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As She Rakes in the Cash, Clinton Fundraisers Still Shrouded in Secrecy

As She Rakes in the Cash, Clinton Fundraisers Still Shrouded in Secrecy

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hillary Clinton spent the weekend fundraising in affluent New England communities, speaking to more than 2,200 donors at private brunches and gatherings in Nantucket and Cape Cod—but what she told them "remains a mystery," the Associated Press reported Monday.

So, Hillary Clinton is “Fighting for Us”? BULLSHIT!


“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”


Ah, but Trump won’t release his tax returns. I’d say this sort of transparency is a bit more important.


I can hear it now, from the 0.001% behind the curtain,

  • “Hillary, the only thing that stands between us and Full Spectrum Domination of the World is the awakening of the American People. We’ve given you tens of millions of dollars and the full support of our operatives.”

  • “Your job is to bring those people to heel, by whatever means necessary, so our plan will succeed without further interruption. Fail at your own risk.”

  • Hopefully, the American People have finally awakened and this will not come to pass.

  • Jill Stein, Green, 2016


Don’t you love how Bill & Hillary have pledged to give up all the illegal or at least questionable fund raising when/if Hillary is elected?

“All we want is enough money to ensure her presidency.”

“We knew it was wrong all along and we promise to stop if you just elect her.”


We don’t need to sit in at Clinton fundraisers.

We need organized popular power to throw mass-movement wrenches into their machinery.

A small amount of our attention should be focused on elections, campaigns, candidates.

A large chunk of our time, our work, our lives should be focused on building movements, making demands, and exercising power.


If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. Where are the Goldman Sachs transcripts?


More important than the content of her wall st speeches? Are you sure? Dick Cheney and the Shrub also released tax returns.


It doesn’t matter, because she will just lie that she lost the e-mails!


Obama shifted the balance to more than 50% of his domestic travel being fundraising where no public appearances were included. Clinton is following Obama’s trail where he meets with his bag men each quarter in the tech centers and power centers of the nation.


Hillary’s reign will be transparent - transparently deceitful and secretive - much like Barack Obama and Billary, who both betrayed the progressive/Dem base and issues to serve big-money and power.
With corrupt sell-out politicians like Clinton and Obama, who needs RepubliCons?


If you only had audio and no visuals CLINTONCON in Philly sounded like a GOP convention…the chanting and all.

Don’t forget that dyed in the wool Democrats believe that the Democratic Party getting more corporate cash than the GOP gets is the greatest thing since sliced bread debuted.


I wonder if she will tell the big donors to “cut it out”…


It’s a matter of national security.
(At least we’re spared her laughter [as she displayed when being asked to release transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sacks [[sic]].


There are no dyed-in-the-wool Democrats left on the national elected stage. They are all Clintonista Corportists! The so called Democrat leaders of today are right of the beginning of the Reagan Regression. Bill and Hillary are the co presidents that destroyed the FDR Democratic Party that represented We, The Rabble and turned it into a party that represents the very tip top of the 1%. The Democratic Party died when Hillbilly moved into the White House and Obama with his Clinton Filled Transition Team and over populated presence in his Administration put the rest of the nails in its coffin.


Oh but she is fighting for us. Fighting to get all those mega donor dollars so we don’t have to be burdened with contributing our blood, sweat, tears and especially attention to her campaign shenanigans.


The vast majority of us on this site can say: “We told you so !!!” Which came first? The cash or the cow?
Can we all say Moollary?


I need to be careful how I write. I meant that information about her donors is more important than information about taxes. We know what people do for a living, and if there is a shady source of income, a tax return won’t go into details about this. Tax returns do little to promote transparency and information about speeches and a donor list gives more of an indication on how a candidate would behave once in office. I was referring to the hypocrisy of people who pick on Trump for things that Hillary is even worse on.


Ah yes, Moollary is an example of an artificially inseminated type of bovine gone horribly bad – with an over-sized vagina and an undersized brain! :scream::scream_cat: