect him of all people to speak out? Trump is good as stirring things up not calming them down. Remember what Hillary Clinton said, Donald Trump is unfit to be president. She was not kidding. She meant it.


Hillary might have said that about Trump. No doubt she was correct. Im sure many said it about Hillary. They too would have been correct.


We are all trying to forget HRC and the corrupt bandwagon of centrist democrats led led to this debacle. Time to get rid of the professional election losers and the wafflers.


Trump speak out? Well, yes after January 20, 2017 we can expect Trump to speak out but I predict his speech will be something like this: WHAT WE NEED IS LAW AND ORDER. And of course what we all know is he means his law; and his order!


The Clinton machine promoted Trump.


He IS speaking out, by his actions, his choices for his cabinet. Even if he did make a speech, one where he even (will never happen) said all the right things, his choices and actions would bespeak him.
How many guys that beat their wives also say "but I love you?" Which do you believe, the words or the actions? Because the cowardly morons that are getting excited about acting out against minorities sure as hell are getting the message from his appointments to his cabinet.


Trump will do no more than to make an occasional VERY mild rebuke towards his base. We have a piece of crap for President. It still seems unbelievable. I farm. The majority of my neighbors voted for Trump. I'm 68 years old. I've lived here my whole life. I've always thought most of my neighbors were good, decent people. What to do when one's world is turned upside down? My wife and I worry for our grandchildren. Our grandsons have an Asian father so they are not real, white solid Americans. Our granddaughters can be sexually assaulted because some guys just can't help it, they have to grab them by the pussy. Yesterday, after years of posting on AlterNet under the same pseudonym, I was permanently banned. I guess it was cause I was a bit too ornery or maybe some Disqus employee just did not like my opinions. Anyway, it does not really matter. Free speech is over-rated, I guess. Free speech and the anti-pc crowd have given us Trump. What a strange nation we live in.


Hate and prejudice aren't on the rise. They've been there all along. They just needed a Trumpish enabler to come out from the dark.


WTF!! Drumpf HAS spoken out, loudly and forcefully. It's like asking Hitler to loudly and forcefully condemn anti-Semitism. Now to all those "good" working people who think that Drumpf will somehow get them a job, welcome to McDonald's and no minimum wage. You fucked yourselves and the rest of the world with you. I sure hope you can learn to live on $1.50 an hour and no medical care. The republicans will now begin the process of culling the herd, and if you are a working stiff who thinks you are not part of the herd, arbeit macht frei.


Inequality and social injustice lead to hate. But don't blame Obama or anything. Blame Trump who is not even President.


I see evidence of hate emanating from both the radical Trumpites and the radical Clintonites/Berniestas; and, the MSM are undoubtedly going to fan the flames.


Trump as far as I can see is leading what's called a kult of Personality.
His own followers don't really know what he stands for. The same was true
for OBAMA in 2008. These folks are all projecting their own ideas of what
think he will be and do and they could be very disappointed with the way
things turn out. OBAMA turned out in my view to be just that a terrible
disappointment. Who knows what Trump will do I don't honestly think he



is an excellent reason not to believe President-elect Donald J. Trump, even in the event that he does speak out against hatred and hate-crimes.