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As Schumer and Pelosi Offer Up $1.3 Billion, Progressives Say 'Not One Dime' Should Go to Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda


As Schumer and Pelosi Offer Up $1.3 Billion, Progressives Say 'Not One Dime' Should Go to Trump's Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Memo to humanity that not one dime should go towards funding the human rights abuses of this administration."

Still Clutching to Border Wall Demand, Trump's Reported Shutdown 'Compromise' Would Again Offer Immigrants as Bargaining Chips

If my tax dollars are supporting Trump’s wall and Mexico is supposed to pay for it, then maybe I’m really Mexican. Is that about right? Which is to say: I don’t need no stinking wall.


The first step on this budget item is cut every cent from the drug war and other subsidies to oppressive US government puppets that cause mass migration away from pain, suffering and anguish.

The second step is use that savings to fund schools, hospitals and small farms destroyed by previous US funding.

There will be a gentle decline in population in all those countries and zero motive for people to flee north away from their neighbors and friends.


Chump twit sez: “If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall.”

Riiiight. As though ‘the Military’ has any funding.

Oh, wait …


Graduates from Obama School of Negoitation


Interesting recent polling on the wall and other immigration-related matters. trump, as always, plays to his base:


As this negotiation has proceeded over the past year or so, I assumed that any “compromise” on funding for border “security” involved permanent resident status for the Dreamers. Nowhere do I see any mention of this. Am I missing something? If the Dem leadership is offering up $1.3 billion in exchange for permanent status for the Dreamers, thus putting an end to this dumpster fire, it might pass as a “hold your nose” moment. If NOT, why is anyone even discussing it?


NOT ONE FUCKIN DIME for the ginger-pig’s racist wall!!!

The DINO sellout “leadership” are too weak and corrupt to stand for principle…too beholden to big-money, too involved in the decades-old DINO “strategy” of courting the “centrist” racist crowd instead of standing -up to the racism and building a strong Progressive, Independent, Green base! Such craven cowardice, “compromise” and complicity must NOT be tolerated or contemplated in the BS name of “bi-partisanship”…what we need in leaders is non-partisanship and dedication to the Common-Good, integrity and morality…now entirely compromised by failed, corrupt, “leaders” such as schumer and pelosi! One does not compromise with evil, corruption or greed!!


Trump looks forward to meeting two of the most corrupt leaders in the Democratic Party!


Prime example of what slime we are dealing with with these 2… and the other top Dems as well. Let’s see what these new progressives have to say.


With democrats like this, who needs republicans?
Primary. Them. All.


But why wouldn’t the d-party establishment cater to the centrist interests?

During campaigns they can talk bullshit about being ‘progressive.’
Then they can shift to their tried-and-true ‘We’re not as bad as the Rs’ strategy.
They can point out that the left has nowhere else to go.
Then the left can enter the veal pen again to vote LOTE.

And voila! Centrist dreams come true again…


Dear Democrats, I am afraid to speak up, and afraid not to.

Then Tuesday, December 11, 2018 happened.

Donald Trump wanted Congress to approve 5 billion dollars for a boarder wall. What does Nancy Pelosi do, she offers him one point three billion dollars instead for boarder security. What is it the Democrats do not understand about taking control of Congress and our country and running it like a civilized world?

These are my predictions for the Democratic Party for the coming year 2019.

Body and soul I am with the new progressives that have been legitimately elected into the democratic power structures of this country. However, I feel theirs will be a trial by fire.

Under the old guards leadership, I feel it will be loathed to accept new ideas or allow these hopefuls their own voices and ideas for which this country needs to save itself. There is no time left for business as usual.
There are many pressing issues and one that comes to mind is ‘climate-damage’. This will not wait for anyone, not even a Donald Trump or even a Nancy Pelosi to hem, haw and side step what is coming. We must get our houses in order now so that the next generation has a future.

Since 1992, the Democrats have used the same old playbook of ideas. The details may differ but during the ensuing years, the party has acquiesced to notions of cooperation and that moving more to the center and as in farther to the right was a winning strategy. When you look at the studies of what the American people want, it shows that the majority of people are actually more progressive by nature.

If we out here in the hinterland do not stand up and make it our business to have the backs of these newly elected individuals then as time progresses they too will become disillusioned as they are unable to make changes to legislation and are put upon and sidetracked by their own party leaders. Thus, we will have created another generation of people who will seek the easy way out and not the right way to legislate the policies needed to correct the course of this nation. They will then go on to tell us that these programs are “not on the table”, and it is not the right time. Sound familiar? We create our own monsters because we do not hold their feet to the fire.

I do not care that one House or one Senate has this or that kind of a majority. When the people are allowed to stand up and speak their truths, others will hear the call. The truth has a ringing in the ears like no other. It vibrates the soul until conscience demands solutions and actions.

Ours is a solution where all peoples are cared for and treated as we all wish to be treated. Where people do not fear that their children will be locked up in cages, just so others can make a profit.

Where is our sense of justice? To be willfully ignorant goes against the laws of nature and that will cost us dearly. There is only right and wrong as to how you treat people. You cannot be in this world and call yourself a human being, and treat others with such contempt and neglect. As in nature, we are all interconnected and to do damage to some will mean doing damage to us all.

It is time to circle the wagons and do what is good and right in a world with little time to spare. If we are honest and sincere, others will follow.


A great US leader would be holding summits with the leaders of Central America to try to come up with plans and initiatives to improve Central American countries and to work co-operatively for the benefit of all of the peoples of the Americas. More understanding, more co-operation and less threats and bullying would go a long way to improving things. We don’t have that kind of leadership in the US any more.


They apparently need to spend some money for chairs for people waiting at the social services offices in Brooklyn, Apparently a woman had to stand for 4 hours holding her baby and when she sat down on the floor - the security came up and started harassing her and telling her she needed to leave. She refused. Then they called the cops in and they more of less brutalized the woman and her child. The government agencies in the US don’t seem to know how to treat people in general and they seem to bend over backwards for the rich and powerful while abusing the poor.


Hope you can’t believe in!


Buy, but they are the ‘lesser’ of two evils … right?


In diversity is our survival. Some crops do better in colder weather and some do better in heat. Without this diversity, there would be no food for certain times of the year. One disease devastates this one, and not the other. Nature uses diversity to push forward those things that keep civilization advancing with better and consistent possibilities for the future. It is a billion’s of years old process that has proved it’s self without any fanfare.

The same holds true for diversity in people. Each has something to add to the human condition…which is survival.


All good reasons for a mass Dem-Exit to a truly progressive “no bullshit” party, that needs money and support to become the political party that delivers us from the Evils of the Duopoly.

The Green Party awaits.


Approximate figures;

50% of voting age people boycott or are disenfranchised
25% are registered independents
11% democrats
10% republicans
4% others

The trick is to engage those who boycott and encourage those who have been disenfranchised.