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As She Rakes in the Cash, Clinton Fundraisers Still Shrouded in Secrecy

She has given over 300 interviews to the press and far more stump speeches than Donald Trump so there shouldn’t be any mystery about where she stands. We have seen in recent presidential elections that so much money has to be raised in this competition to have money to spend on ads and pay staff that the amounts are far beyond what can be raised by small donations. This is not a desirable situation but that is where things stand. The candidates do not accept public financing because it limits what they can spend. Trump is such a dangerous candidate I think many Democrats have come to the conclusion that pretty much anything Hillary Clinton has to do to win is worth it. I would be more concerned about what is in Trump’s tax returns than what is going on at Clinton’s fundraisers. If he ever releases his tax returns then maybe criticism of Clinton on these type of fundraisers will have more weight.

“Clinton’s Transition Team: A Corporate Presidency Foretold”"

"Hillary will be very, very, very right-wing on foreign policy, what they called a muscular foreign policy, which was a euphemism for invading places.

“Rhetoric aside, Clinton is showing her solidarity with the nemesis of the Sanders campaign – Wall Street. The trend continued last week with the announcement that Clinton has tapped former senator and Interior secretary Ken Salazar to chair her transition team.

“After many months of asserting that her support for the “gold standard” Trans-Pacific Partnership was a thing of the past – and after declaring that she wants restrictions on fracking so stringent that it could scarcely continue – Clinton has now selected a vehement advocate for the TPP and for fracking, to coordinate the process of staffing the top of her administration.

“What you’re seeing is complete domination by what used to be the Democratic Leadership Council. So this was a group we talked about in the past. Very, very, very right-wing on foreign policy, what they called a muscular foreign policy, which was a euphemism for invading places. And very, very tough on crime – this was that era of mass incarceration that Bill Clinton pushed, and it’s when Hillary was talking about black ‘superpredators,’ this myth, this so dangerous myth.”

“As for Hillary Clinton’s widely heralded “move to the left” in recent months, Black said that it "was purely calculated for political purposes.”

OpEd News “Clinton’s Transition Team: A Corporate Presidency Foretold”


Read German History from the end of WW-I through to the end of WW-II.

  • Then, look in the mirror.

Agree with your analysis of Hillary.

Do not agree that Trump is trying to lose.

There will be NO “check on her power” irrespective of how Clinton wins or loses. The Clintons will continue to do what the Clintons have always done best…sell favors to the highest bidder. If you are not a high bidder you will have zero ability to put " a check on her power".

Trump’s actions create a perception that he was planted to assure a Clinton win.

In all things political, perception trumps reality every time.

Clinton is more baggage laden than any candidate from any party in the lifetime of anybody reading this, yet Trump can’t seem to latch on to hardly any of her baggage. Every time Clinton or her stunt people like Mr. Khan say something that gives Trump leverage, his responses come nowhere near hitting the mark. Trump’s actions would lead me to believe he was planted if I were a Trump supporter.

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Clearly Trump isn’t trying to lose.
That would be bad form and the oligarchy would be all over him. (The election must at least give the appearance of being legitimate.)
So Trump will plod along making stupid statements and acting very much like the village idiot.
The man can’t help it.

This idea cannot be emphasized enough.


You sound as if you are uncritically absorbing and repeating stereotyping of Trump.
Village idiot is just mindless name calling.

Hillary is fighting for “Us”?
To Hillary “Us” means the 1%.


Analyzing Trump took about two minutes.
But don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t figured him out yet.
You’ll eventually see the light.

My MSN homepage just ran a story that the “FBI uncovers 14,900 more documents in Clinton email probe”.
It just doesn’t end.


During WW-II, conscripted workers maintaining the railroad lines supplying the Reich in France often put a little sand in their oil cans, which was squirted into the lube ports on the running gear of the engines. In hours, or days, or weeks, the engines would break down and require weeks to repair.

  • If caught, they were shot immediately, but that did not stop them all and they did a lot of damage to the Reich’s supply system.

Here is Hillary giving one of her Wall Street speeches. It’s why she won’t release the transcripts.


The progressive alternative media, including CD, appear to seriously avoid becoming locations where organizing and strategizing take place.

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She has no reason to release donor list. She broke the agreement when she became SoS immediately. When called on the carpet for refusing to do as she agreed, she still refused to get an approval for some donations, or release the list of who had donated (conflict of interests issues). So what has changed? Nothing was done to her then. Bill was speaking to leaders in charge of countries she was responsible for and doing deals with and they were donating to the Foundations. This is pay to play. These are bribes and what she approved for one after another is very clear.

Both have refused to release records what charities have been funded (real ones,not paper) and what happened to all those millions meant for Haiti recovery. She has no reason (as stated) to co-operate. No reason to hold a news conference. No answer for a real (not fixed) Q&A from the press. Obama is as guilty as she is. He knew what she was doing with State and never put a stop to her illegal conduct. Justice knew.

As for Powell, he should be incensed that she is putting her “carelessness” and approval of what she did (breaking the law and rules blatantly) on him. I believe him when he has implied she is lying (again)–which is what she does and Slick Willy.

Read Clinton Cash, Crisis of Character, Clintons’ War on Women, Boys on the Tracks to understand just what monsters all three (Chelsea included) are. This current scandal with her E’s and the Foundation are just another criminal conduct for these people. And for the record, they are not going to shut the Foundation down, halt taking donations, money laundering, or being unaccountable. Guess what? No one is going to make them.


Spot on.

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The balance of his performances have been geared to fail with the majority of Americans. Just because he’s a buffoon, doesn’t mean his performances have not been deliberate.

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Actually, they have promised that the Clinton Foundation will stop taking foreign and corporate money after Queen Hillary receives her crown next January. The foreign countries and the 1/10th of 1%ers have thru January 19th of 2017 to make their deposits. It is going to be a toss-up whether Billy Bob or Queen Hillary will do more ‘good’ for the 1/10th of 1%ers and harm to working people as president.


Either way the 99% is screwed.

Have you ever witnessed anyone beg for ridicule so openly?