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As Senators Prepare to Grill Haspel on 'Gruesome' History, Progressives Demand Democrats Stand Against Torture


As Senators Prepare to Grill Haspel on 'Gruesome' History, Progressives Demand Democrats Stand Against Torture

Julia Conley, staff writer

A day before acting CIA Director Gina Haspel's confirmation hearing begins for her nomination to lead the agency, loud calls for the Senate to reject the nomination were compounded by demands from prominent progressives that any Democrats who vote to approve Haspel—who oversaw torture at the CIA—be voted out of office in primary elections.


If the dems cared to stand against torture they would have done so when Obama was still president. Guess what, they love torture too, they just don’t want to admit it.


I’m happy that Ms. Haspel is not in my family.


Wisely (if one can say that of The Donald), Trump has chosen to cancel Haspel’s nomination. Better that than get into a huge fight about torture.
Who will be the next nominee? I fear someone just as despicable. Trump has been having troubling time choosing nominees.


Where did you get that information. I have been surfing all day and haven’t seen anything about Trump cancelling her nomination.


All signs indicate the Dems will lay over as usual. Perhaps one who is vying for 2020 might pontificate for a while, but she will be approved.


Whatever you’re taking please share it with Trump & Haspel immediately. I mean, how could it hurt. It would be like maggots sharing a large turd laying out in the yard, right?


Congressional approval of the SUBLIME TERRORIST TORTURER is grounds to emigrate


What Haspel has done and likely will continue to do as CIA head is reprehensible but her elevation is a tacit admission, long overdue, that American moral rectitude and respect for basic human rights has always been a farce. Kudos to Trump for taking the glove off the iron fist and frankly acknowledging the true ruthlessness of US empire. As TR famously said: We don’t care if he’s an SOB as long as he’s our SOB.


The rest of the world is well aware of this fact, but so far, enough of the “American” people are holding fast to their illusions, thus enabling the predation to continue.


“Any Democrat who votes to confirm Haspel should be hounded non-stop and primaried.”—Jeremy Scahill

Except that Democrats will fight anyone who primaries their members harder than they will fight Republicans, because their wealth and positions of power depend on keeping the government as right wing as it can safely be, and they can’t keep that going if they are knocked out by progressives. When the Republicans beat them, they still keep their cushy jobs and conspire with them to keep the status quo.

Also, regarding Haspel, where are all the Democrats calling opposition to her appointment “misogyny”? She certainly is as qualified to run the CIA (as it currently configured) as Clinton was to run to the country…