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As Senate Vote Looms, Groups Call for Urgent Action to Stop GOP's 20-Week Abortion Ban

As Senate Vote Looms, Groups Call for Urgent Action to Stop GOP's 20-Week Abortion Ban

Julia Conley, staff writer

Reproductive rights groups denounced Senate Republicans on Monday as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell advanced a bill that would ban abortion care after 20 weeks, and called on the Senate to recognize repeated Supreme Court decisions affirming a woman's right to have an abortion.

Bob Casey will be voting for this. Any other Democrats?

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and what do you call me…i am pro choice but against waiting til 20 wks for an abortion, unless there is a problem with the baby. my son was born preemie at 7 mo

Of course, Elite-Patriarchy is obsessed with abortion as it provides the easiest way to
confine women to childbearing. If they succeed in this, we will also seen an increasing
attack on birth control and emergency contraception.

This is not simply about women’s access to abortion, it is about women’s ability to participate
in government, business and all the other affairs of the nation.

It is about the continuing War on Women run by the GOP and our male-dominated Congress.

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That is not all this does. It criminalizes reproduction. Women with a non-viable fetus are sent home until it dies. This is far more than important than you might think, There is a documentary worth seeing.

Birthright A war story.

This is such a vile way to deal with women’s healthcare. We need better care and female centered birthing centers.


fern –

What I tried to make clear in my comment is that reproductive freedom is the basis of female equality.

Without the right to control reproduction, there is no equality for females.

Women everywhere understand that threat is directly to their human rights and equal rights.

However, I did check a few articles on the legislation and the right wing propaganda supporting it.
I think Sen. Ron Wyden makes clear the gender discrimination/“War on Women” nature of it …

In his opening comments before the Senate on Monday afternoon, Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden noted that this measure is just one in a long line of assaults on women’s health care, which he called part of Trump’s agenda of “health care discrimination.” Indeed, 2017 was a rough year for parity in women’s health — including the administration’s determination to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and its guarantee of access to no-cost contraceptives.

The legislation also threatens the health and life of a pregnant female because until 28 weeks and later, serious fetal abnormalities are not detectable.

Additionally, “Church” teachings are used to challenge Separation of Church & State – and science.
Once again we see our “Christian” male-dominated Congress is using government to force religious beliefs on a secular society.

And, true, if a fetus dies in the womb after 20 weeks, women would have to continue to carry the fetus
to term and labor/childbirth. This is an alarming threat to women’s wellbeing, their health and lives.

Another problem of “Church” here is that (last I recall the figures) 1 in every 6 hospitals is now run by the Catholic Church. I’ve read of instances where women suffering miscarriages have been turned away from hospitals by suggestion that it isn’t a miscarriage but the result of an illegal or self-inflicted abortion.

EVERYONE in this nation deserves better health care – for ALL.

See: Birthright: A war story

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Thanks for your comment. Sorry if the came off wrong. I’m just so appalled by this legislation and the impact of women health and their families. I agree with everything you wrote.

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