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As Senate Vote Looms, Resistance Mobilizes to Defeat 'Pathetic, Disgraceful, Immoral' GOP Tax Plan


As Senate Vote Looms, Resistance Mobilizes to Defeat 'Pathetic, Disgraceful, Immoral' GOP Tax Plan

Julia Conley, staff writer

Calling senators' offices and gathering at rallies nationwide, progressives mobilized Wednesday in order to defeat the Republican's Senate tax bill that could take place as early as Thursday


“Immoral” never enters into life and death matters…especially for the Masters of Immorality, the Republican Party.


Where the hell is the Public Outrage from the Democrat Leadership.

Is Bernie the only one with a Moral Compass?


Unfortunately, you may have put your finger on the problem…


The DamnocRatic “leadership”– Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass – sold out to the Crooked Clintons in 2015, and the Crooked Clintons sold out to Wall Street several years ago.  Or have you forgotten the 2016 primaries and the rigged convention already?

Technically, Bernie’s not a DamnocRat — he’s an independent (small “i” – not a member of any party, SFAIK.)


Not a single Democrat voted for this atrocious bill and zero are in the Senate, and you want to pretend none have a moral compass? Manchin’s not voting for this garbage!

Maybe the problem is the media:


Also, maybe the problem is mobilization hasn’t occurred in the way it did for healthcare?


Rolson, you’re right, it’s too late for mere “Public Outrage” — but not too late for a Second American people’s peaceful patriotic “Political/economic and socialist Revolution Against Empire” [du Rivage]

This is what I posted to the NYT today:

Alan MacDonald
Wells, Maine Pending Approval [NYT]

In retrospect, we were already gutted by this Empire well before Emperor Trump took over the CFPB now after Thanksgiving — so a gift would seem inappropriate.

As I commented on the Harvard Law School’s Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation 6/15 analysis:


“What the dual Vichy-party facade of democracy has given the American people through all of the hidden wrappings on explosive financial deregulations H.R.10 “Financial CHOICE Act of 2017”, S 327, and H.R. 3354 — “Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act” (you can’t make this shit up) is, even prior to blowing-up the CFPB, basically equivalent of the Reichstag fire in turning our weaken democratic Republic into an formal EMPIRE — and a Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE best suited to looting our former country and its people.”

Eg. H.R. 10 Subtitle D–Leadership of Financial Regulators

(Sec. 351) The bill amends the Federal Deposit Insurance Act to modify the membership of the FDIC such that ‘all five members shall be appointed by the President’.

(Sec. 352) The bill amends the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992 to ‘allow the President to remove’ the director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) without cause.

As Porky Pig might well say, “That’s all folks” — get ready for the real looting.


Schumer is as outraged as anyone. But he seems to be banned from this site or something like that. You can watch him and many other senators on C-SPAN if you have the time. CD apparently has a filter that lets one senator through, Bernie Sanders, and sometimes Elizabeth Warren. I think Bernie typifies the views of just about every Democrat in the Senate. The problem is there is only 48 of them counting Sanders.


He doesn’t come across as outraged at all. The way he speaks isn’t natural, it comes across as scripted. It isn’t to say that he doesn’t care at all, but if you want to compare him to someone like Jeremy Corbyn or Sanders, it’s obvious that there is a massive difference in passion. You don’t have to be passionate about these issues to vote in a particular way at all. For someone like Schumer, you just have to vote with some political smarts. Whatever critiques I have of him, he does have slightly better instincts than rotten politicians like Clinton, but that ain’t saying much.

It might suck for you that Sanders has earned the respect he has from people on the left, but he has, and Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, Clinton and the rest like them haven’t. Maybe if their records were different, they were less corrupt and showed real passion, the situation would be different, but there is a qualitative difference between Sanders and the type of politicians you prefer. Whining about this all doesn’t change this reality.


I don’t think many of them are voting for this out of morals. If most of them had morals, they’d vote differently on many other issues and they’d act differently as well. Within the Democratic Party, voting for this is simply suicide. The country has moved to the left on policy and it will be the end of the career of Manchin if he does so. I hope his primary challenger kicks his ass too, although he has lots of people with big pockets behind him.

“Also, maybe the problem is mobilization hasn’t occurred in the way it did for healthcare?”

A number of radical politicians across the country recently won elections, at times with not support at all from the Democratic Party. What do you think that was? I think one problem right now is that the right wing are trying to destroy everything at once. So, it’s hard to focus on one issue. People have become radicalized by the trajectory of the country. Increasingly, people are seeking structural changes that were completely off the table just a few years ago. If the right wing passes this, if they dismantle healthcare, they will do massive damage, but they’ll also speed up the growth of progressive and radical politics and politicians. That’s occurring because people are mobilized.


