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As Schumer Endorses Sanders Proposal to Slash Pentagon Budget by 10%, Other Senate Democrats Urged to Follow Suit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/schumer-endorses-sanders-proposal-slash-pentagon-budget-10-other-senate-democrats


I’m grateful to Chuck for confirming my strong impression that this 10% budget “slash” is bullshit.

For my part, I seriously doubt the figure of 10% has any validity, but even if it did – ten freaking percent? We have some serious problems to deal with in USA which have nothing to do with repelling the Chinese or Russians. Give me a break – something closer to an 80% break.

Now that our soldiers are getting a reputation for spreading COVID-19 from every overseas base (most obnoxiously, in Okinawa), we could improve foreign relations and save money at the same time by closing all those bases, closing down the Empire. Who needs it, aside from Bernie & Chuck’s contributors?


OK, you read the headline. Now here’s the key sentence in the article:

“…tweeted Schumer, who voted for every Pentagon budget increase proposed during the first three years of the Trump administration.”


Hmm, every time you turn around there is another Bernie proposal that makes sense and begins to fix America.


If they did do this it would come out of the VA budget. That’s how mean they’re.


10 percent will not even roll back the increases made by Trump and the republicans.


This is just optics nothing more.

The USA increased military spending by over 5 percent in the last budget cycle. Taking just this into consideration , this cut amounts to a little over 4 percent. That said the US Military uses smoke and mirrors to disguise much of its spending where money lavished on the Military via other means that do not show up in the Pentagon budget. This amounts to over 400 BILLION added a year. All the Pentagon needs to do is to use those other “shells” to spend the money their budget is cut by.

This is not “seeing the light”. This is working a con to get votes.


Besides our bloated defense budget, the United States leads in global arms sales at 57%; next is Russia at 9.5%. No stats on China. Something to be proud of: we lead the world in arming our “enemies,” known and unknown.


Bernie, who should by all right be our president now, continues to push for Progress. What a Mensch!


That must be a third or fourth definition of mensch, with which I’m unfamiliar.

10% ??? How about 10% annually until the military budget is at a level devoted only to defense, not 800 offshore bases devoted to protecting the empire? And does anyone seriously believe China and Russia are secretly planning to attack us? What could possibly be their motive? The fear-mongering that has created the bloated military-industrial monster has resulted in a disastrous negligence of health care, education, and a total denial of climate change.


noun a person of integrity and honor


10% is indeed a beginning point. Shutting down the Empire’s 800+ foreign military bases must be included in the same conversation.


A weak proposal, it should be at least a 50% cut, with a firm call to close 99% of our overseas bases (somewhere North of 800), and EVERY “Command” on every continent outside of N. America. We have NO right to interfere on any other continent.


Chuck ‘Wall Street’ Schumer: “LMAO at you for thinking I would actually support anything that had a snowball’s chance in hell of passing!”


A 10% cut in the Militarization Industry Budget each and every year that the DOD fails to pass an audit would work for me!


Wow, a whole 10%

How bold!!!

The American Empire’s budget of $738,000,000,000.00 ( that we know about!) is not a defense budget, it is an offensive military budget! And as most progressives know, is nothing but a scam; $$$ racket and a con. Like any business that needs a demand for it’s products, the military’s nefarious, con needs enemies to justify it’s demand for its war products. If the US did not have any enemies; they would have to invent them…AND OF COURSE…THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!



To add to the point above the true Military Budget is 1.2 trillion plus. This from the article.

WILLIAM HARTUNG Yeah. It’s a budgetary sleight of hand essentially, because in 2011, as part of the concern about the deficit, Congress put caps on the Pentagon budget. And so, they did not cap the war budget, the Overseas Contingency Operations account. So basically, what the Pentagon does is anything it can’t squeeze under the caps on its regular budget, it puts into that other account, which even Mick Mulvaney the Chief of staff of President Trump once called a “slush fund.” And so, it’s gotten completely out of hand this year where you’ve got $25 billion that’s directly for the wars out of a figure of $174 billion. Part of that includes an emergency appropriation to pay for Trump’s wall, about $9 billion. It’s basically just a way for the Pentagon to evade the caps that were put into law.

Both Schumer and Sanders are aware of how this works.

If you want to really see costs savings dismantle the Pentagon rather then slash its budget by 10 percent. This would save 1 trillion a year. The real purpose of the Pentagon is not national security. It is to ensure that the greatest share of spending in the USA flows to the 1 percent and is used to keep American Citizens in thrall to the Corporations.


Schumer acts as if he is serving in the Israeli Knesset (Parlament) for supporting Iraq war, Syria war, calling for war on Syria, war on Venezuela and war on Iran. I can trust Schumer as far as i can throw him