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As Second Judge Rejects Census Citizenship Question, Trump's Backup Plan to Count Non-Citizens Exposed

As Second Judge Rejects Census Citizenship Question, Trump's Backup Plan to Count Non-Citizens Exposed

Julia Conley, staff writer

In the wake of the second legal defeat of President Donald Trump's plan to count all non-citizens in the 2020 census, new reporting reveals the Census Bureau has been secretly working with Homeland Security officials to develop a new method of sharing immigration status data in order to identify individuals and target communities nationwide.

Census records can’t be trusted anyway. I used to write on mine that I lived in a cardboard box while I was a student in college. How many other people falsify theirs? I’ll bet a lot.

I will be looking forward to the response offered by the head of DHS to the House committees as to WHO ordered they forward this sensitive and confidential information to the Census, and WHY they should not be prosecuted.

It has long been evident that one problem with Trumps crimes is that he can commit them at a much faster rate than one can investigate - or even enumerate - them.


This next wo years can’t pass fast enough. I hope after that time the Commander in Chief becomes the Inmate in Chief and we can finally forget the bigoted bastard ever existed.

Talk about enumerating crimes. They invent them and you are there to disperse, just more illogical nonsense. You certainly lack the talent to invent them. No lickspittle mimic does. Go indoctrinate your children. They should be as miserable as you.
… why do I waste my time … you’re dismissed, loser. That’s not an ad hominem; it’s your fate.

Watch and learn, Moss. This is how you make friends …nice to see some young folks disobey. It’ll save your ass. Stay skeptical. Don’t pay the Pell Loan back!

Trump was taken in the coup, April 14th, 2018. Just another of Empire’s useful minions, a distraction at worst.
I’ll remember that date more readily than any 4th of July, however tender or thrilling any might have been. Our various medias, and those social, intended to censor the event as it occurred. I’m sure the delighted attendees here will become aroused at the mention of killing and maiming thousands for their brand of “democracy” and their infatuating fealty.
" A new method" to obtain information, as the author deliberately fails to describe, is one of security and access, without public ordinance, but rather, under the purview of the Executive.
Once again, Judges create law from the bench to censure debate, without legal authority to do so, while the inflamed mob amuses itself reveling in fallacies of logic.
These actions hold little or no standing. In general, they reveal flaws of character. It’s of little importance other than to remind for the future.
This Republic has less than a decade left in its own.

umm. I paid off my student loans a long time ago.
Don’t know how old you think I am but I’m not fresh out of college.
Everyone always misunderstands me.

It’s not your fault. the context suggested my assumption. sorry. I’ve been studying the question this past week , also.
I refuse to fill out the questionaire.
It took me a few weeks after the first semester to declare I wouldn’t pay the school loans either.
I assumed I was in worse health than I really was. Haven’t paid a dime still .
I appreciated your answer. You avoided conflict, also. I didn’t.