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As Second Accuser Comes Forward, Growing Calls for Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to Resign


As Second Accuser Comes Forward, Growing Calls for Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax to Resign

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After a second woman came forward on Friday and accused Virginia's Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault, rights groups and lawmakers described the allegations as credible and called on Fairfax to resign immediately.

In a statement released through her lawyer, Meredith Watson alleged that Fairfax raped her while they were both students at Duke University in 2000.


Democrats never should have forced out Al Franken. Now the Republican fascists know one more Achilles Heel to go after them with.


What’s really refreshing - even despite the Kavanaugh fiasco - is that more and more, these boneheads are being called out. Yeah, they all deny it, but SO refreshing to hear that these bumms don’t just get to keep up their BS.

I don’t think it’s really dawned on these bozo’s that they just can’t get away with this shit like they used to. I know I know, still a MASSIVE issue. But still it’s awesome that this stuff is coming to the fore in our massively unjust society.


Oh–been watching the Orange Clown for your denier language Mr. Fairfax?


Ralph Northam & Justin Fairfax should resign. Many Democrats are calling for them to resign. No Republicans called for any Republicans involved in sexual harassment to resign nor criticized Republicans that had extra-marital affairs. Melania Trump stayed with Donald after having extra-marital affairs & sexually harassing other women. Kirk Fordyce was the Republican Governor of Mississippi when Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Kirk & his wife were critical of Bill for having the affair & of Hillary for staying with Bill. Kirk had an extra-marital affair & his wife stayed with him.


…Kavanaugh got away with it, big time. Of course, he’s white and very 4th Reich WIng…both deserve a flaming hot wedgie…


Hi Ed, you raise an important concern. However I have a different perspective. I see racism, sexism, and favorable bias towards the wealthy, as deeply entrenched in most of those in power in the US - both Republicans and Democrats. Frankin embraced sexist bias as well as bias in favor of imperialism and anti-democratic corporate friendly economics, Fairfax embraces sexism. I don’t see much hope of progress as long as folk who embrace principles, such as these, remain in power.


The “blackface” so-called “scandal” is utterly bogus. The whole idea of calling for the ruination of the lives of elected officials, with impeccable records defending civil rights over the past 20-30 years, over past incidents that happened 36 years ago (in the Attorney General’s case, as a teenager) is utterly absurd.

So much for the liberals being for rehabilitation and reconciliation and forgiveness.

Do these liberal Democrats know what kind of self-caricature of Maoist purity they are presenting to the fascist right who are poised to take Virginia over?


Curious, in the case of the first accuser, she claims that the oral sex on Mr. Fairfax was forced. But, unless it was done with a weapon under threats of death or harm, which she does not accuse Fairfax of doing, how can a woman be forced to have oral sex?


Maybe becasue the alternative is much-much more racist and misogynist and is openly unapologetic and proud of it?


Are we insinuating that there is hypocrisy in the republican chicken coop? Say it isn’t so, say it isn’t so. Yah, it is so.


You’ve articulated a crucial difference in approach.

To summarize in a very rough manner, one approach is to push for adherence to fundamental principles and to view setting aside fundamental principles as consent to systems of oppression and stagnation of progress. Another approach is view the only practical option as opting for the ‘lesser evil’ and to view adherence to principle as de-facto support for the worse evil.


Northam and Fairfax are two very different cases, 1st of all.

Let’s take Northam. Black Face is nasty, revolting racism. If Northam resigns, then the other Dem, the AG, would have to resign. Rethuglicon ahole will be in power, kiss Virginia goodbye and possibly 2020!!!

Fairfax is a noteworthy woman-hater. He’s a sexual assaulter, no doubt about it. With all that the “Me Too” movement has brought forth for celebrities and politicians (atleast on the Dem side), ahole Fairfax MUST GO. Northam and Fairfax are two different problems. Dems can’t cut off their noses to spite our faces. We must NOT.

What I’m saying is FASCISM IS ON THE RISE. We Americans must fight Fascism tooth and nail and now. Northam stays in place, has a steep climb to prove and try to redeem himself, then he, NOT the Rethuglicons, can assign another Dem to take Fairfax’s place and Dems stay in power. Black face is obviously an on-going problem america needs to deal with, but–BUT!! Fascism will destroy our already fading democracy.

If Fascism wins, which it still can, whoever believes in Black face will only be on steroids.
Democracy will be dead.


Al Franken’s comic irony and sarcasm were invaluable taools in fighting the fascists. Now we have lost that for what? …a bunch of righteous moralists who lose presidential elections. With your values we would have never had FDR, Jefferson, Kennedy nor Johnson, and neither the New Deal, Social Security , Medicare/Medicaid, a man on the Moon, Camelot, …Hell! Since he admitted to committing adultery in his heart we wouldn’t have even had the genuine morality of Carter with your strictures. Want genuine progressive change for the masses or impotent moral purity? I’ll take the movers and shakers anyday over the righteous prudes.


Amen to that. I would add that in light of Northam’s past legislative and policy accomplishments benefitting “people of color” in his state, I’d say he already redeemed himself.


Hello Ed,

Assuming to know my values, mis-characterizing my perspective, ignoring the basis of my knowledge and the reality of my past experiences, and attacking me personally with the ad hominem “righteous prudes”, on the basis of one comment - 3 sentences - is not an effective manner of providing evidence and reasoning for the perspective you hold and reflects poorly on your practice of mature and responsible dialog.

There is a tendency, in anonymous forums such as this, for people to adopt a practice of assuming that their perspectives are flawless, that there is no room for the slightest disagreement, and that anybody who has different way of looking at things, is a complete piece of human excrement. This strategy stirs up emotion, but generally does not lead to progress. Human beings are complex. Nobody is perfect. Nobody has all the answers. Everybody can learn. Forums such as the commondreams comment section have the potential, albeit quiet small, to be used as tools to exchange ideas and learn. It only works when we are respectful of one another and when we make a serious effort to understand one another’s perspectives.


First, I am not anonymous, Second, I do not thnk because your view was contrary to mine that you are “excrement”. Thirdly, My post about the prudishness of the proper Left might have better been expressed with “politically correct” but this has become such a cliché!
If FDR hadn’t cut deals with racist Southern Democrats we would never have gotten the New Deal. Todays purists would have rejected FDR for his bargains and tolerating segregation. Gmme a break! We are currently in a fight with real, genuine fascism. The GOP is stacking the judiciary to guarantee American fascism for at least the next generation.
My frustration is evident and my apologies for being obtuse. But we lost one VERY EFFECTIVE senator because a picture of the PROFESSIONAL COMEDIAN BEFORE HE WAS A SENATOR surfaced showing him pretending to fondle a sleeping woman’s breasts. Something a professional comedian might be expected to do.


Al Franken shouldn’t have had a ‘friend’ take photos of him sexually assaulting someone.

Justin Fairfax shouldn’t have forced a woman to perform oral sex.

See how that works?


LOTE is the driving principle of Yunzer’s approach.


Yup. Looking at the allegations, which are corroborated, Fairfax needs to resign immediately.

Northam and Herring should stay - but in Northam’s case, he should issue an unequivocal apology and send a big personal donation to a civil rights organization.