“The core of Rand’s philosophy — which also constitutes the overarching theme of her novels — is that unfettered self-interest is good and altruism is destructive.”- PBS, 2/16/2016 article: “This is what happens when you take Ayn Rand seriously”

And this tax bill takes Ayn Rand very seriously. It is anchored in social darwinism- ensconces patronage, self interest and oligarchy- and reinforces extreme inequality. Thomas Piketty in his book “Capital,” undoubtedly anathema to Republicans, clearly warned against the acceleration of “patrimonial capitalism” and Joseph Stiglitz and others also warn against the political, social and economic dangers of growing inequality. Nor will this tax bill accelerate economic growth to the point that it will chip away at this inequality. On the contrary it will embed it even further and in the end promote political nationalism and upheaval.

In a bizarre mixture of objectivism, predatory capitalism, prejudice, racism- and patronization of the Middle Class- the bill seeks to undermine the social contract and all notions of fairness. It rewards the irresponsible wealthy and corporate tax cheaters- while handing out crumbs to the middle class and poor. It delays hard choices on spending and all but guarantees slower future economic growth and a further erosion and collapse of infrastructure, social welfare spending- and military expenditures. The decline of the American military Empire its likely and only good outcome.


You left out what one of our resident geniuses called “funny-dementalist christianity.” Otherwise well-said.


A ton of standard issue Dems won too. The fact is, you can read the recent elections as a much clearer example of Left-leaning people to “radicals” working together rather than in opposition. Let’s hope that happens in 2018 too.


Never before have I been accused of being a ‘resident genius’.   Thank You!!

What Rand overlooks is that – like most mammals – we are an inherently social species and no-one can sur­vive long on his or her own.  Ever try to build a house by yourself?  OTOH, it does seem to me that someone who figures out a better way to build a house should be rewarded somehow.


I can’t believe that Nobody caught the End of Reproductive Rights in the tax bill. By defining Embryos as full human beings with full human rights women having abortions and their Drs can be charged with murder. And not even one feminist realizes this it seems.


Many women have indeed heard of the fetal rights bit in this heinous tax crap cake. NARAL, Women for Justice has been all over face book posting this. Unfortunately the MSM, not so much.
The fetal personhood idiocy is the reason I contacted Collins’ and Murkowski’s little minions via phone.
Birth-control has been a target of the winger-dinger-every-sperm-is-sacred crowd since Roe v Wade.


I agree, a bunch of standard Democrats won too, and they were, as usual, backed by people with lots of money and the Democratic Party. What is different is how many radicals won, and they won big elections, often with no support at all from the Democratic Party and with no support at all from big money donors.


Uh, what? In Virginia, guys like Lee Carter got the full support of the vile wealthy-people-funded Democratic third party group Forward Majority Action PAC (over $45,000). Tell yourself whatever tale you need to keep yourself engaged, but this wretched “establishment” support helped him win. The State party gave him $13,000 too, though he had some disagreements with it.

Governing matters, and it takes a coalition to do it. It also takes a coalition to win, especially in a 50-50 country. Lee had a coalition behind him as did other candidates, including the horrible traditional Democrat Northam, who won Virginia’s governorship by nine—count ‘em, nine—points. I’ll take that any day, whatever stories we need to tell ourselves to get there.


For one, it isn’t a 50/50 country. About a third of the country identifies with your party, a quarter with the other rotten party, and over 40% with neither. We have Trump not because the country is evenly divided, we have Trump because people saw two rotten choices and a large percentage of the voting age population didn’t vote. The country agrees with the left on policy too, and is to the left of both parties nationally on most issues.

“The State party gave him $13,000”

Do you want to get into those disagreements KC, or that pathetic level of support, especially given who he was running against?

I am not the one deluding myself. In what way did the establishment help him win? Explain how the freaking establishment in Virginia got behind Carter. It’s a silly thing to say. I also wasn’t just talking about Carter anyway.

Since we have two, often crappy, choices in most elections, and since the Republicans are horrific, and since those horrific Republicans have been kicking your party’s ass for so long and have amassed lots of power as a result, I was happy to see the election results. However, if you want to argue that traditional Democrats with big money donors and Democrats running against horrific Republicans at a time when people are often voting in opposition to Trump is a bigger story than the radicals that won (and often did well even when they lost in tough environments, like Ginger Jentzen and Jabari Brisport) across the country, go ahead. Again though, I am not the one creating a story to get there. Your type of Democrat has been collapsing for years now, and the left is growing.


Uh, who says a traditional democrat isn’t to the Left? I’ve argued specifically the party is moving to the left—not a single member is voting for the tax cut in the House and Senate. Compare that to the Bush tax cuts. This has been happening slowly since the election of Obama, especially if you compare it to the party of the 90s.

And, you have no real answer for the fact that an “establishment” PAC did spend a lot of money on candidates, including progressive ones. Forward Majority invested over $1 million in Virginia delegate races, for example, across the state. Lee Carter got over $45,000 of it, but so did 12 other candidates, all who won.

This suggests a down-ballot focus that engages the grass roots, but gets a decent chunk of funding via “establishment” money, can be a winning formula. It also suggests the “establishment” isn’t as wholly evil as it’s made out to be. The funding will be needed given not every race will get the attention the Sanders campaign got, especially to counter Koch local race money.