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As Secret Trade Talks Reveal Cracks, Demonstrators Aim Death Blows at TPP


As Secret Trade Talks Reveal Cracks, Demonstrators Aim Death Blows at TPP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As trade ministers from around the world continued meeting in Atlanta on Thursday for final-stretch negotiations on the corporate-friendly Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), civil society groups demonstrated on the streets in a final salvo against a deal they describe as "a wholesale auction of our rights, our freedoms, and our democracy to multinational corporations who put profits over people."


Do you think share holders of predatory corporations are listening yet? Oh wait, how many of these behemoths have been been buying back share blocs, for how long? How many millionaires and billionaires have 'been made' during that time frame? Its like the clawing death grip of 'too big to fail'. That 'god' will break toxic but brief wind as it deflates - good to know that it too will pass. When is the question


Thank you for the unpleasant visuals of select fat-cats in politics and business.


The REASON this Treaty is secret is that it's an ET Treaty, held confidential by non-disclosure statutes, and the actual terms of this Treaty, which include Human-Trafficking of Earthling bodies, souls and body parts, are forbidden under National Security policies, just as the Terms of the Tau-Nine and Greada Treaties remained secret. The deal is: more human ABDUCTIONS by ETs in exchange for more high tech doodads.


Yet another example of the scum of the earth -- running the earth -- and creating even more polarization of wealth and power than already exists. What a shock ....

Meanwhile how is it that such outrageous injustices can continue to be perpetrated against the rest of humanity? Because they can! List every country/corporation that votes FOR the TPP and blacklist them internationally.


This is the first time I have heard about TPP since Ed Schultz was pushed off MSNBC. We live in a dark age.


The TPP has been classified by many of those who've gained any access to it as dangerous. Bad for citizens, bad for the nation. Period.

For those who continue to brag that AARP is advocating for those over 55, I'd like to see proof they've done so. I like to see evidence they've done NO damage to those over 55, or I'd like to see the bragging stop. I have not found their existence to be supportive of seniors. I guess we can all have our own opinions, but I just don't see it.


Isn't the "point" of this trade agreement to maintain a high U.S. corporate profile in a part of the world that's physically much closer to CHINA? This general pattern of behavior continues to cost U.S. citizens a great deal... whether it's trying to maintain trade 'hegemony' in east Asia or trying to manipulate the countries in the Middle East (where "supply lines" couldn't possibly BE any longer)... by "any means necessary".
WE are all paying for this... and 'our' corporations are fine with that. And I haven't heard about the withdrawal of the equivalent to NAFTA's "chapter 11"... whereby corporations may SUE countries if those countries have laws on their books that "threaten to reduce the POTENTIAL PROFITS of corporations" (such as environmental protection legislation, or maybe "excessive minimum wage" laws, etc).
"WE" already HAVE laws in this country that restrict "free" trade in favor of our domestic industries... and maybe that's OK-- for US. But consider the financial leverage that U.S. companies can bring to bear in OUR country. Is that what 'we' want, Everywhere else? ^..^


Excellent point.

Were this the 70s, investigative reporters would have been all over the TPP, and it would be disgraced and dead by now.

Of course, were this the 70s, the Democrats would have fought it, and it would never have become law in the first place.


Cracks? Imagine if we knew the whole deal! Anything that must be done in secret should automatically bar it from being authorized.


Emily, what is ET?


The isssue of corporate domination over local and national populations must NOT be tolerated!

"Free trade" treaties/deals and the "New World Order" 1% domination can be viewed as synonymous. TTIP, TTP, TISA and all the others that force nations, especially weaker agrarian cultures, to submit to greed-driven global corporate trade priorities must be defeated or we will all be subject to what nations around the globe are facing now - allow corporate domination, pollution and exploitation or pay thru the nose. These deals will, by law, evade national and local protective laws via a separate "corporate tribunal" that will adjudicate whenever any corporation feels it has been denied profits, regardless how detrimental or destructive or at odds with local people!


We have been sold a pig in a poke - fascism in a bag - masquerading as "free-trade deals" in fact lock-in corporate domination over free nations and their ability to control their own territories, economies and natural resources; corporations that only quest for profits at the expense of people and our common environment.

Bill Clinton signed the NAFTA "free-trade" deal scam and now Obama and his Republican/corporate/banker allies are pushing the next generation of economic slavery via the TTP and TTIP.

Live free or die.......


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The Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision would undermine U.S. sovereignty.


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Owen Jones: Cameron’s and Ukip’s backing for a treaty that lets corporations devour public services exposes their duplicity


Very Interesting: TTP --something we know is but are not allowed to know what any of it is.
Gets a "Fast Track" .And we note: The details will never hit the light.
Now it is in the hands of "The other Partners"--and by gosh, the TTP has cracks.

What cracks could WE The People have found if only we were allowed to examine this profit pusher when we wanted to--like as it was being developed.
Secret from us,but not secreted from the Corporations whose aspirations of "anticipated profits" are in the sky.

Open the door to the secrets ---Now that we know it has "CRAPS"-er cracks.


Should be TPP---in several lines---but it would not let me correct.-sorry


Oh , but that's so yesterday . Nursing the phantoms of lost liberties and all that . Don't you know that 9/11 happened ? All is justified now, because - national security .


Non Earth-resident Humans, extra-terrestrials, coming here to the US since Roswell,.


What's revealing is that We the People AND Congress are all forbidden from learning the TERMS of these Treaties.

Why? Because the Treaties are covered by National Security Non-Disclosure of Extra-Terrestrials since 1954.


Human Sovereignty is not allowed because ETs are in the picture; and they consider themselves to be superior to us mere humans.